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Monday, January 18, 2010

the bond........

Baby Paul: It is my wish that grow a fine man. As your godfather, I will in my best capacity be here to guide you trough life. Thank you for the privilege as  it will not only bond us together but will also cement my relationship with your parents as well as your other godparents who I hold dear in my heart.......

Kowloon House

@Kowloon house West Ave. last Sat.

Quoting from her mom "O ayan ha, pinag-buklod buklod ko na kayo/tayo". I hold that important. Thank you Inah, thank you baby Paul. Welcome to the Christian world......


  1. the bond should go beyond "mano po ninong, aginaldo ko po."

    i really prefer close friends and relatives who want me to be the ninong of their child pero minsan nakaugalian na kasi na bawal tumanggi sa kumukuha kaya kahit di mo masyado kilala eh nagiging ninong ka. pero like u. i try to be a good example sa mga inaanak ko.

  2. Humanda ka na, isa yan sa mga kakatok sa iyo kapag Pasko ehhehe cute ng baby parang stuff toy...

  3. lawstude--- uo. tama. diko na dinetalye yan but I also feel the same.hehe

  4. glentot---ito okay lang talaga kasi at least bukas sa loob. kasi yung iba diba parang holdup ang dating.hehe

  5. ang kyut ng baby... sana may closeup pic sya hehe

  6. ahmer---ako nalang ---gusto u? close up. hehe

  7. you're godfather! congrats! hehe! that means people see you as someone who could positively influence their children. ako dalawa lang yata inaanak ko...hahaha! parents don't trust me! hahaha!

  8. i'm sure you're gonna be a great ninong! my so was christened here in cambodia and most of the ninongs and ninangs that he had have no concept of that! i gues i'll have to christen him again back home and make you a ninong too! lol.

  9. the spool artist---mukhang mas malala yan....hehe

    better have him another baptismal here....


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