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I want Nuvali Nuvali but you......

Think Makati, think Ayala land. Without both would be unimaginable.Thanks to Ayala Land, the first centrally planned community in the Philippines was established in the 1950's which served as the backbone of the Philippine economy. Without it, life would have been more difficult for the average Filipino. And the legacy continues. Through the years, Ayala land has committed itself in developing more urban communities, strategic landbank management, residential development and shopping centers of the future. Among its big projects are growth centers like Bonifacio Global City (BGC) and Cebu Business district to name a few.

Ayala Lands commitment to sustainable growths is again manifested in its pet project in Laguna named NUVALI ---an evoliving community dubbed as the next Makati of the South!!!

Nuvali is a 1,600 hectare development which incorporates sustainable design .It integrates a mix of land uses which are vital to support a modern metropolis --- a central business district with traditional office buildings and business process outsourcing campuses, retail centers, residential developments, schools, institutional and civic areas, among others.

A group of bloggers were invited last week to experience Nuvali first hand. On board the Nuvali bus, we were toured through the area to fully have a grasp of the whole concept.
BIRD Watching

Our first stop is the Bird sanctuary located in the Southern tip. It is famous for bird watching. Nuvali has created what they call the GAZEBO to serve as an observation deck.We came at around 10am so it was a bit difficult to spot the birds in the surrounding grassland and tress. We were told that the best time of the day is in the early morning or late afternoon as that is when the birds come out to feed.

Nuvali’s first phase includes three residential communities-- Abrio, Treveia, and Avida Settings. We were toured inside the Avida community to get a glimpse of what a house with green features is.You'll get ideas about cement flooring , double wall system, intelligent ventilation. This kind of house is energy efficient.

Since moving to saint Monique last year, it has been my obsession to buy magazines which features interior design. It has been my frustration ever since to decorate my house the best way I can given the limited budget. I got a lot of ideas in this house. hehehe


We were then taken to the Evolving center for a a short video presentation. It was here that I found out that the development is in partnership with the Yulo family. Mr Jayce, the one in charge of the tour also gave us a rundown of the different concepts of sustainable design for evoliving..

Ayala Land has put emphasis on environmental sustainability---water conservation systems built into core infrastructure, advanced waste management and recycling systems, road networks with dedicated bike lanes and walkways, privately managed eco-friendly mass transport systems, energy-efficient equipment and buildings,.Approximately 50 percent of the residential areas will be devoted to open spaces---this is what a community should be.
water taxi

Another concept I like about Nuvali is the use of water taxi. There is an artificial lake at the heart of the business district which they call EVOZONE and the water taxi is a good way to cross the lake. It was a few minutes of fun ride s to our next destination -- the retail center.

The retail center is where you can find shops and fine restaurants. The first thing we did upon stepping out of the water taxi is to feed fish.

Fish feeding here has become an attraction, especially to kids. No wonder why Nuvali is a family-friendly community. I have never seen fish as as many congregated in one area. They are very colorful---bright yellow and orange colors. I am not into fish names so I cant tell you what kind of fish there are in the lake but it was really funny coz when you throw the food in the water, the fish would do everything to get it. They even go on top of each so as to get their share. lol


After feeding the fish, it was the time of the bloggers to get food. hahaha. Since there were around 30 of us, they devided us into 5 groups. each group were assigned a particular restaurant. We were designated to eat in Kanin Get It.

My first to hear the brand. Good thing the owner/ manager of the branch was generous enough to talk us out of the inspiration and concept of the restaurant. They basically serve Asian food. I will be making a separate post on this one. Watch out for it soon. 

STARBUCKS-- coffee with the bloggers

 After having our fill of delicious Kanin get It food, we moved to Starbucks for coffee. This is where we waited for the other groups. The waiting provided the opportunity to socialize with the other bloggers who I met for the 1st time.
I was particularly happy to personally meet Ms Lace , Jonel uy ( bloggermanila) Jeff Sy ( ) Alex, recyclebinofamiddlechild ,. Flow ( and  Cath .
Jayce ( holding coffee) and the representatives from Ayala land....

 Thanks Ayala land for inviting us over. And thanks to  Jayce and his team for guiding us throughout the tour.
Special mention to Jed who waited for me in Ayala Makati after I missed the bus and Ms. Jigs for taking care of team 5!!!!yihhh.

NUVALI Evoliving
LOCATION:Sta. Rosa and Calamba.

How to get there: From Makati -take South Luzon Expressway.Exit points: Exclusive access at Mamplasan, Sta. Rosa- Tagaytay Road, Malitlit (Asia Brewery) and Silang.
Approximate time of travel from Makati-: 45 minutes

more info here:


  1. but well usually those good projects (aka sustainable ones) are expensive and not affordable to those low income people... in fact, they should be taken care of... think twice, should the government invest those mega project or down to earth help the poor one? i have been doing such research and argue with those urban planners... but well there's always pros and cons... no best solution...

    anyway anyway... this project looks pretty good :) a standard sustainable city like any you can find on this globe, i mean the concept =p

  2. Pupunta rin ako jan tutal malapit lang sya.

  3. nagpunta ko diyan dahil sa mga isda. enjoy na enjoy! :D

  4. hanggg dameng fish...
    napakaenviron friendly.. and i loveeeee the water taxi..

    tsk tsk ang layo sa baguio sana mapuntahan ko..

  5. yun oh.. hehehe dapat pala sumama ko dati ung inivite ako ng mentor to go there... pero oki lang parang nakapunta na rin ako dahil sa ganda at cool ng mga shoot mo bro!!!
    makakapunta din ulit ako dian hehe :D

  6. fufu--yeah. I remember---you are into urban development planning. i agree with what you said. it would have been better if the government could do its part.l this development is a private venture and in the Philippines, we owe it to the private companies for doing well as our government fails to deliver what it is supposed to do. if not for the like of ayala, the Philippines would be far worse....stingy poor

  7. glentot---at panu ka naging malapit dyan? hahaha

  8. YanaH---taga dyan kaba talaga sa baguio? o aral lang dyan. dalaw kami dyan su!!!D:

  9. Bino---nakakatuwa yung mga isda no? sapaw sapaw talaga sila. diko ma-express sa ingles sa post ko e. buti nalang ammention mo ang isda. don lang ako nakakita ng isda na dumadagan na talaga sa kapwa isda para lang makakuha ng food. bwahaha

  10. Axl---next time kasi pag ininvite, wag nang umarte at

  11. wow astig naman ng gala nitong pusa nato ayos pala dyan sa nuvali!

    magpapatayo ako ng bahay dyan someday. bukas. hohoho

    photographer ka pala pusa

  12. Ang lapit lang nyan 1 ride lang sa Buendia!

  13. jasonhamster ---puro ka talaga kalokohan Jason--but who knows. diba instant youtube sensation ka na nga? hahaha.

    di ako photographer---hobbyist lang. sanay sanay

  14. ganda naman jan. sarap suminga este huminga jan.

  15. mots--bastos.hahaha. di. maganda nga dyan at syempre layo sa pollution ng Manila

  16. We've already moved here... avida settings. I was thing of a what could be the best business here, coming facilities like wakeboarding, ayala malls ets... siomai hause kaya, eloading station, parang naka plan lahat ng tao dito hehehehe:) parang hindi bagay sa enviroment. sports equipment...yeah since this could be one of the best attraction here. what do you think? but you know what I'm thinking? Hydrophonic gardening....

  17. There is so much buzz about Nuvali and it gain publicity when it was featured in Miss Earth 2009 since its enviromental-friendly aims... It seems that Ayala is building a estate houses with green style living.

  18. Huwaw! jaw dropping yung mga shots mo parekoy sa Nuvali. Astig yung mga architectural designs, modern na modern. Kakatuwa din yung Gazebo for bird watching saka yung Fish Watching, daming gold fish at koi fish!

  19. Anonymous--yeah, we were also told of the planned facilities., really a lot of things to look forward to in this place. the wakeboarding facility would be one thrilling thing to look for. soon, people from Manila wont have to go to camsur to experience wakeboarding. you are lucky !!!!

  20. Ian ---indeed. and we know the reputation of Ayala land--they mean business. they can deliver. i really love the green features of some of the houses in Avida. and so many eco-friendly features of the whole development complex.

  21. fiel-kun---ah-koi fish pala tawag don? diko lam. hahaha. uo. astig ang Nuvali eh. oldo maulap that time kasi katatapos ni Bagyong Juan. buti nakakuha parin ng decent photos to share with you guys.

  22. Ayos na ayos, pa-nuva-nuvali na lang ah hehehe. Sarap naman dyan, parang you have both worlds sa gitna ng Maynila.

  23. recommended exit is Sta.Rosa :)

    bat di kayo nagbike? kaya ka pla nagtatanung sakin if mag eenjoy ka, eto pala yun :P

  24. nice travel blog you have there..

    ask lang po i notice that u use nikon d3000-did you buy any lens to capture your photos at puerto prinsesa

  25. Wow! Gusto kong pumunta dyan! Ayala na ayala ang itsura. Hahaha.

    Yung first building, parang siya din yung nagdesign ng school namin ah. Hehehe. Ams okay sa ganyang location ang mga ganyang klase ng building.

  26. @Fufu, inside NUVALI is Avida
    Village Nuvali where you can get a house and lot for as low as 1.2M. Very affordable considering it is inside NUVALI.

  27. True, sustainable developments are expensive at this point. Like all early technologies it's really more costly, i.e. hybrid cars ect. It's a good thing that the private sector is doing the initiative to take that step towards developing a more sustainable urban space. NUVALI is not a government project and it was never designed to house/hosts the masses. For mass housing we have Pag ibig sponsored projects for that which the government sponsors.

  28. What i am excited about is the wake park in nuvali. there is also a wave rider pool like in sentosa in sg. super excited since i love surfing in san juan. i hope to get a lot also in venare nuvali when the lots near the mall opens. check out venare here:

  29. Afufu, yala Group of Companies is one of the Best Developers, but, they have awful property specialists who screw buyers and investors.

  30. maganda pero buyers beware, maraming manlolokong Agente.

  31. Nuvali has set aside a 17-kilometer long buffer green and forest zone which will serve as a sanctuary for wildlife and birds in the area. Thousands of trees are to be planted in this sanctuary, providing shelter to various bird species and making it the perfect bird watching spot. If you are a beginner, Nuvali is the perfect place for you to enjoy bird watching.


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