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I didn't know the word spelunking before going to Sagada. All I know is that we will be entering a cave and the idea scared me to death. 

inside Sumaging Cave

But here's the back story first. The jeepney was a bit slow coz it was already 11:30 am when we reached Sagada. I noticed once we reached Bontoc that the area is rocky compared to Banaue. I thought it looks barren in some areas on the way up to Sagada. Once in Sagada, I thought the town proper looks like a small version of Baguio with all those buildings stuffed in a small space with pine trees adoring the surroundings.Seeing all those campaign election posters was a bit distracting coz even trees were not spared. If it's your first time here, you might say " so this is it? nothing much to see".

We were starving so before going to our respective Inns, Hazelle proposed that we go to Yogurt house first for lunch.The famous yogurt house it is then.
Yughort house's interior.

with Carlo, Hazelle, Heidi and Don

We ordered Pork in Bechamel Sauce and Baked chicken with Potato Rosti and Vegetable Salad. Odd but isn't everything supposed to be tasty when you are hungry? I honestly didn't enjoy the food.For 190 php each, it's not worth the price. One more thing, I didn't feel any warmth in their service, people here don't know how to smile and the place is really messy and too congested for me. When we got the receipt, it was written in a piece of paper so we thought----what about registering with the DTI???? enough for the negativity.
Oh, it rained before we were able to leave the place. One of the most strange summer I experienced, 3 consecutive afternoons and nights of rain. Of all times, why now? We walked further down the street to check George's gust house but they were full. Our reservation was cancelled because of our unexpected overnight stay in Banaue so I couldn't complain. We went back to the municipal hall uptown where we registered and started searching for a place to stay. Just around the corner is Sagada Guest House. A nice little Inn where you can stay for as low as 200php per person. Might not look very appealing outside but nice and comfortable inside. I like the homey feeling here.

Since it was raining a bit that afternoon, we decided to go caving, este, spelunking daw. Got and guide from Sagada Genuine Guides ( SAGGA) and were all set.

hiking to Lumiang Burial Cave

We hiked despite the rain, it's actually near, so don't bother about hiring a car especially on your way there coz you might miss the burial site in Lumiang cave.

the wooden coffins of Lumiang cave
 the lizard---a symbol of good luck to the natives of Sagada
Aps---our guide from SAGGA explaining the intricacies of the burial site.

Lumiang cave by the way serves as the entrance if you want to do CAVE Connection which is not advisable for beginners.

gracefully surviving the long summer drought
the terraces in the village below are fun to look at 

Another 5 minutes walk and we were in SUMAGING cave--view is still splendid amidst the rain.

the steps of SUMAGING cave

 these rock formations at the cave entrance could get intimidating

Spelunking at Sumaging has 3 stages, the 1st is the ascend--through slippery slope. In this stage, you have to be slow and careful. The eyes don't get adjusted to the dark yet so it could add to the challenge. You really have to do the crouch position and you need to hold on to muddy rocks with poops of bats hanging just above your head. Ito yung let's get down and dirty part. Mabaho ang popoo ng mga bats.hehe 

The 2nd stage is the part where you get to see a lot of rock formations. They look slippery in pictures but not in real life, they are fun to step at. Here, we took lots of pictures. Our guide is a PRO in taking pictures and he is very careful, he took good care of my new camera......

note: sorry if most of the pictures include us in it. we were engrossed in the whole process. sensya

Our guide Aps--telling lotsa funny stories of the rock formations


The 3rd stage is the"" take the plunge stage"". There's no helping it but you have to get wet up to your chest as you have to walk through cold water.....

the cold water is waiting down there....

And then it's back to stage 2 and stage 1 for 2.5 hours all in all. We were so relieved as nothing bad happened to us inside. It pays to have a good guide.A few people who don't listen to their guides usually encounter injuries. Was our first, and the experience was really liberating  especially for me, natanggal ang kaartehan ko.hehe. And I conquered my fear and my misconceptions about caves and I have a certificate to prove that.....

more info: guide fee: 500php( a must)
                ride:         400php (optional) better rent on your way back-you'll be very tired by then
               OUR GUIDE: Aps--- 0928.609.6819
               SAGGA's website: http://sagadagenuineguides.blogspot.com/


  1. ay..gusto ko rin sana na sa unang spelunking adventure ko lang rin malaman yung word na spelunking hehe...ganda ^_^...enjoy na enjoy ang bagong kasal! god bless u more

  2. pagpunta ko sagada, yan ang unang-una kong gagawin!!!

  3. this is what i love about caves... it's as if you're of different dimension... hehehehhehehe

  4. Sendo---uo.parang di honeymoon-caving daw means stay ka sa loob ng kweba for days---di ko kaya yun.

  5. gillboard---uo. better na unahin to. main attraction talaga...

  6. i bet teresa loved it!

    aminin mo, naaliw ka din di ba? Ü

  7. been there. hehe. cave connection din kayo? kakamiss mag sagada... :( pag uwe ko balikan ko yan.

  8. I am Xprosaic---uo. different dimension talaga and you feel like cut off from the real world.....like being out of touch....

  9. Chyng---uo. surprisingly---nag-enjoy ako---at liberating talaga....

  10. bulakbolero.sg---nope, naduwag ako sa cave connection so Sumaging cave lang...hehe

  11. sayang. ayos yung cave connection. may mga part na langoy langoy kasi wala kang kakapitan. tapos mahahasa ang iyong pagka-matrix dahil kelangan mo maging flexible sa sobrang kipot ng mga daan. :)

  12. with these pics u shared para na rin kaming nagkaron ng spelunking experience!...nice! :D

  13. vonfire--iba parin yung andun ka. kasi lahat ng senses gagana.you get dirty, at basa kung basa.

  14. Nakakatakot, claustrophobic ako at takot sa dilim so baka hindi ako makasurvive jan...

  15. afraid ako sa daan pati sa pag walk ng very much! pero nasa to do list ko pa din sya. mag wait ako ng super true friend na makakasama ko jan at di magrereklamo sa mabagal kong paglakad hahahha!

  16. glen---akala ko rin dati takot ako sa caves---you just have to go for it without thinking and masasanay ka rin.....

  17. princess_dyanie---hehe. good . hanap ka na kagad. pangit naman na 50 ka na saka kapalang mag-ca-caving.jok. isispin mo nalng test yung paglalakad mo ng malayo at pagpasok ng cave.hehe

  18. nature trip!! ang saya!! likey ko yan ehehhe..

  19. Awesome cave! Gusto ko rin pumunta. Kasya ba ako sa mga butas na suutin? Or kaya ko kayang bagbagain ang daan papuntang cave? That is interesting...

  20. nice nice. photos are really nice. just recently ive been recommending this to a friend who came from the US. but with limited time he has to do it next time.

    this is a highly recommended activity though i really challenge the cave connection to those who are into extreme adventure.

  21. hArTLeSsChiq--maganda talaga...highly recommended yan.

  22. kayedee--- uo.communing with nature.

  23. Jepoy---ala. nag-imagine ako kagad para alam ko isasagot ko...honestly, me butas don na di kakayanin---detour ang labas mo. hehe

  24. the donG---salamat. dipa ko nag-aaral ng lesson sayo nyan ha.hehe

    yun talaga.kasi kung tutuusin.mura ang sagada sa adventure and fun na makukuha mo. 5k for every person---lavish na yun. pero yun---you need to spare time....don ka mahihirapan....

  25. What an adventure!
    I really would love to try spelunking too! Friends would invite me for such an adventure but I just didn't have the convenience of time. Nice photos you have here too.
    Noted that if I'll be in Sagada, this will be one of my activity too...

  26. dodong flores--uo, dagdagan ang hobby, biking + spelunking---perfect match.

  27. spelunking bago din ako sa term na yan.. thanks for the vocab.
    creepy naman yong wooden coffins? may laman pa ba yon?mummified? Nakakaingit naman kayon panoorin..gusto ko ring sumisid sa kweba, pero ibang kweba guusto ko...

  28. Ghienoxs---sisiran ba ang hilig. hehe

  29. ah Spelunking pala ang tawag dun, hehe ngayun ko lang din nalaman lalo tuloy ako naiinlove sa sagada! hay kelan kaya :)

  30. buhayprinsesa ---just find time...at least 3-4 days para sulit....

  31. I love 'spelunking' tlaga! Parang as u dig deeper, mas nasasatisfy curiosity mo aside from the self fulfillment pag nasurvive mo yung challenge. Waah! Sana lng makumbinse ko ulit c Gil, the 1st (& only) spelunking experience we've had eh yung sa Hinagdanan Cave sa Bohol...sapilitan pa! Haha! :)

  32. mishi ---ay,meron din palang cave sa Bohol? never heard of it.

  33. I won't survive in that kind of adventure! But it looks like you had so much fun! :)

  34. Sagada!!!

    Uh, what's with the profile pic? ...


  35. princessngaako--that's what I also thought before...but just let go of your hesitations and you will be surprised what you can do....

  36. Arvin U. de la Peña---oldo di mo mapapansin na ganyabn pala kulay ng bato sa personal---kasi madili.at iba ang effect pag nasisilawan sya ng liwanag....photogenic.hehe

  37. dylan dimaubusan--ahehe. uo sagada---napa-CR kasi ako nung nag-SAGADA kami.hehe

  38. ang ganda naman diyan. . . maganda rin ung kamera na ginamit

  39. PABLONG PABLING --pang beginner ng dslr lang camera na gamit ko. hehe

  40. i love sumagin cave!! so, how's the bat guano? hahaha


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