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Pilipinas Kay Ganda : falls short of the entertainment value of dora the explorer

I am no VIP but going to the official launch of Department of tourism's new campaign last night dubbed PILIPINAS KAY GANDA made me feel that I wasted my time. All I felt was discomfort and nervousness.I was uncomfortable because I thought the logo is so childish and downright elementary, nervous because I am hoping this new campaign will not put taxpayers money down the drain on a tourism gimmick which is the worse in my memory.

I am not exaggerating, all of the people around me, both those who were at the launch last night at Oceana Restaurant San Miguel By the Bay and those who are closely monitoring it online are unanimous with their opinion----- It's a crap. It pales in comparison to DORA THE EXPLORER......

 Was it because I was pessimistic even before going to the event? I don't think so. Whoever is in his right mind would feel the same way upon hearing it. PILIPINAS KAY GANDA? I thought it was actually inspired by the new tv variety show in ABS-CBN  Pilipinas Win na Win!!!! Some even thought Vice Ganda was behind all of this.


Well, I though Holy crap, but we'll see, let's give it a chance. That's why I showed up last night. So are the words of the secretary of Tourism Bertie Lim.

""...a rebranding exercise by a nation is met with stiff resistance""

He was quick to mention Singapore as an example. Well, Singapore's
campaign is miles better than this!! While it is true that Singapore was successful in repositioning itself as a business destination to one where you can work and play, this Pilipinas Kay Ganda campaign doesn't add up. How do you expect to communicate to foreign tourists with this Tagalog/ Filipino tagline? Unless you want isolate them all the more.

""....a country's brand is about highlighting the attributes that differentiate it from other nations. But the points of difference must be relevant, distinctive and believable."" 

--it is relevant but naive. distinctive but forgettable, and completely not believable because it's poorly made!!!


What's with the song?

.......while I have great admiration for Ryan Cayabyab, the song in the tune of Kay Ganda ng Ating Musika doesn't add up. Is this the influence of Korean movies finding their way in mainstream movie industry with all their subtitles? If we want their (international tourists) attention focused on the beautiful pictures flashing on their tv screens, why put a song which requires them to read subtitles like in a videoke?

So why not stay with the old brand---WOW PHILIPPINES? the secretary says

"'...a new brand always generates a buzz that  translates to more media mileage for the same promotional budget""

---I say, this will definitely create buzz as it did last night and today. Because it is lame and laughable. But it will not go beyond that. When people around the world see the advertisements of other countries, say AMAZING THAILAND...they will never remember our ad the next day.

the food served didn't even have anything Filipino at all.....

The blogging community unhappy!!!

All bloggers I talked to are outraged by this new tourism campaign. With a theme as lame as this who wouldn't raise concern? I actually thought bloggers were invited to at least solicit some feedback. Not. I seriously think some travel bloggers have better ideas.

""UK's brand --Cool Britania died 4 years later because it didn't generate critical mass support from among it's leaders and citizenry""

I doubt if PILIPINAS KAY GANDA would generate support among our people. It's cheap. How can Filipinos even feel proud about it? We were all smiles in the photo below because of being together not because of the campaign. Let's be clear on that.

with other prominent bloggers , from left: thecreativedork, pusangkalye, azraelsmerryland, micamyx, atheista and lakwatsero on far right. Brian Ong--behind
Good thing the tourism secretary mentioned in his speech...........

" ...but I must quickly add that this is not complete, in the sense that we have yet to develop the campaigns. Nor it is final. We still have to do market testing and FDGs to refine the brand. At best, it is still a work in progress"

That for me is a sigh of relief. After last nights overwhelming objections to the campaign, I hope they drop it altogether. Why not stay with WOW PHILIPPINES: More Than The Usual theme? I find it classy and fitting to the paradise destinations that this beautiful country can offer.

Hope you find time to watch these videos. I already miss the Wow Philippines brand....

So WHY compare to DORA the explorer?

.....because the campaign is so childish. I hate the coconut tree with the smiley serving as the fruit. pambata. Maybe they want to lure kids. The approach is to excite kids so they would force their parents to go to the Philippines like what they do when they want to watch a movie. The problem is, when it comes to choosing a vacation destination, its an ADULT THING......worse, kids might even find Dora the Explorer more catchy....

To secretary Bertie Lim, please pay attention to the feedbacks. Just reinvigorate the WOW PHILIPPINES campaign. That's the best decision you can make for the future of tourism in this country......

From your own words Mr. Secretary ""no one can argue that our motherland is beautiful"" yes, yes, yes!!! It is. So please let's give justice to it!!!


  1. i gues theyve got a lot of repairing to do.. theyve got to come up with something that can boost Philippine tourism after the sunod-sunod na ordeals ng pinas.. i dont think theyve to think of too much creativity.. they just have to feature/show Philippines at its best....what better way to do that, eh di shempre ipakita kung anong ganda meron ang Pilipinas....

  2. They should have retained the WOW PHILIPPINES campaign. And oh, that girl at the left side of Atheista is my friend, Pauline. (Not sure if she's a blogger though.) :)

  3. ay para rin akong nasusuka sa pilipinas kay ganda....and yes!!! hello!! may tama ka ---"How do you expect to communicate to foreign tourists with this Tagalog/ Filipino tag line? Unless you want isolate them all the more."


  4. the government really needs better think tanks :(

  5. ibalik ang WOW Philippines!!!!!! ayoko nito! WOW pa rin! :)

  6. Hmm if you're negative about changing it from Wow Philippines to Pilipinas Kay Ganda, then i'm negative about the whole thing haha. I just hate anything that uses tax money.

  7. very good. dont believe and follow everything you hear. hindi porket bago, yan ang uso =)

  8. tlgang naghimutok dito.hehe hmm... sa weekend ko na gawin to. hmmp! d ako ksama sa pic. huhu okay lang, ako naman kumuha nung group pic! dapat credit to me yan!hahaha

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  10. i hear you, anton!
    your opinion is valid and logical.
    i think if i am there and was invited too, i may have felt the same way.

    i have read tweets and fb stats about this and to quote ivan man dy of old manila walks,

    "The Malaysians have been rehashing their Truly Asia tag line time and again and every time we see their (repetitive ) ads makes us want to go to Kuala Lumpur." --I SO AGREE!!!

    I think Pilipinas Kay Ganda tag line is incomparable to Incredible India, Amazing Thailand, and yes Malaysia Truly Asia...

    wow, nameet mo na finally sina estan at dom (dongHo); i've met them too before i went to penang.

    officially missing attending bloggers' events in manila.

  11. Gusto ko rin yang ma-meet si Dong Ho...

  12. They should've put some Filipino food in there. As I see it, masiyadong na-influence ng other foreign countries yung theme. Psshh, feeling ko tuloy kung andiyan ako, it's either nasa Malaysia or Thailand ako.

  13. hala.. bakit.... may ganun.... oki na yung WOW Philippines ha.. bakit pa nila papalitan.. syang naman.. :(

  14. I agree with you Anton... Panget nga... Dapat ibalik si Dick Godon as Tourism Secretary at ang kanyang WOW PHilippines campaign...

    Nice naman at naka-rubbing elbows mo ang mga Big names sa Travel Blogging... Hehehe...

  15. hello dear, I love WOW Philippines. i've been using that tag line since I started traveling. WOW for me = world of wonders. it's short but catchy. I am hoping they'll just retain it. I dont want to waste time explaining why Pilipinas kay ganda, haha. well, if our agenda is to lure foreigners, i dont think this is a good ice breaker.

  16. I do miss the Wow Philippines campaign with its very catchy tune and eye-popping videos - kahit yung mga dayuhang turista madali nilang maalala.

    I've attended travel shows in NYC at yung mga Wow print ads from the DOT really got the attention of prospective visitors. Ewan ko na lang dito sa "Pilipinas kay ganda", parang walang effect sa sales pitch.

  17. I think the criticism for this mediocre campaign has been heard...
    Buti naman...

  18. Yeah, may mali nga..if people whose 1st language is english wud have difficulty with the new slogan (which for me, sounds gay LOL)eh pano pa kaya yung mga tao na first language nila is not english? like the common korean, japanese or even russian eh baka tamarin na silang mag translate Pakistan nga, read it somewhere, they have this "its beautiful, its Pakistan" ganda diba? ..anyway suportahan ko pa rin what they believe is the best thing for the tourism industry.

  19. Yeah, may mali nga..if people whose 1st language is english wud have difficulty with the new slogan (which for me, sounds gay LOL)eh pano pa kaya yung mga tao na first language nila is not english? like the common korean, japanese or even russian eh baka tamarin na silang mag translate Pakistan nga, read it somewhere, they have this "its beautiful, its Pakistan" ganda diba? ..anyway suportahan ko pa rin what they believe is the best thing for the tourism industry.

  20. silverlining0801.multiply.comNovember 18, 2010 at 7:58 AM

    hi, anton. it's shie.

    the first time i heard the tag line i was disappointed. why use tagalog tagline? we are promoting our land worldwide. we want to capture as many foreign tourists as possible.

    actually, there's just one reason why DOT is giving it a new image: CORRUPTION.

    two months ago, DOT said it's going to cut its budget, which i thought was very stupid. now, it seemed that they have other plan after all. this Pnoy admin is fooling us. they try to make it appear that the economy is in crisis, that GMA left the govt in drought. when in fact, it's just a pre-text to hide their motive of "sila naman ang makikinabang."

    i understand that DOT will have to spend hundreds of millions for this new silly image. because it means going back to scratch.

    WOW Philippines has gained worldwide interest. Ace Durano did a very good job. But this admin is reviving the "removal syndrome" or maybe the "ego syndrome." Pnoy is just like his mom. they both didn't want to continue a good start. lahat ng gustong ilagay sa pwesto puro mga newbies. okay lang na newbies but to put people in positions without credentials and solid track records is totally insane.

    what i see here is nothing but an opportunity for Pnoy's people to MAKE MONEY. think about it, this is almost a billion peso project. advertising expenses alone will drain the budget.

    good luck to our country!

  21. Nakakawalang gana talaga.. Sino ba naman ang makakaunawa ng language natin? dapat gumamit na lamang ng universal language ang dept of tourism. tsk tsk

  22. Very Well said Pusang-kalye. Indeed the new tagline has no impact and will easily be forgotten. I am a travel industry professional and comparing our government's initiatives relating to tourism, our plans are elementary compared to more established tourism bodies of Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore...and Pilipinas Kay Ganda is the perfect example.

  23. Like some people here, I still go for "Wow, Philippines!" Short and catchy. Madaling tandaan :)

  24. im back kuya ton!!! hahahaha!

    isa lang masasabi ko, AMPANGET! walang kwentang logo. lousy. hahahaha.

  25. I am also one of those people who is also disappointed with the new tourism campaign. I say, "Pilipinas Kay Ganda" lacks international appeal, hindi markado kaya forgettable and hindi pinag-isipan ng concept... sorry but it's like a school project.

    If they want to depart from the WOW Philippines brand, why not put, say "The beauty of the Philippines" or something catchy like that... See this ad of PAL - they could work on something beautiful as this...

    Honesty, mas mganda pa ang tourism slogan ng Cebu... a gateway to thousand journeys

  26. It was also reported that the so called logo was taken from/derived/copied from the official Polish travel website... The font, color, even the waves are similar... Can we call it a legal plagiarism?

    See the polish website for yourself.

  27. Substandard, lightweight, incompetent DOT we have here! Darrrn! How can it even compete internationally with that slogan? "Kay Ganda"? Given that this country is beautiful but who the hell would understand "Kay Ganda" if someone from Zambia visits here? Errr! Fail! Buti pang ibalik na lang ang WOW Philippines! These Noynoy appointees are getting in to my nerves! Classic stupidity at its best!

  28. accdng to the latest---balak ata nila bumalik na sa wow philippines campaign. dapat lang naman. wala namang mali sa campaign na yun. astig nga eh. i-enhance nalang nila....

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