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After haveing a blast in Alaminos and the Hundred Islands on the 1st day of the Westerrn Pangasinan Tour, we woke up early and left for Bolinao at around 7am. It was surprisingly a sunny morning, in direct contrast to the cloudy and humid weather in Manila. The bus ride from Alaminos to Bolinao town is only  45 minutes and costs 60 pesos. We got there at around 8:00 am where Mr. Nelson, the manager of Puerto del Sol Resort Bolinao was waiting for us.  The 1st stop was at Saint James Catholic Church right at the center of town.

photo taken in front of Saint James church of Bolinao

I missed this church. I heard that it was devastated from the strong typhoon which hit the province last month. Gld it has its roofs back. Although much stills needs to be done for full restoration, I love the wooden structure of the ceiling.

We then moved and and ate in a karinderya nearby. Its interesting to note that a few vendors to sell bamboo cake, locally known as binongey. Binoney is of Bolinao dialect in origin. For the knowledge of my readers, there are 3 dialects in Pangasinan---Pangasinense , Ilocano ang Bolinao. Pangasinense speakers could be found mostly in cetral Pangasinan, Ilocano speakers are mostly in the East and West while Bolinao speakers are limited to people from Anda and Bolinao. Being raised in Anda, I am a fluent Bolinao speaker. There!!!



There is an ongoing debate though about the origin of Binungey, Anda claims its from the island. They even have a yearly binungey festival there. But it's strange because you cannot find vendors in Anda's public market selling this rice cake during market days ( which is usually once or twice a week). We owe it to the folks of Bolinao and Alaminos then for making it commercialized. I am not going to play patriotic for my town then, seriously, I can say that binungey is something Western Pangasinan instead.

Enough for the binungey, off we go to the 1st tour of the day---BOLINAO Falls. Yes, they have waterfalls in Bolinao. More than 1 actually. They have Tara falls, which I have never seen before and the more famous Bolinao Falls. It's 30 minutes South of downtown, 10 minutes of which is through rough road. If you are planning of staying in Patar area where most of the resorts are, I would suggest you contact your resort prior to your arrival so that they could arrange a tour since its completely out of the way. This is the reason why Puerto del Sol---our accomodation in Bolinao took us here before going to the resort.

Bolinao Falls


 The cemented pathway to Bolinao Waterfalls is a bit old and needs renovation. But the waterfalls itself is beautiful. What amazes me is the clean and clear water. It was not part of the plan to dip but since my fellow bloggers started stripping one by one, I was not able to resist the temptation myself. Inggetero. hahaha. The 15 minute sigh seeing tour therefore became longer than 30 minutes. I highly suggest you try it. The experience will not be complete without getting in the water. More details on a specific post on this one soon.


One of the biggest surprises of the tour. Seriously!!! I am sorry if I have taken Bolinao lightly. I feel guilty for thinking of Western Pangasinan as the wild wild west of the province. I never thought this part of town could have such luxury. Simply put, I thought this part of  Pangasinan is poor. I was wrong. Puerto del Sol is a testament that things have changed. That Bolinao is ready to accommodate low end and high end travelers alike.Good thing Puerto del Sol is in town.



Puerto del sol bolinao resort 

This is just a preview, I will make a separate post on Puerto del Sol one of these days and all the major attractions in Bolinao. i would like to note that its my first time to visit Patar and the area along it. It's just to my town and I didn't know what I was missing for the past 29 years until last week. One of the reasons why travelers choose a particular place is because they have more than one or two reasons to go there. Bolinao will give you more  than you would ask for. Add this to you Alaminos-Hundred Islands itinerary and you will surely have a very memorable weekend.

Pusangkalye with Sir Nestor. The manager of Puerto del Sol

 LUNCH at La Playa Restaurant in Puerto del Sol.

We checked in at around 1pm, took a few photos here and there, refreshed and we were off for a nice treat at la Playa Restaurant by thye beach. Delicious food + very good location + the sound of waves+ the soothing feel of the wind coming from South China sea + hospitable staff = a very memorable lunch with 10 other bloggers.

With Sir Alfred, the restaurant manager of Puerto del Sol. center in floral orange polo.

After lunch, we were given a quick tour of the  resort. Can't wait to show you photos of the rooms, but I will keep you excited about that for the mean time. we rested for a few minutes then we were off again for the continuation of our tour around the area. First stop was the lighthouse of Patar.


I never thought this lighthouse could fascinate me. I have seen countless pictures of it before and nothing impressed me. I thought its just a dilapidated lighthouse build long time ago. But it is enchanting in real life. Situated in the hills of Patar, this lighthouse is more than 100 years old. It's no longer possible to climb up the deck but it didn't stop us to enjoy taking photos of the edifice and the surrounding area. There is ruined house near it destroyed by countless storms. Instead of serving as an eyesore, it complimented the lighthouse. This is the spot where Cai, darwin and most of us posed and pretended to be fashion models. hahaha

Darwin and Cai aka the lovers. D:


Again another surprise, the sand is good, not very white and fine as Boracay but good enough for me. The waves are a bit rough so I would suggest caution. The beach is always with people but now crowded. That's comfortable because you know somebody would save you when you get in trouble with the waves. lol


ROCK formations

The living proof of how turbulent the waves of South China Sea could get during rainy season, this place is a photographers perfect spot. I would say, perfect for pre-nups or simply taking dramatic pictures with the barkada. It was almost sunset when we got here so the shades were really soft.

Bolinao Rock formation

Another place of interest to look out for is the enchanted cave. It's a small cave but beautiful and photogenic. Too bad my camera already ran out of battery when we got there. I will share some photos here as soon as I could acquire one from Ada.

birthday boy---yomon lang---celebrating in Puerto del Sol. yihh!!!

WE got back to Puerto del Sol before nighttime. Rested a bit and we were off for dinner by the beach together with the birthday boy ---Josh. Sir Alfred even sang a song for him in the accompaniment of guitar. We are very glad Josh decided to spend this very important day with us. ****insert happy birthday song here.D:

After dinner, we were still in for another treat at the pool bar. cocktail drinks were waiting for us. We celebrated the night with a lot of laughs and chats.

scuba diving

Before going back to Manila the next day, we got the chance to interview with Eugene Caacbay who is an expert scuba diver and instructor. He showed us around his shop and told us about the prospect of scuba diving in Bolinao and  Anda. His company provides lessons to as far as the hundred islands. Too bad we didnt have much time to try it out ourselves. He promised to give us free lesson when we come back. yihhh!!!

Tummy Teasers

Also experienced Tummy Teasers and its famous pasta. It's Italian flavor with barangen ( danggit) on the toppings. We had a chat with Sir Ron, the owner/manager of Tummy Teaser and he gave us a lot of insights about Bolinao, the NGO which is very active in the promotion and preservation of the local tourism industry as well as the plans they have for Bolinao. This is really surprising because he is not even a native of the town but his dedication to the cause is unparalleled. Its nice to know that there are people like sir Ron who have concern for Bolinao's Tourism development.

barangen pasta
barangen pasta --this is simply genius.

with sir Ron of Tummy Teasers

All my misconceptions of Bolinao completely evaporated. I am glad we picked Bolinao. I am not saying this because I am patriotic of this area. I have openly disclosed my cynicism of this place prior to our visit and its a shame I was judgmental. Every travelers should put Bolinao to their must see places. Puerto del Sol lived past my expectations. Many hotels have beautiful websites to start with but when you see them in person, they could disappoint you. Puerto del Sol is nice beyond what the website can show.

Pusangkalye highly recommends you plan for a WESTERN PANGASINAN tour. And if you have more time, you can even include Dasol and Anda among the stops. We only ahd 2 days so we missed on those spots. I will definitely be back next time to explore more of the secrets of Western Pangasinan.

TRAVEL TIP: Bring good company. The biggest difference during this trip was that I was around fun fun fun people. I already miss my new found friends.D:

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  1. parekoy, anong gamit mong lens?

  2. Rah--alo Rah--kit lens lang ng d3000. 18-55mm.

  3. Wow thanks for your lengthy recounting of your Bolinao experience. I'm telling you I've been waiting for this post for so long. You can understand my anticipation because you know I am from Bolinao...

    I've always known that Patar (or Abrac) Beach has potential. Never mind the seaweeds, clearing it up is a no-brainer job which can be done by just one person, if needed. I had tons of fun on this beach, I've been here countless times with my friends. I have promoted this beach ever since I started working.

    I have never stayed at Puerto del Sol, I don't find a need to because I have tons of places to stay in Bolinao haha. Not to mention we used to have a house there.

    And I have never been to Bolinao Falls. Probably because I've heard about people (some of them , I know personally) who have died there. Or was it Tara Falls? Not sure.

    Anyways thanks again for this promotion. I do hope though that the beaches don't get invaded that much...

  4. The best talaga ang Purto del Sol. Ang sushal lang naten! Wahahaha.

  5. i learned a lot from this post. I didn't know that there's a falls... thanks a lot for the info..

  6. WOW!! you have a very nice BLOG!!! galing! ang the pics are great!!! :D nice to meet you!

  7. kailangan talaga may exposure ng body ha hehehehe (dun sa photo ng room). nice photos uli :D

  8. glentot--at talagang napacomment ka ng major major---nausrprise kasi ako kasi matagal kong ni-neglect ang town mo. it took me almost 30 years to reach patar. natuwa ako kasi kahit taga area ako parang compltely new experience. iba. siguro ang laking bagay din na yung mga kasama mo. sarap kasam nung 9--kulet at ingay lang namin. super nakakamiss ang group. at malaking bagay talaga that we had a very good accommodation. it's where you retire after a long and tiring day kasi at pampered kami ng husto sa Puerto del Sol. I live PDS talaga!!! sabi nga ni Robbie--totyal lang. hahaha

  9. Robbie--tama!! perfect choice ang Puerto del Sol. It made the whole trip a whole lot better. I miss PDs na and the group. ba yan. di ako maka-get over. plan na nga ako ng sunod na gala

  10. Pinoy AdvenTurista --hope you can make use of it in your future trip here. I will be posting specific blog entries soon. watch out for it.

  11. Jes--thanks jes, and nice meeting you in person din. pero sandali--bat diko ma track back ang blog mo when I click your name here. huhuhu

  12. Bino---hahaha. diko napansin yun ah. lol

  13. bolinao falls - FTW!
    all others, keri na.. average looking sa pictures. hihi (bad ko)

  14. dapat nag long exposure ka sa falls hehe =)

  15. Chyng--ikaw na. hehehe.ewan ko pero satisfied ako grabeh. cguro its the whole experience. maybe if you take the sights individually, pwede mo sabi so so lang ang mga attractions pero collectively, win na win.

  16. KUMAGCOW--uo nga.para cloudy effect no? lagi kong nakakalimutan. never tried long exposure before.

  17. wow! bolinao! I've heard a lot about this place, pero now ko lang nakita ang mismong ganda ng bolinao! another travel blog na papasyalan ko! galing!

  18. yun oh.. ang kilalang PATAR LIGHTHOUSE isa sa mga bucket list ko oh... thanks for this for the remind.....
    parang gusto ko tuloy maggala sa 2011 just for fun.

  19. wow, puerto del sol looks so charming... and posh!

  20. whoa. glad you all had a great time. fave ko puntahan yang 100 islands and bolinao noong nasa province pa ko eh. next time talaga sasama na ko sa inyo. medyo busy lang kasi lately eh :)

  21. asanb na po pics ng rooms sa la playa? curious ako kung bakit di mo pa pinost kuya :]
    I love your pics :]

  22. . said.---ei--how canm I call you? haha. thanks napadpad ka sa blog ko---yeah---you must ad Bolinao in your place to travel. It might not be as posh as bora pero worth it kasi malapit lang sa Manila. just a single bus ride from Vubao nasa Bolinao kana.

  23. Axl---gala sa 2011 just for fun? what do you mean? for fun naman talaga ang travel---pwera lang kung gusto mo gala for penetensya--adik talaga to si axl.

  24. pinaytraveljunkie--yes it is. I was actually surprised. but if you want the best accomodation in Bolinao---stay at Puerto del Sol

  25. Di ako tagaBolinao pero inabangan ko to dahil titignan ko nga kung maganda. Sobrang ganda naman nga pala. Madali ako maimpress kaya sa lahat ng napuntahan ko, wala akong nasabi halos na pangit. Haha. At mukhang kakabog nga ang Bolinao pag nabigyan ng pansin. Nice one.

  26. Lawstude---cge--I hjope you can join us next time. I am cooking something actually and pwede hanggang 15 na tao.

  27. Renz---La Playa is the restaurant in Puerto del Sol. The room pics will be next on a separate post for Puerto del Sol.

  28. Ako si Yow --- try Bolinao. lapit mo na eh. anu ba ang best place you've been to so far?

  29. damn... really wish to travel with you guys!!! though i am just back from a nice island...still not enough... lol

  30. every summer, since 2007, sa patar lang ako nag lalagi - 4 years, walang sawa. sa mga kubo kubo lang ng patar ang kaya ng budget ko pero ayos na rin. and the lighthouse? magical talaga yung tore na yun - matayog naka bantay sa south china sea! although last summer, halos wala ng ilaw ang lighthouse, nauupos ba? di tulad nung 2007, ang liwanag ng ilaw nung, abot sa horizon pag gabi. - nice post lakay, nakakamiss! question, yung rock formation, san banda yon? patar di ba yon? "papunta" sa Bani or papunta sa Treasurers of Bolinao?

    dahil pang 4th time ko na dun, ang hirap "tumingin" ng ibang lugar na pwedeng puntahan. suki talaga ako sa patar beach =)

    kakapalan ko na mukha ko, post ko na yung link ng bakasyon ko rin sa patar lakay =)

  31. waaah.. that was me above. i wonder why it appeared nameless. haha

  32. Wow. Bonggang-bonggang Bolinao entry itey! Grabe, nakapunta na ako ng Coron, Iloilo and Guimaras (balik Iloilo ako now waiting for our flight back to Manila), pero fresh pa rin sa memory ko yung Pangasinan trip. Ang saya!

    Puerto del Sol is my dream destination way back pa. Hay finally my dream came true teehee and it exceeded my expectations. This is a wakeup call for us to support our home province and promote their tourism kahit na physically, hindi na tayo madalas sa Dagupan.

    Thanks Anton for showing interest in helping organizing this trip. Special ito for the both of us (iiyak na ako :'( LOLOLOL) dahil finally, nagala natin ang bloggers sa probinsyang ating kinalakhan. Sana lang mag-Tambobong na tayo next time dabah?! LOL miss you many many!

  33. Ganda ng back ko oh!! Nuks ayan na naman ako picture ko lang napapansin ko hehee!!

    Salamat anton for organizing this trip. Magpopost ako later paguwi ko manila :)

  34. fufu--an Island in Barzil? cant wait for your blogpost about that!!!

  35. Ollie---confirmed. patar boy ka nga--me pagulong gulong pa sa sand/ beach sa post mo eh. hahaha.hope you try the accommodations in the area din one time. I highly suggest Puerto del Sol- it will compliment your pleasant stay in the area. sure yan

  36. nuts---yun. tahnks. me pseudonym pa kaso--ikaw na ang sikat!!!bwahaha

  37. nuts---yun. tahnks. me pseudonym pa kaso--ikaw na ang sikat!!!bwahaha

  38. Micamyx--tama. manahimik ka naman kasi muna din sa bahay. hahaha. puro ka gala. dami mo na blog backlogs for sure. D: dami balak ng tropa. mukhang di ako makasabay muna kasi xmas--tipid mode. lam mo na. hirap pag breadwinner. I miss Bolinao and Alaminos and PDS na rin.huhuhu

  39. Ada--back to manila na ba ku? gabeh gala nu. walang tigil. san sunod? hahaha

  40. grabe ang ganda ng place...

    I wanna be there when i get back home for my vacation.

    Paano kuya makarating jan? may package tour ba?


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