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Sunday, October 17, 2010


I have waited for this trip for a long time, the last travel I can recall was way back mid July in Coral Beach Club Batangas. I have been itching to get away since then. Booked the tickets last March so the wait was really long.

Then, a week before the harvest festival in Korea (chuseouk), a series of unfortunate events happened. It climaxed at me losing 8k php. That time, I thought of cancelling the trip but I thought of our friends Gema and Alex who were already very excited for an out of town. So with very little money,and with the help of my wife who shouldered most of the expenses, we flew to Puerto Princesa on a sunny Sept. 23 morning......

I have no friends who have been here so there's nothing much to do but make researches online as to where to stay and what to do. Good thing, blogs like that of Dom http://www.escapeislands.com/ are very helpful.
The choice of itinerary was easy since we will only be spending 3 days, 2 nights in there. Where to stay was the tricky part. i am very particular with accommodations. It's not that I am picky but I pay attention to the location and ambiance of the place. 

Good thing I stumbled upon the blog of Ada http://www.adaphobic.com/ who posted about their pleasant stay in Puerto Prinsesa, the place is called Dangkalan Resort.
the pool next to the main building of the resort....

Some of the inns I contacted asked for 100%  deposit but Dangkalan Resort only require 20% reservation fee. About the place, I was a bit apprehensive at first because the picture are not so inviting. But knowing that they have Cottage type rooms, a pool and a location in the beacfront comforted me a bit. One more thing, if prominent bloggers like Mica http://micamyx.com/  enjoyed the place, then it must really be good.

We stayed in one of these Cottages facing the beach. Really relaxing.
I love the cottage rooms near the beachfront....

what about drinking your early morning coffee here while waiting for the sun to rise?

I didn't regret the decision. Resorts in Puerto Princesa provide free airport transfer . That's comforting.Only took us 15 minutes from the airport to Dangkalan Resort. We passed by the Rizal Avenue which is the EDSA of Puerto Princesa. This is where you can find important establishments such as banks, shops and good restaurant. I also saw some good accommodations along downtown area. But when we got to Dangkalan, I was definitely glad I picked this resort.

REASONS why I like Dangkalan Resort:
  •  You get more value for your money. It's not over-rated so they are priced just enough for what they can offer. Actually---you get more for wht you pay.
  •   I love the environment---beachfront. Not crowded. Fresh air. Good view. I love going out at night, sitting  by the huts on the seaside and feeling the breeze before going to bed.
  •  I love the sunrise.
  •  The manager and crew are very friendly. Naturally friendly.
this is one of the lovely features of dangkalan resort. My wife and I spent hours of intimate talk here during our stay...
Dangkalan Resort shares the same coastline with Microtel
our new travel buddies..Alex in gray and Gema in red....
photo credit: Alex

Alex taught me how to shoot bulb during our first night while the girls were dipping in the pool. Was my first time to do that and the good moonlit night made the perfect setting.

my first bulb shot....

We woke up early the next day to see the sun rise and then had our breakfast served at one of the cute cottages they have. What a good way to start your day..........


Dangkalan Resort but not be that big and that it might not offer 5 star accommodation but it's a place where you can relax after a long day of fun tour and just think about the adventures you will have the next day.

me and the ever accommodating manager Ms Sheryl

I will be discussing in my next posts our itinerary for our 3 day trip and I will be giving some tips as well so better watch out for that. So this is just a preview of the very rewarding trip we had Puerto prinsesa Palawan. I was very we didn't back off. This trip is what every stressed person needs.

OUR ITINERARY (3 days, 2 nights)

day 1 : ETD 9:30 am, check in. PM-- D.I.Y city tour
day 2:  Underground River -call time. 8am (whole day) --PM-- dinner downtown, swimming at the resort
day 3: HONDA Bay Island hopping tour ( 8am-4pm)  ---5pm - back to the airport for Manila

Again thanks Ms Sheryl and all you friendly staff. We had a good time at Dangkalan Resort.

for more intro, contact
Ms Sheryl
(02) 514.9918


  1. hey nice post!im planning to go to palawan next year, kaso sa coron ko pinaplano jan...

  2. Mac Callister--balak rin namaing mag Coron next year---at nang makita ang difference . kung bakit under rated ang PP sa Coron e naenjoy ko namna ang PP.

    look out for my next posts on Honda bay and the underground river.

  3. Kakainggit naman parati yang mga pinapasyalan nyong mga lugar parekoy!

    Palawan is really a nice place and it's the last frontier of the Philippines!

  4. fiel-kun---wait for the enxt posts....

  5. Hay... paraiso yung lugar na yan wala akonog masabi........... kitam? ^^, GODBLESS you always, sana maka punta ko jan sa lugar na yan balang araw~!

  6. Wow naman! ikaw na ang maggala...lol... sama mo naman kami next time... hehehehehehehe

  7. wow...ang galing...nice pics...nagustuhan ko yung bulb shot, ang ganda. u

  8. HaLoJiN --sa resort pa lang yan---di pa yan ang mismong attraction~~~wait for my next posts

  9. I am Xprosaic---PAG NAPADPAD kami sa Visayas uli next time isasama ka namin.

  10. asiong32 --uo. mabusisi yung bulb. mas maganda may remote ka.

  11. I had been arguing with my close friend on this issue for quite a while, base on your ideas prove that I am right, let me show him your webpage then I am sure it must make him buy me a drink, lol, thanks.

    - Kris

  12. kakaktuwa naman at talagang may picture ka pa kasama ang manager. she looks friendly indeed.

    salamat at kahit papaano nakatulong yung blog ko.

  13. Nice Bulb shot... di ko pa nasusubukan yan kahit may remote ako...hehe

  14. На сегодня это очень актуально:
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  15. yehey yehey! thanks for this post! :) napansin ko lang ah, super close na kayo ni ate mgr at kapit na kapit sayo ah hahaha!! :))

    looking forward in this series.

    ps: di ko na gets yung P8k mo hihi :P

  16. Wow dyan pala kayo nag-stay. Yup, we really enjoyed our stay there. Medyo spoiled nga kami kasi hinahatid talaga kami palagi kung saan namin gustong kumain :P

    I miss that emo spot LOL. I'm glad you liked your stay there :D

  17. Anonymous--anung pinagtatalunan nyo Puerto Prinsesa or Dangkalan Resort?

  18. dong ho---uo. lab nya ko. uo.nakatulong --at nakakatulong lagi.salamat Dom

  19. Mokong™ ---maganda . not bad for a first timer kaso (IMB) imbalance .yung buhangin kasi ng beach .uneven..lol

  20. princess_dyanie---nawalan ako pera. mabait kasi si Sheryl---manager. lab nya ko.hehehe

  21. Myx---emo spot.hahaha.I love the term, kasi nag-emo emo din ako dyan. sarap. hilig ko [pamandin minsa mag-emo pag gabi kaya yun. perfect spot for me yang tabing dagat na yan.at pag inantok---ilang steps lang nasa loob kana ng room mo. sarap!!!namiss ko n Dangkalan.

  22. It's good to know how blogging helps others deciding on their trips. Kahot ako rin, I've bookmarked several blogs habang pinaplano ang future trips.

  23. The Nomadic Pinoy--uo. mas madali nga actually. lalo kung kilala mo naman sa bloggosphere yung bl;ogger. 1st hand experience talaga na para lang recommended ng friend mo.

  24. wow.. so amazing... i want to go on PP now... tatawagan ko na insan ko hehehe.. so nice shoot.. kakainggit talaga... cge ikaw na ang magaling magshoot at gumala-gala hehehe...
    isa sa mga cool shoot na gusto ko ung "my first bulb shot" lupit yun yung mga trip kung shoot... galing.. clap clap.... next time sama ako ha hehehe :D

  25. Hi gurl!! I love your night shot Photo!! OMG namiss ko ang Dangkalan.

    Indeed the staffs are nice lalo na si Ate sheryl! Super waaaa!! Grabehhh namiss ko talaga T__T thank you sa link pala hehe :D

    May nagpapasakjay sa kabayo don for only P10, sana nakita niyo rin :D

  26. Looks nice!Never been to Dangkalan Resort though, as most of the time, kapag nasa Puerto Princesa ako, I stay sa sentro mismo. Hmn, ma-try nga yan ;)

    Looking forward to your next post. I hope napuntahan ninyo ang mga islands like Starfish Island (love the sandbar there) saka yung Snake Island (fish feeding galore!) hehehe.

  27. And, you should try Coron ;) pag napuntahan mo ang Coron, baka malimutan mo ang PP hahaha ;) Kidding. Labs ko yan both. I've always said that next to my province, Northern Samar, Palawan occupies the next spot in my heart haha!

    Recommended ko ang Coron. And if you have more time, go to El Nido, too. Yun nga lang, from Coron it is another 8 hours hehehe. Well, kung may time ka lang naman ;)

  28. Axl---dipa yan ang main event Axl---you should wait for underground river and honda bay.

  29. Ada---halo Ada. pusangkalye is a man. wife ko yung babae don sa picture. hahaha.

    ako rin. I am starting to miss Dangkalan and Sheryl. She's really nice ayt? I mean naturally nice. anung kabayo yun? diko alam yan ah? for 10 pesos? damn. we missed it. hehehe

  30. Nortehanon--- haba ng comment mo sa PP preview post ko ha. yun. bakit sa center ng city ka lagi na-stay? try Dangkalan next time. balak ko ring gawin yan, pumunta sa Coron so that I could finally tell why people under-estimate PP so much. ang imp. naenjoy ko sya.

  31. dame ko nga nababasa about Dangkalan beach. Kay Ada ko rin xa naun nakita.

  32. Wow! You had me at that first photo.

  33. thepinaysolobackpacker--buti nga nabasa ko kay Ada eh. mas kampante ako. hehehe

  34. Rizalenio---wait. there will be more. me ganun.hahaha

  35. glentot---sunrise shot yan Glen. sunrise!!!

  36. ph1l1p--tama. and you get to appreciate our country more pag nakalabas kana ng both Manila at ng bansa.....the contryside in the Philippines is unparalleled in beauty.

  37. ansipag magreply.. hihi 1 is to 1 talaga!

    anyway, ang fresh ni teresa ha. wagi!

    tip: sabi ng isang nagcomment sa blog ko: iwasan icrop yung foliage, any detail ng subj.. ;)

  38. Chyng---you mean yung dahon nung halaman sa mesa? diko cut yan---nag cut ako sa kanan. perong yang forground nyan, talagang ganyan. mali lang ng framing.hehehe

  39. wow being able to see such sunrise after a relaxing night... erm...damn i have so many places wanna hit after reading your blog!!! how many days/months should i stay in the philippines in order to visit all of them??

  40. i'll consider that when I visit Puerto Princesa...

  41. That is a nice place!
    Your pictures are really good!

  42. what may underground river and honda bay..... inggit mode na talaga ko :((

  43. Aw aw. Inggit ako, haha. Uhm, kaya xcited na akong mag-trabaho para magkaron nako ng budget for travels. Lol.

    In fairness Kuya Anton, maganda yung place. I love the 6th shot. Bigla kong naalala yung isang scene sa BOF though I'm not a fan of the show.

    I'm looking forward sa mga next posts mo.

  44. fufu---I think you have to stay here for 2 months the least of you really want to experience the Philippines. 2 months will surely be a blast.

  45. Pinoy AdvenTurista ---uo. under rated ang PP pero must see parin ang place. I will also try Coron next year para lang makompare. I want to know what the buzz is all about.

  46. Axl ---uo.tip of the iceberg palang yan.

  47. .pOot!----just make sure na yung spare lang gagamitin mo sa travel ha. kundi...mahirap na. hehehe

  48. so in love with palawan and your photos T_T i am so looking forward to going there next year!!!!!

  49. This is good. I am actually starting to draft my travel schedule and thank you very much for the info. This helps a lot!

    Antonio ha, you've gone a long way in this blogging, and I'm really proud of you!

  50. I am doing research for my university paper, thanks for your brilliant points, now I am acting on a sudden impulse.

    - Kris

  51. Sendo---go for it. malapit ka naman na dyan eh. be sure to check dangkalan.

  52. Mss Maquillage---salamat. kina-career ko na talaga.hahaha

  53. Anonymous --thanks Kris---an idea suddenly hit me. why dont yuo blog din?

  54. Di pa ko napupunta ng puerto. kakainggit. :)

  55. Ako si Yow---yow. bata kapa naman. took me 29 years bago ko narating place. fotr sure makakapunta ka dyan.sooner than you think

  56. hi, is the beach in Dangkalan suitable for swimming or snorkeling? Thanks.

  57. My boyfriend and I loved to travel. We went to Puerto Princesa last year to celebrate our 4th year anniversary and my officemate advised me to try Dangkalan Resort. When I visited the site, I saw their cheap tour packages with 3D2N accommodation. We took advantage of it and chose Dangkalan as our resort.

    When we arrived at the resort we just ate our lunch and took a little rest for our first tour. Before our city tour we decided to play "sungka" in their swimming pool lobby area. Unfortunately I didn't notice that I forgot my phone. I just noticed it when we arrived to resort after our city tour. We immediately went to the reception area and asked if they saw a cellphone. Luckily one of the staffs saw my cellphone and kept it and gave it back to me.

    The staffs here are very accommodating and HONEST. :DD Thanks a bunch Dangkalan for our unforgettable Puerto Princesa experienced! Our next destination will be Coron Palawan. :DD

    -Proud to be PINOY!
    dinz of Makati. Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ


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