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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Angono Petroglyphs

Being new in Rizal, I thought of exploring the province more. This is my way of integrating with my new adopted province. Sounds like a good idea because I actually have a lot of  misconceptions of this place. I thought of it as an expansion of the slums of Manila---- boring, crowded plains and isolated hills. But the more I get to explore, the more I appreciate it's beauty and the alternative it can offer to the urban jungle of the Metro.

One of the places I wanted to see was the Angono Petroglyps.I knew it is somewhere in Binangonan but I can't google how to get there. And so for those who have the same experience as I am, here it is. The Angono Petroglyps is only a few kilometers North of Thunderbird Resort Binangonan. to get here, it is advisable that you have your own car. Tricycles cannot traverse the slopes from downtown Angono passing through Eastridge golf and country club to this area because they are too steep. I heard that you can hire one from Antipolo at approximately 150php.


We were lucky to get here thanks to the city tour provided by Thunderbird Resort Rizal during our sponsored stay there. To get to the site, you have to pass through a man made cave (pictured below).....There are a lot of vandals in this cave so first time visitors might think that it's already the petroglyphs. I was also fooled for a few seconds then.lol



The Angono Petroglyphs is considered as the oldest work of art in the Philippines. It is included in the National Cultural Treasure list and even in the World Inventory of Rock Art. It as also declared as one of the most imperiled historic sites in the world by the monuments watch and the World Monuments Fund.




Human and animal like figures are engraved in the rock wall made of volcanic tuff. These work of art dates back 3,000 BC. The site is under the management and administration of the National Museum. You have to register in their office before you can walk through the site. Upon signing your name in the log book, the guard will immediately remind you that dslr's are not allowed unless you have a permit from the National Museum. A policy we find odd. Most of us were carrying dslr's so we were really upset. These photo's were stolen shots so pardon the framing and composition.


with other bloggers and Ms Nica of Thunderbird Resort Rizal

We stayed here for only a few minutes as it is really a small area. It is interesting to note though that the complete name of this historical site is Angono Petroglyphs of Binangonan. Sound odd? We didn't talk officially to the one's in charge so it's just my hunch that this area was originally part of Angono in the early days and so it was called such. Another blogger assumed that it was in honor of National artist Carlos "Botong" Francisco who is a native of Angono. He discovered the place hennce its called Angono Petroglyps. I think my assumption is a little more convincing. When you go here, be sure to ask.

Whatever it is, this place is worth your visit. It is a testament of our ancestors ingenuity. A proof the Filipinos have some form of literacy long before the arrival of the Spaniards.


  1. This is soooo cool and amazing!
    Napakaganda pala sa Rizal. I need to visit that place someday :]

  2. ang gala mo pare...di ka nauubusan ng post sa paggala...hehehe magsama ka naman minsan...hehehe

  3. Renz---uo--me mga hidden spots ang Rizal na nakaka-surprise din. Thunderbird for one--tapos ito katabi lang pala si Petroglyphs.

  4. Moks---hahaha. sa maleta.pwede!!!jowk. gusto ko naman explore next ang province mo. mga malalapit muna kasi tight ang budget these days. hahaha

  5. Eh sagad naman palang pusang-kalye eh. Haha. Nakakagulat na may beautiful spots ang Rizal na akala ko eh puro highway lang. Haha. Ikaw na gala at madaming perang panlibot. Huhu. Inggit me much!

  6. wow, ang ganda naman dito. pero dapat talaga pangalagaan ito. para kasing ang dali lang masira. SInce gumawa ka ng feature about it, im sure mas madali na siyang igoogle ngayon, para sa mga taong interested. :)

  7. akala ko ba d mu toh i-ba-blog dahil sa "No DSLR experience" naten. haha nice anton, extra ako sa last pic! haha

  8. Ako si Yow--kaya nga eh--and I think there's more to discover here.

  9. Rah--i just realized na me mga nagfeature narin kaso medyo ang problema talaga is walang malinaw na public transportation to the place.

  10. thepinaysolobackpacker--di naman for commercial purpose eh. pwede naman siguro.

  11. ikaw na moyomon!!! hehehehe. next time iexplore natin ang province ko. iloilo. try mo din yung mga caves sa sagada. ganda! spooky pero maganda :)

  12. Bino--ilo-ilo? game!!! kelan? i have already tried caving in sagada. check this post.


    My favorite travel so far. Sagada talaga.

  13. wow... galing ng shoot mo sa tunnel.. anung gamit mo dun hehhehe :D
    namiss ko bigla ang angono.... kailan kaya ulit mauulit yun :D

  14. Axl---si nikon d300 ko parin. walang tripod. di naman kasi masyadong low light eh.

  15. yup! the best ang sagada! Malayo nga lang kasi from bagyo i think two hours pa pero sulit na sulit lalo na yung king's curtains :D

  16. nakakamiss ang ganyang fierldtrip. last kasi don kami sa ano may mga stalactite at stalagmite sa biak na bato. hehe

  17. ice! ang dami nyo pala napuntahan nung sa thunderbird kayu... kala ko kinulong lang kayu sa resort... hahaa!

  18. I sooo miss nature tripping.... hayz.... Ganda pa rin ng pix...alang kupas!

  19. cooooool! love the shots! hayst! I wish I can do the same in Cavite, real soon! Nice one! :]

  20. "It is a testament of our ancestors ingenuity." i wanna go there and visit your ancestor with little fufu :)

  21. Bino---anung 2 hours? 4 hours na walang patid na zigzag!!! di ako palasuka sa daan pero nasuka ako after 2 hours----buti nakaterminal. di ako nagkalat sa loob ng bus. nilalagnat akot nagkukumbulsyon habang binabaybay namin ang kazigzagan papauntang baguio.. memorable talaga.

  22. jasonhamster-- nope--me city tour lagi yan. me restaurant treat pa kami---will post soon. at museum--kaso di ako sumama. bumalik ako sa bahay taht afternoon.

  23. Xprosaic ---they are like stolen. yayks---yobong ko.hohoho

  24. Jag-it's more of a historic thing. kaso di mo kasi malapitan so diko masyado maaninag ang mga figures.pero na-aappreciate kio naman.

  25. iprovoked---what are the interesting places nga pala in cavite? care to share?

  26. fufu---so little fufu also loves history?lol

  27. Nice adventure to an interesting place. I have read about this place before but I never thought it would be this "limited", small, etc... :)

    I really think that the place has not been preserved that well, with the rocks and artworks well-exposed to weathering.

    Museums under the National Museum and other extensions are covered by this "no photo" policy, partly due to the possibility that some profit could be made out of it (from the pictures and other shady deals). But what's stopping anyone with evil intent? Not the lack of pictures I think. :)

    Surprisingly, The Louvre used to allow picture taking. But in 2005 they have banned it simply for the reason that picture taking has disturbed the contemplative/reflective atmosphere conducive to erudite discussions... Hmmm...

    I certainly wish museums would rethink this policy and at least allow serious bloggers to do so... Mukhang di naman bias ang wish... hehehe... Times have changed, and blogging is now positioned to promote cultural and social awareness, as well as responsible tourism... :)

    Or baka naman allowed na, kaya meron silang permit...

  28. hehe
    stolen shots pa talaga, ha

    pero bakit nga kaya bawal slr?

  29. whoa! i like the shots tilted. nice meeting you last night. finally. hahaha

  30. wow.. i was like asking my friend from angono about this place last week.. which I wanted to visit.. ngayon lng napadaan and was surprised you already did cover this place.. :P

  31. I agree with most of your points, but some need to be discussed further, I will hold a small conversation with my partners and perhaps I will look for you some opinion soon.

    - Henry


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