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Bowling at SM has never been this funky

I used to frequent SM Megamall to play bowling with friends and my wife. It was not so much about our passion for the sport at first but more on the deprivation of not being able to experience such while growing up in the countryside.I eventually became fascinated with the game. And like any other sport, it requires dedication and patience. Nothing compare to the sheer pleasure of making a strike. But my last time to play was months ago. Got a bit busy these days that bowling has become something of a lesser priority. Until something refreshing came along.

Ever heard of funky bowling? nah, me neither. Not till a group of bloggers were invited by the SM Mall of Asia Bowling center to experience the new and more fun style of bowling---funky bowling. I was lucky to be one of those invited last Saturday for an evening of  fun, food and drinks.


so what is funky bowling?

In this game, bowlers will be challenged to play differently as they will be given cards that would dictate how they are to bowl for each frame. Here are the examples.

frame 1: Have someone stand in front of you, legs apart. roll the ball through their legs.
frame 2: wear a blindfold and use a ramp to bowl.
frame 3: bowl backwards between your legs
frame 4: bowl while on your knees
frame 5: bowl between your legs

John , getting ready for frame #7 

frame 6: spin in circles 5 times and then bowl immediately
frame 7: sit Indian style and roll the ball.
frame 8: sit on the floor and bowl by pushing the ball with your feet
frame 9: lie down and bowl
frame 10: moonwalk in slow motion then bowl immediately

frame # 9

team G--my team mates,John, Abet and Florencio

Around 30 bloggers all in all were present that day. We were team G. --- Abet, John , Florencio and me. I was the 4th player in the group and I did frame #'s 4 and 8. It was a shame I didn't hit any pin. frame # 8 was particularly difficult for me. But it was fun fun fun. We were screaming and laughing our hearts out.

team F--Iris, Don, Mel and Marnel

here are some of the funky photos of the night........



with some representative of SM -MOA Bowling center. 
L-R: Ms Ana Aguila,  Dane Go and Ken Barracoso---the host for the night
bloggers in full force....


SM_mall of asia_bowling


For those who are eager to check it out, be sure to catch Funky Halloween Bowl on October 30-- SM Mall of Asia and SM City Fairview and October 31 at SM-North Edsa and SM City Cebu. Go trick and treatin' while bowling.

Thanks Sm Bowling center for inviting us over and thanks Azrael for organizing the event for the bloggers. It was really a night of fun-funky bowling. Looking forward to share the experience with my friends and family.

more info here:

find them in facebook too  ---cheers!!!


  1. I tried bowling in fairview and I want to try it again. may bayad ba yan kuya? :] hoho

  2. yun oh..... ang saya nian.. inggit ulit... uu ako na inggitero hehehe :D
    namiss ko bigla ang bowling session namin heheh :D

  3. kumagcow---yihh----penshoppe next!!!!!

  4. Renz--free, it's an officila bloggers event.sponsored ng SM Bowling center, with free food and drinks pa.

  5. Axl--hmmm...baka kasi me naalala ka lang bigla na memorable na taong ka-bowling mo kaya

  6. Saya naman. :)

    Kapag nagbobowling ako sa SM, I'm wishing na sana may kasamang disposable medyas sila. :)

    Sarap magbowling esp sa sa katabing bilyaran, masarap ang mga finger foods nila. :)

  7. Sama naman ako next time...hehehe

  8. Rizalenio---it hit me. nice the billiards, yeah, there are billiard areas within the bowling centers.

  9. Mokong™---will tell you pag me open invitation uli.

  10. Axl--oi. wala akong sinabi ha. bwahaha

  11. cool! I want to try this one of these days... 'Luv et!!!

  12. Pinoy AdvenTuristago for it. san kana naman nag-adventure last time? hahaha

  13. Wow! I missed bowling and doing those in the list is quite interesting too! hehehehheheheh

  14. Xprosaic --ako rin. nakakamiss--nawala bigla sa bukabularyo ko e.buti nalang nag-invite ang SM

  15. wait lang, tapos na yung palawan series???
    ang bilis naman..

  16. bowling bowling bowling.... o.o

  17. Chyng--uo. yun na yun. saka na yung mangrove forest......2 dyas lang naman kami kasi don.

    ah---yung city tour din---saka na ---

  18. fufu--let's have a tournament when you go here fufu. D:

  19. at hindi ko nakikita ang pictures, nyetang office to haha.
    inggit ako, bakit andami mong invites? hahahaha

  20. Pagkatapos magpa-araw sa Palawan, nagpalamig naman sa bowling center at nakipag-get together sa mga blogger....sarap ng layf! haha!

  21. Oliver ---secret. hahaha. it all started with/in Thunderbird. lol

    baket naman yan. photoblog pamandin me.amp. hahaha

  22. Nortehanon-- ganun talaga. di pwedeng nakabilad lagi. hahaha

  23. My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

  24. Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!


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