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Thursday, March 25, 2010

on friends and my fascination with skyscrapers......

I said it. I made an article about the frustrating exploit of my friend married to an Irish man in search of a house in the Philippines. To put closure to the story, they decided to go back to Ireland empty handed. And so before flying back they invited us for a drink. Drinking San Mig light in broad daylight? what about that? hehe

So glad I got the chance to see them though before leaving as Damien and  I never run out of topics of discussions. He is fun to talk to. Very opinionated like me, but never insistent on his views. At one point, he complained about their hotel in P. Burgos so he invited us go upstairs just to see it ourselves. Really far from the promotional pictures on the web I guess. If there's one thing a little nice though, it's the view from the balcony. lol

In Makati with Jen and Damien
Along Makati Avenue

In Makati with Jen and Damien
The city of FORT BONIFACIO from P. Burgos St. Makati

And with this I hope I could soon buy a camera so as to pursue my passion for taking photos of skyscrapers.

I can't also wait for their next holiday here. Hope lotsa things will be more diffrent that time. A new ptresident and perhaps, as Damien hopes, a new law on foreign land ownership. We'll I really hope so Damien, there have been many attempts to amend the constitution in the past but to no avail. Filipinos are just not emotionally ready to make changes. Not yet.

In Makati with Jen and Damien

Teresa, Damien and Jen back in the hotel....

One thing for sure, your next travel here will be a blast as I personally offered my services as a planner and guide for your out of town  trips. And I will not allow jen to object. hehe. You will definitely get more sun and tan here next time. For now it's goodbye and see you soon......


  1. Hulaan ko, ikaw photographer no? hehehe

  2. Glen---uo---bakit? me angal? to be fair though---mahairap na hula yun ha. no-brainer.lol

  3. yup yup yup, aliens can't own pinoy land yet but his pinay spouse can :)

    go get that dslr quick and join us in our little photo adventures.

  4. lawstude--- soon---soon. ipon pa ng budget. hehe

  5. Arvin---good thing u liked it...hehe

  6. Kahit di slr yan maganda naman ang kuha mo ah... jijijijijii... sige ipon ipon muna... jijijijiji

  7. I am Xprosaic---pwede na rin pagtiisan. hehe

  8. Whoa, ganda ng mga sky scrapers natin sa metro ^_^

    kaso nakakatakot pag lumindol >_<

  9. saya nga kumuha ng picture ng mga skycrapers lalo na sa gabi.

    astig tour guide! next time dalhin mo siya sa tondol. siguradong magugustuhan niya yon.

  10. fiel-khun----- uo. yan din pinakatakot ko kasi na-experience ko na. muntik ako maihi sa takot. ikaw ba ma-sandwich. lol

  11. english nanamn. ahahaha. repapip. galing talga kumuha ng pics. HANEP

  12. khilabotz---kelangan ko praktis ng Ingles e....anu kaba...


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