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The THUNDERBIRD RESORT Experience: Bloggers Tour Part 1

As I said in my preview post, 6 bloggers were picked to be part of Thunderbird Rizal's free bloggers tour. I was lucky to be one of them.

I was so happy when I recieved the email from Ms Nica. 

I’m Nica from Thunderbird Resorts – Philippines.We’re hosting a Bloggers Tour for our Rizal Resort on October 4 to 6.Find your blog really interesting, that’s why I’d like to invite you to join the tour.Everything’s on us, we just want you to enjoy and experience Thunderbird Resorts.Let me know if you’re interested.


I was hesitant at first because it definitely goes against my work schedule. But I have been blogging for 2 years and this is just one of the rewards for that. I deserve it!!!

One more thing, this is Thunderbird Resort. Not everybody gets the chance to be invited here for an all expense paid tour.

Chyng and Gael @ the Cabana Restaurant

Four of us were the 1st to arrive at lunchtime, they were picked up in Makati while I went straight to the resort. I was so excited to see Chyng again. I also knew prior to that day that Gael of thepinaysolobackpacker will also be there so I really looked for ward to it. Azrael, the 4th of us is a stranger to me. Until I found out later that he is actually blog royalty!!shame!!!

Upon stepping out of the car,you could already feel the hospitality of the people. A parade of managers greeted us. They are all warm and welcoming. We immediately proceed to the Cabana Restaurant by the poolside for lunch where we were joined by Ms Kaka, Princess and Gerico. From the parade of dignitaries, to a parade of delicious food.


After lunch, we checked in to our rooms. They have prepared three double occupancy rooms for us which is big enough for four guests. After tidying up my things, I immediately went to the girls' room as Chyng and I had a lot to catch up on each other.As I said , they have spacious rooms. Room rate is at 4,500 on weekdays and 5, 000 on weekends.

this is how the newly renovated room looks like...

with Chyng and Gael in their room

Thunderbird hotel and Fiesta casino is the first in the Philippines.They have another branch in Poro point La Union. The hotel  has 41  luxury suites, three restaurants and a meeting area. It is adjacent to a private 18-hole golf course to which hotel guests can access.

Here, you get the same quality in a 5-star accommodation in Manila with the same amount, I noticed though that the rooms are more spacious. Located in the tropical hills of Binangonan, Thunderbird offers a breathtaking view of Laguna de bay and the rolling hills below.

 who wouldn't want a view like this every time you look outside the balcony?


I love their infinity pool. It immediately reminded me of Panglao Island Nature Resort's infinity pool. Indulging here and enjoying the view of the lake below is simply a priceless experience.

After a few hours of resting in our own rooms, we were toured around the resort. We were shown a sample of a room that was newly renovated to include more entertainment amenities and a different arrangement. Their presidential suite is simply impressive. Very spacious and beautifully designed.
 thunderbird_resort2 (2)
 the Presidential Suite.....



We were also toured at the FIESTA CASINO. It's my first to enter such facility and it really is interesting. Cameras are not allowed so we were not able to take pictures during the 1st day. The casino is managed by PAGCOR so they are really strict on the implementation of the "no camera policy" I heard that even cellphone cameras are also prohibited inside. The 2nd day includes a casino card teaching session so I will just share that with you next time.

Adjacent ot the Casino is KOI--the Asian inspired Restaurant of Thunderbird Rizal.

blogger Don @ Koi Restaurant

Then, we were again shown outside, another good opportunity to take pictures of the hotel's facade.


We spent dinner at the casino restaurant. There, we met the 2 remaining bloggers who came late, Don and dave. It was a night of food , food and more food in the backdrop of lively music. Fiesta Casino Rizal hosts bands nightly so will never get bored here. It took us more than 2 hours here, chatting, eating and simply enjoying each others company. Oh, the bar also boasts of many cocktail drinks. Long Island, Bloody Mary and others that I can't remember anymore.Never tried so many in one night. This is a case of bloggers going wild. Kidding.

A lot of surprises as the nights unfolded. Many observations as well. By this time, I am starting to get to know the people I am with more and more.Thanks Ms. Nica for picking me!!!!

more info here:
trunkline: (02) 651-68-88 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (02) 651-68-88     


  1. aha! view yan from our room ha! pano ka nagkaron ng picture nyan? chos!

  2. you're very lucky pare! again, what can i say, nice photos!!! :)

  3. hyng---e diba nga tiawag nyo ko kasi gusto nyo ko kakwentuhan????lol

  4. Bino---malay mo. magkasama tayo sa mga susunod ng bloggers tour. diko nga gusto ibang shots ko dyan eh, under exposed....

  5. Swerte naman, wala kang gagastusin? bukod sa pocket money? swerte naman... Kelan kaya ako maiinvite, Boracay?...hehehe

  6. Wow ganda pala ng Thunderbird dyan! And i saw Gael wah i miss her na :P

    Next week Thunderbird sa La Union naman kami. I'm excited na rin :D

  7. whaha inggit mode... sobra lucky mo sir galing :D ganda pa nga mga shoot :D

  8. Mica!!!!at talagang La Union!!!wooooo!!!!!looking forward to your post. thanks Mica.

  9. Mokong---uo. naswetehan nga .buti nalang.

  10. Axl---bat sir galing ang tawag u sakin? hahaha

  11. nyakkkkk blogger royalty ka dyan heheheh

    saya saya..sana next is la union naman.

  12. Part 1 pa lang pala 'to. Hehe akala ko Part 2 na. = P

  13. naiingit ako!naiingit ako!naiingit ako! (repeat until fade)
    sana ay maranasan ko din yang free free na yan, hehe.
    imperness i like the shots. and the views are indeed breathtaking.

  14. Azrael Coladilla --e kasi nga--seryusly, diko alam. wala ako alam na blog royalty ka pala. nakakahiya ako!!!!lol

  15. The Gasoline Dude ---nope--preview yung una. kasi me reason pang kasama.hahaha

  16. Oliver---sabi ko sayo e. ganda talaga ng view dyan. sayang diko nakuhanan na kasama yung lake. hehehe

  17. KUMAGCOW---hehehe. sowi ha. sa subrang diko magkanda-ugaga. nakalimutan ko nang mag invite ng kahit

  18. whoa! nagkasama na rin kayong tatlo ni gael! yihaa! di ko alam na may thunderbird na rin pala diyan sa rizal.

  19. really wish to go there with you guys!!!! it's still cold here in brazil...but lucky i am heading to iguazu falls tonight

  20. Answerte niyo! Hahaha! Ang small world... si azrael, dati ko pa kakilala yan pero i went on a hiatus kaya d na ako naka-catch up! nakasama niyo pala siya! =D

    Kainggettt! =(

  21. wow, Nice resort. Sana meron pang next round ng free tour for bloggers..

  22. dong ho---ito ang unang thunderbird resort sa Pilipinas Dom. uo. nakita ko na sya sa wakas. ikaw nalang. hehehe

  23. fufu---OMG-really? the amazing IGUAZU FALLS!!!!!

  24. Haaaay sayang talaga! Nakakainis. Wahahaha. Tapos kasama din si Ate Chyng. T_T

    Sana makaranas ako ng ganitong opportunity. Hahaha.

  25. Traveliztera--yeah--he's BIG. and kasama nga namin sya. kaya pala kamo me natunugan ka nang nag-blog about thunderbird even before I did.

  26. Yodz de Veas Insigne--for sure meron yan. they are about to open their events center here in Thunderbird Rizal. by early next year siguro. be ready bloggers. hehehe

  27. Chyng oh---tinawag kang ate ni

  28. Looks like a nice place. swerte niyo naman. :)

  29. what a treat for bloggers. Ayos sa promotion ang thunderbird ah, very generous ;)

  30. Naextra ako dun sa KOI shot ni Don ehehehe... in the background kasama si Ms. Nica at Azrael... great shots bro!

  31. gillboard--nice talaga yung place. nalulungkot nga ko pag naalala ko e. nakakamiss. yung relax relax ka. sigh

  32. nortehanon---galante talaga ang Thunderbird. heard of their photo contest? ongoing pa yun. ang laki ng price.

  33. Shen---e. lagi ka kasing bumabalandra pag me photo shoot e. lol

  34. great place
    nag team buiding kami dyan

    pero mas astig yun thunderbird sa norte!!!

  35. Raft3r---pag nag-open ang events center nila by early next year maganda mag-team building dito---yun nga rin gusto ko marating . yung sa Norte. hehehe

  36. Rizalenio---taga Rizal ka---so you should try this one. hehehe.musta ang contest? me result na ba? me photo contest pala ang thunderbird, baka gusto mong sumama?

  37. "From the parade of dignitaries, to a parade of delicious food" - what can I say, you all deserve the attention. I'm sure may susunod pa.

  38. The Nomadic Pinoy---nagustuhan mo talaga yung parade thing ha. hehehe

  39. Someone from India got the trip around the world grand prize. Her composition is so simple. I think it's 75 percent luck (bitter ocampo much? hahaha) that she won but I'm glad that I represented our country for this competition. Still, I'm very much grateful (and will always be) to the Lonely Planet team for the recognition that they gave towards my work.

    Will try to join the TBR's contest. Are you joining?

    May the luckiest win. :)

  40. Well, at least they are going to at last get a fine hotel in Harlem. Only took like 45 years.

    - Tamia WHITEHURST

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