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......we left Hapao 6:30am so as to catch the one and only jeepney ride to Bontoc which leaves at 8:30 am. Otherwise, we can take our chances on buses passing by Banaue at no definite intervals.It will take another 2.5 hours of fun ride to get to BONTOC, the capital of Mountain Province for the cost of 150php.

the one and only jeepney trip for the day----yung red.hehe

Some usually take this route to Sagada as it passes directly trough the viewpoints of BANAUE rice terraces. After the ascend, your eyes will feast into different views so be sure to keep them wide open coz you don't want to miss the scene.

imperfections like this one actually adds beauty to the place....

steep but picturesque.....

soil erosion, nature's way of keeping the balance....

...and as they say, life is a journey, not a destination. In this particular trip, I made it a point to meet new friends. I know it's our honeymoon but the world is not just about the two of us. We are here to explore, not just the place, but the people and in the process, get to understand ourselves more and our relationship....naks.

new friends, Hazelle and Heidi...taking advantage of the scenery
Different mountain, different scenery. All a pleasure to look at......

terraces still dot many areas where small communities are located....

Pine trees give me a different sensation....they communicate and tell me, I'm in a different place...

those tress are lining up as if they're climbing the hill one by one....

a journey with a thousand mountains begin with a single step......

simply beautiful.....

surviving the rocky slopes.....

the car looks miniature in this terrain....


Honestly, I like this route far better than the Sagada-Baguio link. The zigzags are less ruthless and the view is far more diverse and pleasing to the eyes.....

..............next stop: Sagada



  1. Nice nga! napakaserene tingnan ng place...

  2. Ang sarap sa mata ng greens. Sana ganyan na lang sa Manila katabi ng mga skyscrapers.

  3. I am Xprosaic ---tama. parang gusto ko nang tumira don---ng 2 months lang.hehe

  4. glentot---wonderland naman ang iniispi mo glen. hehe

  5. ilang oras ang byahe? so musta naman ang zigzag? hindi nakakahilo? tska bakit parang may megaphone sa taas ng sasakyan haha

  6. Pag ganyan nmn ang scenery plus mlamig na klima eh ok na ok khit ilang oras pa na byahe. ;) Namiss tuloy nmin ang Baguio wuhuhu! :(

  7. Ang saya naman nito. Sana magkaron din ako ng means to travel like this. Teka, ano ba to? honeymoon o trekking??? hahahah!

  8. princess_dyanie---kulang kulang 2 hours na lang from banaue to Bontoc and then Bontoc to Sagada is 45 minutes....okay lang ang zigzag, kasi medyo mabagala ang dyip at unti lang yung talanag malala ang curve. mas nakakahilo yung Sagada to Baguio---6 hours na walang patid na zigzag.yun ang kailangan mong i-bonamine ng 2.hehe

  9. mishi---uo---tapos kakaiba talaga ang feeling--tapos pagbaba namin ng manila.wow---ang iniiiiiiitt!!!! anu, kelan tayo gagala? hehe

  10. Marissa---both.wlng pakialamana.anu.natuloy ba kayo sa Capones?

  11. gandang lugar..masarap rin puntahan..nice pic..

  12. Arvin U. de la Peña ---peor maghirap ang byahe. hehe

  13. Huwaw! simply breath-taking ang mga tanawin jan sa Banaue parekoy! nice shots and hope you are enjoying your honeymoon with your wifey ^_^

  14. fiel-kun--kaya nga gandang ganda ako sa Bundok dito sa Rizal before---pagbalik namin--ay--parang naging dull sila lahat.lol

  15. I salute MANNY VILLAR for his show of example. By conceding, he would hopefully start the culture of gracefully accepting defeat.....

    ---sumegway sa Politics no? kasi naiipit ng elections post ko ----

    and at the same time....di ako nakapagpost ng related article sa klatatapos na presidential election?

  16. inferness this route looks better nga. ganda ng Pinas! ♥

    more more! caving na! dali! Ü

  17. Chyng---uo. caving na ang susunod.pressure.lol

  18. cool! parang nasa ibang bansa ah..

  19. sobrang ganda naman nung ilang red trees. matagal ko na ring gustong pumunta sa rice terraces. buti pa kayo nakita nyo na. pero matagtag ba yung travel?

    nice photos though. more power


  20. napakaganda! nakakawala ng pagod yung mga rice terraces at mga puno. amazing.

  21. richard--- yeah, it's not just about the one you see but the air which gives you a feeling that you are in another country indeed.....

  22. kcatwoman--- yang mga trees na yan yung mga nasunog o nadarang ng apoy nung sinunug nila yung mga damo underneath those tress.....pero di naman patay yang mga yan.....ang byahe---patayan talaga. lalo yung Sagada-Baguio Route, 6 hours na walang patid na zigzag....tapos 6 hours uli na travel back to Manila....thanks a lot

  23. Allen---uo, worth talaga ang napakahabang byahe....

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