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ISLANDIA HOTEL : a wise choice when in Alaminos

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on location: Alaminos City

Looking for accommodation in Alaminos could be a tricky business. So when we decided to push for the Western Pangasinan tour, the hotel was one of our utmost priority. We thought of camping in the Hundred Islands but decided not to take the risk since its still officially rainy season in the Philippines. One more thing, a comfortable bed is the best reward a tired traveler can give himself after being out all day.

Islandia Hotel is a famous accomodation in Alaminos City as it has been a venue of many big gatherings including Miss Earth 2008. Kuya estan also mentioned that it is here where they stayed during last year's Lakbay Norte.

And there are many reasons why Islandia Hotel is the best choice when in Alaminos.
ISLANDIA HOTEL : a wise choice when in Alaminos


The "ONLY TRUE HOTEL" located at the heart of the city of the Hundred Islands Philippines along Marcos Avenue, the route towards Subic and Olongapo City in Zambales.

Rather than staying in Lucap, which is the port area going to the Hunded Islands, I would suggest you stay here. Why? Because Islandia Hotel is at the center of it all. Near shops, fastfood restaurants, drugstores, hospital and most of all, bus terminals. Its actually 3 minutes away by foot from Victory Liner. Lucap, the set off point to the hundred Islands is just 15 minutes away by car so you don't have to worry.There's nothing much to see in Lucap area coz the coastline there doesn't have any beachfront.

Despite being at the downtown area, Islandia Hotel boasts of affordable and beautiful rooms.



One of my favorite part of the hotel is the restaurant. It is in a bahay kubo setup so expect a different homey ambiance. We ate the famous Alaminos longganisa for breakfast. Others ordered fried bangus. Its quite a shame coz I cant remember eating Alaminos longganisa in the past. It really is delicious despite its small size. Their scrambled egg is also special. I don't know what's in it. The hotel manager wouldn't tell me. After all, its their secret recipe.

The famous Alaminos Longganisa

Bangus and the crumbled egg--special scrambled egg, nothing like I tasted before

Mica, Estan, Josh, cute Ada and Robbie were fresh from Dagupan while Gael, Marky and I were sleepless  from our early morning trip but we enjoyed eating breakfast together.

9 bloggers ready for a long day of island hopping

Islandia Hotel  also caters to conference, weddings and other occasions.
Package Tours are accepted like swimming in the beach, island hopping, caving, bird watching, eco-tour, river tours, religious tours and many more.

with Mr. Klydz Busto-the Hotel manager ( center)

Thanks so much sir Klydz for the warm accommodation. We really enjoyed our stay. Aside from the choice of celebrities, businessmen and other prominent personalities in and out of Pangasinan, Islandia is now officially the choice among bloggers. It definitely is the wise choice to stay when in Alaminos City.

more info here:
Landlines:     +63-75-551-3683 (PH)
                   +1-718-255-5894 (US)


  1. Dom-hahaha----marami along the way.mababait ang mga taga Pangasinan.

  2. nice hotel! i'll consider it when i visit alaminos... thanks for sharing..

  3. I miss the Alaminos Longanisa and of course, Islandia Hotel! Sayang lang under renovation yung pool hehe

  4. Wow naman. Ikaw na. hehehe!

    Pero ang ganda a...

    Sarap naman ng buhay mooooo! :D

  5. haha. galeng. gael told me about the pangasinan trip. kakainggit!

  6. melvin---parang me balak nang pumunta ng Alaminos,ah.kelan?

  7. Mica--nalala ko. pagdaamin sa pagdating namin sa Islandia, parang bangag na bangag ang mga boys. parang pinagod nyo sa Dagupan. hahaha

  8. traveliztara---namin. hehehe. ang generous ng mga taga western pangasinan.nakupo. yung pic message ko pala for you diko pa nagagawa. huhuhu

  9. Ed---nasa blog awards ba si Gael? nagkita ku?

  10. KUMAGCOW---wei? bakit? yung pasalubong ko from Sg walapa!!!D:

  11. wow!!! ganda naman dyan!!!

    So taga Pangasinan k pala....pangasinense ha? mama ko taga LAOAG naman, ILocano namn kme :)

  12. Jes--yuep. Pangasinan ako---from the same region,.nakaka-intindin ako ng Ilocano--yun nga alng--di ako makapagsalita. sa Alaminaos--hati--half Pangasinense, half Ilocano speakers

  13. yun oh.. sisikat ka na ng sobra oh.. hehehe :D
    magkakaroon na ng sariling sponsor oh heheh :D

  14. di mo po nasabi yung rate ng standard room per night, may i know it? good for 4 persons.. thanks :)


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