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Philippine Fashion Week 2010: Penshoppe Summer-Spring Collection

 A lot of firsts this year. My first to attend the Philippine Fashion Week as a new media blogger.I was excited when I heard of the invite coz this will be the first time to put my nikon dslr on a fashion photography test. With the thrill is the nervousness because I still don't have a zoom lens and I am not confident that my kit lens will be enough to take tight shots as expected of fashion shows. Good thing we were seated on the 2nd front row.

I still feel my photos failed but I don't want to put so much emphasis on that. This post is about PENSHOPPE's Summer-Spring collection for 2011 in the Philippine Fashion Week last October 30 at SMX Convention Center.


The collection showcased elegant fabrics reminiscent of the breezy, fresh summer getaways, taking inspiration from the effortless chic of the French lifestyle.

It started with darker, more subdued hues to more casual elegance and into colorful bright prints and resort wear.  Monochromatic hues and sleek, sharp lines are the features of this collection showing a distinct maturity in style for the popular casual urbanwear fashion brand. The goal was to balance style and creativity with this collection. They made it look very chick but fun to wear at the same time.

Philippine_fashion_week_summer _spring

For women,  there are asymmetrical tops and elegant dresses comparable to international haute couture brands. Really looks classy and comfortable.


For men, vests and long sleeves, printed tanks, basic polos and check blazers featuring tempered silhouettes in shade of green, teal and brown create the perfect array of sleek fashionable clothing this coming summer season. Rugged jackets also add to the most casual look.


Penshoppe's 2011 summer collection really proved that the brand is much more than tees and jeans. It's more of a wide range of designs that can be mixed, matched and layered. Now I can't wait for summer to come. hahaha

Well, I don't consider myself a fashionista but it was really a good chance to update myself with the latest that the main fashion brands in the Philippines has to offer, Penshoppe in this particular instance,  and at the same time try my skills in fashion photography. I give myself a fail mark on this one but I will surely be back for more on the next fashion week. Hopefully with a better lens or a telephoto. lol

spotted: no less than Boy Abunda himself.....

 with other bloggers, Don, Jonel, John and Florencio. Thanks Jeman for snapping this photo

Thanks Penshoppe for inviting us.

If you want to check on what they have in their stores for you, check their website or run to the nearest Penshoppe boutique in your area.



  1. yun oh.. namiss ko bigla yung event na to... nice shoot sir.. :D

  2. you took good shots ah. Congrats to your coverage!

  3. Nice shots...par! Kahit wala akong hilig manood ng mga fashion show...

  4. Axl--diba andun ka rin rin sa MOA kamo nung day na yan?

  5. Nica---salamat. kala ko nga failed shots na eh. buti nalng. at least kahit diko masyado ma-express into writing, the photos would speak of the beautiful collection of Penshoppe.

  6. Chingoy--thanks

    Mervz--- showbiz ka dyan.

  7. Mokong™ --- photography nalng gawin mong dahilan kung dika mahilig sa fashion shows. hahaha

  8. I think your photos are just great! pwede ka ng maging fashion photographer freelancer :)

  9. from travel to fashion, this is a different level na talaga.

  10. glentot---hehehe. ganyan anu ba!!! hahaha

  11. annalyn--unfortunately, I dont have the necessary lens for fashion photography. soon. haha

  12. The Nomadic Pinoy--kaya nga biango ko na yung description ng blog ko----buti nalang photobloghing din ako---so nilagay ko nalang

    a photo blog of my travel and events and everything in between. yun. cover

  13. buti ka pa at nasusubukan mo na yung mga fashion show shoots. never tried that yet. kulang sa oras kasi pag walang byahe sa weekend tamad na tamad ako lumabas ng bahay.

  14. dong ho---landscape ka kasi talaga. yan ang forte mo---parang mahirap i-combine yung both. nahihirapan din ako. hehe

  15. KUMAGCOW---shudap.hahaha. nakabalik kana from Sg John?

  16. At talagang pinaninindigan mo na ang pagiging events blogger ha hehehe. Ang mahalaga, you are always having fun! Good luck and more events to come.

  17. Nortehanon---uo---photography, travel and events blogger na!!!!.lol


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