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It has been exactly 1 week today when the bloggers tour took place. And it made me melancholic to remember. hahaha. I already miss Thunderbird Rizal. I miss the bed, I have never slept in a bed that soft before---not that I am a stranger to mattresses but theirs is nothing I have experienced before---not even in the hotels in Manila that I have tried. I have never slept as comfortably as that Monday night---exactly a week ago that my alarms even failed to wake me up. That's how peaceful I have slumbered. So if you ask me about the Thunderbird experience, 1st is the bed!!!

..............2nd is the food of coarse. All we did is to relax, laugh and eat and eat , and then eat again.The 2nd day was really good. We started with a good breakfast in KOI Restaurant.

L-R; Ms prinz, Ms Nica, Don, Dave, Azrael, me and gael..
.Chyng already left when the photo was taken

 Koi Restaurant

Thunderbird Resorts boast of this ASIAN-inspired restaurant . It's one of the three restos the Resort has, one is the Cabana by the poolside and the other is in Fiesta casino where we spent dinner the night before. And so it is---heavy breakfast, since it's going to be a packed Tuesday for all 6 of us.

Immediately after breakfast, we were given the chance to learn a new skill. Just refer to the pictures below and you will know what I mean.hehehe. All I can say is that it's fun---but a little complicated, lol


wanna bet?

We learned how to play card games here. The actual game. less the real bet of coarse. The rules are kinda complicated at first, but you get the hang of it.  Game of chance one might say, so some might think there's no need to learn the rules, wrong. If you are going to put your money on the line, don't you think a little understanding of what your doing is just fair? Well, i don't see myself playing casino in the near future, but who knows? lol

Too bad time was lacking coz we already have to set off for our next destination---The Angono Petroglyphs!!!

the tunnel to the Petroglyphs....
Since moving to Binangonan last year, been dying to get here. But until last week, I didn't know how. I was surprised that it is just a couple of kilometers above Thunderbird Resort -Rizal. I will be writing in detail about this next time so as to guide some of you who are interested in historical sites like this. 

The site is under the administration of the National Museum and upon putting our names in their log book, we were told that dslr's are not allowed. Only digital cameras. huwwwaatt??? I really don't understand. I was so pissed off. Welcome to the Philippines!!! Dslr use/ policy in this country really is incomprehensible sometimes!!! Anyhow, we manged to take guerrilla shots.

and hear me national Museum, what's wrong with promoting this place? 
Or maybe you don't want it promoted eh???

So it goes, the hike for a few meters was a good thing coz breakfast has left us soo full. We had to digest some of the food coz our next stop was Balaw-Balaw, a specialty restaurant in Angono.

..........and when I say specialty restaurant, I mean exotic dishes.  kamaro, sizzling balot, sinabawang balot, nilasing na palaka, uok.....food that I have never heard of before. I am not so much into experimenting with food so I stayed with the safe/ generic ones, while my fellow bloggers indulged in the exoticy of what Balaw-balaw has to offer. hahaha


wouldn't you want to eat in a restaurant like this? 


What I like about this restaurant is the special feeling you get. It's unique setting gives a different vibe. A restaurant in a museum. That's how I can describe it. Angono is known for the Higantes festival and in balaw-balaw, they capitalized on the Higantes masks as the main theme. Please look out for a detailed post on this one soon.

Next stop was YAB DESIGN near downtown Angono. It is well known for hand-crafted 3D statues and replicas. the house of Versacci actually open a Versacci Home Boutique in Milan last April and featured there are exclusive creations of Yab designs. Found out that this place os owned and managed by a Dutch. We were given the privilege to tour their vast gallery but too bad cameras are not allowed so I can't share with you much expect to say that the designs are really impressive----and expensive too!!!lol

the only I photo I managed to take---in front of the factory of Yab Designs.lol

Blanco museum was next.Still in Angono. But I had to go back home to attend to something very imprtant so I decided not to join them anymore. I took the jeepney and headed back to Saint Monique.  Ms Nica was kind enough to allow me to skip for a few hours. What I heard is that the remaining bloggers were awed by the collections in the museum. I will surely visit this one day soon with my wife. They headed back to the resort, had a 15 minute massage at night---which is part of the services you get from your accommodation. they also used the 300 pesos with of single roll bet coupon given to us the morning during the casino session. 

The 3rd day was more of a relax relax mode, eating and chatting in the poolside and again in KOI restaurant for lunch where we ordered what we desired to eat. The whole Thunderbird bloggers tour was really a very memorable experience.  To admit, it was my first to participate in such contest and I was lucky to have chosen. I think this will be a start of more contests for me to join.

Again, thanks Thunderbird and thanks Nica ( there, I just called you Nica) for giving us a good time......... and for the friendship.......

BTW: I would to make a special mention to CHYNG for telling me about this 
promo. If not for you I was not here. thanks a lot. Owe you one!!!!
more info here:

trunkline: (02) 651-68-88 


  1. yun oh.. pagala-gala na lang oh... saya na naman :D

  2. kaya ka pala di nakasama sa blogger eb eh kasi busy ka sa kakagala...lol... Sayang talaga di ka nakasama... next time na lang uli...

  3. tigas ulo, bawal nga DSLR right?

    nice angle anyway. swerte! Ü

  4. Am Xprosaic---ei--panu ako makaksama e diko alam. dimo ko sinabihan. hmmmp. lol

  5. Chyng---e kasi. kainis sila. bat bawal? e di sue nila pag nakita nilang ginamit for financial gain tapos wala naman palang permit.

  6. hay, gusto ko magbakasyon pero di ko magawa T_T Hahahah

  7. nice way to spend a weekend just near metro manila. i like the idea of visiting the petroglyph.

    kasama pa si chyng at gael.

  8. Robbie ---hahaha. hope next time magkasama tayo sa isang blog tour.

  9. KUMAGCOW---gaitin mo na kasi ang mga limpak limpak na salapi.hehehe

  10. dong ho---ou. one of the joys of blogging.

  11. We frequent Balaw Balaw before because that area is a walking distance from our house. Now, I stay more here in QC. Will try TBR in Angono with my family soon. Glad that TBR arranges Angono tour. So many things to see in Angono - Art Capital of our country.

    I'm into oil painting before I switched to photography as a hobby. Angono will surely spark everyone's creativity.

  12. Nakakain na ko dyan sa balaw-balaw...July 2010 lang...

    Hindi pa rin ako nakakapag-casino? nagbet ba kayo? musta first time? nanalo ba? hehehe

  13. Rizalenio---Iraised my eyebrows the first time I heard the title for Angono. I was one of the pessimists out of ignorance. Now, I understand why.

  14. Mokong™---aba akalain mo. muntik pa tayong nagsabay? sila, nag bet. ako hindi. nalate ako. hehehe

  15. picture! picture! musta naman? ang dami no ng napuntahan. =)

  16. naguunahan kau ni xprosaic sa mga pinupunthan na mgnda ah..

    iba tlg pag mayayaman hehehe papasyal pasyal lang..inggit much ako hahaha

  17. haha! pati sa casino games natuto rin kayo. O di ba, kakaibang experience talaga yan ;) Congrats!

    At salamat pala sa pag-add sa blogroll.

  18. wow, akala ko binigyan kayo pera pangsugal, haha. that would be the best.
    ang tanong e, sinong nanalo senyo? =p

  19. Nortehanon--uo. kakaibang experience nga. alam ko lang tonghits eh.lol

  20. rico de buco--free tour to. buhay hari ako without spending anything. all expense paid. sarap.hahaha

  21. Oliver--hindi-300 pesos worth lang ng bet coupon. after 5 minutes talo na sila.di marunong. bwahaha

  22. intro me ms nica :) hahaha i wanna go to thunderbird too...and learn the card playing :) and bet you wanna go to the museum with me...lol

  23. fufu--what museum fufu? I don't know that.

  24. blanco museum ya :) and the massage... wanna go back again?? lol bring me along too!!

  25. fufu ---aha. i ACTUALLY DIDN'T JOIn the museum tour. I wanna try big museums in Manila one of these days though.......

  26. okay ingget ako. pero eto pa rin siguro dhilan bkt d ka namin nakasama =(

  27. Cool! Thanks too Anton. We really had a great time with you all. Hope you can visit us again soon!

  28. wow... ganda nga place... sana maka punta ako dyan...

    comment by: the rookie blogger

  29. astig...sana makapunta rin ako jan...

  30. nicaserrano--uo ms nica. momotorin ko lang......pag me ONDOY no MORE part 2. sasama ako. kakayanin ko yung paakyat.hahaha

  31. James--anu pa hinihintay mo. wag nang sana sana. hahaha

  32. asiong32--palit tayo. ikaw dito--ako dyan sa Baguio,lol

  33. ano ung sa twitter ... d mo ko nireplyan haha

  34. Travelizter--sandali nakalimutan ko sinabi ko sayo. anu na nga uli yun?lol

  35. too late na para makipagpalit anton...wala nako sa baguio. im here in manila already...hehe...see you around bro!

    to all the followers of anton, im a newbie and if you have time please visit my blog



  36. asiong32---woo. nasa Manila kana? I think better yan kasi di maganda ang malamig na klima sa isang emo.hahaha.joke. btw, contakin mo ko ha. you can add me in facebook or simply email me. pakaleklalawak@yahoo.com

    meet tayo minsan.hehehe

  37. wow totsyal. may isang pang resort ang thunderbird di ba

  38. gawin mo naman akong subject. one time lang. nagpu-push ups na ko. bwahihi

  39. ikaw na talaga ang sushal ahihihi :P

    si chyng lang naka smile dun sa picture hahahah!!! :))

  40. ahmer--uo. Poro Point la Union. Isa yun na gusto ko ring puntahan kasi Mediterranean inspired yun eh.

  41. caloy---subject saan? model shoot? tara!!!kelan? hahaha

  42. princess_dyanie--oi. naka-smile din naman ako ah. totyal ka dyan, balik kana kasi sa blogging!!!!

  43. tagal ko na ding gusto pumunta sa petroglyph pero when I finally got there I was really pissed off na bawal yung DSLR at pede yung point and shoot!? anung deperensya eh camera din naman yun. kaasar tlga! Anyway, sarap tlga sa Thunderbird, kaka-miss,pero wala pa din ako post. haha I just got back kase kaya dameng backlogs.

  44. Wow dami comments... ehehe anyway nice post and well nakakamiss talaga ang Thunderbird Resorts Rizal... it is a world class hotel and resort... sarap dun lalo na pag masarap kasama ang mga tao... see you soon again bro!


  45. thepinaysolobackpacker--lagot ka. joke. sabi ko na nga ba. gumala ka na naman kung saan-saan.

    about the dslr thing. ngawa na nga akong ngawa don diba? just couldn't help my frustration. at talagang special mention pa dito.hehehe

    see you wednesday.

  46. Shen--madami akong followers.lol
    tama. nakamiss. relaxing kasi masyado. parang ayaw ko na ngang magtrabaho that time, kung di lang ako natakot masibak.hahaha

  47. kala ko naman may bago, ayun pala sa dulo yung may special note.. hihi

    sbux yan!!! ♥

  48. bro, hindi dapat pusang kalye name ng blog mo eh! PUSANG GALA! haha astig talaga ng mga libot nyo!!!

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