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keep discovering at Nido Science Discovery Center

It's the premiere Science Center in the Philippines, the Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center in SM Mall of Asia (MOA) Pasay. Most people, including myself , think this place is for kids. Well it is for kids, but there's one thing I realized on my visit last Saturday, "it's not just for kids". It's for all inquisitive minds out there and for everyone who has the desire for discovery burning in their heart.

Everybody's aware that I used to teach science (particulary chemistry) in high school years back,so when I got the invite to visit Nido Science Discovery Center, I didn't think twice. I wasn curious what's inside but I have always opted to visit other attraction in MOA like the IMAX Theater on the opposite side and the Bowling Center. I simply didn't know what I was missing all this time.

There are so many things to explore.....


Here, you can enjoy the latest software and trends in digital information and computer graphics. Computer skills is definitely a must in the 21st century. Internet economy will be a thing of the future so be sure to equip your kids with the know-how. Start by arousing that interest and curiosity in your child. This goes to adults as well. Believe it or not, it was only when I graduated University that i fully mastered and maximized the use of computers. I am now benefiting from it as my job requires me to be online most of the time.

At Nido Science Discovery Center, they have hands-on computer terminals and LCD screens that can give you interactive learning and entertainment.



On display here is the segway which is the 1st self balancing human transporter. They also have a flight simulator where you can experience how it is like flying an aircraft. cool.


 Rolling Ball Sculpture art typically includes rails or tracks made of metal or wood, and one or more balls (or marbles) of some kind that travels down the tracks. It's otherwise called Gravitram.

the Gravitram


this particular section of the Discovery Center brings ew and interesting approach to learning the diffrenet parts of the human body with fun and interactive displays. I tried the smell test myself wherein you have to squeeze something to be bale to smell a particular odor. Then you have to press the button corresponding to which body part the smell is from. The problem is, you only have four (4) choices, either the anus, the armpit, the mouth or the feet. That's really gross!!!! hahaha


 SCIENCE_Discovery Center

They also have what they call the artificial reef. That means you dont have to go to manila Ocean Park to get a glimpse of the aquarium. hahaha. The fun feature of this section is Mr. T , your virtual fish friend. He will share his marine adventures with you and motivate you to take part in saving the sea. he can also answer question about anything about the ocean. Genius Mr. T !!!!!

with Ria and Kirsten marketing officers of Nido discovery center



Get to know tv and movie characters at the robot hall of fame. They have the terminator and robocop to name a few. Too bad they don't have my favorite robots, Shaider and Bioman. Wait, are they robots? lol

At any rate, you can interact robots and machines in this section to learn more about these extraordinary inventions. Robotics will definitely be another thing we have to look closely into the future.

DIGISTAR PLANETARIUM --my favorite!!!!



Please don't blame me, I have always been a fan of space science. I almost majored in general science because of topics on space exploration. What's interesting though is that as a former chemistry teacher, I have always used space, the stars and galaxies, the solar system as a way to elaborate topics concerning the atom. All along, while watching COSMIC COLLISIONS in the Digistar Planetarium, I have thought of my students. How I wish I could bring them here and show them how wonderful this place is. It will definitely reinforce their learning on the concepts of astrology as well as chemistry as cosmic collisions also relates to molecular formation and atomic structures. The teacher in me was alive again!!!!

some photos taken inside the planetarium



And so comes the realization that this place is definitely not just for kids. If a 29 year old adult like me liked it, more so with the kids. If someone like me who sometimes have the habit of boasting know-this-know-that  learned a lot from the experience, what more with the teenagers? If I enjoyed it so much, I see no difference it would have on other adults.

In each of us is the hunger for knowledge. You will get surprised at the many things to explore here at the Nido Science Discovery Center. Feed your mind, don't hold back. If there is a place in MOA where you money is really worth it, this is it.


Other exhibits include ARCTIC ICE Bug Rug, earthquake simulator and Fear shadow wall. They are all interactive so you will never get bored. Just don't show that you are more excited than the kids though and you will be fine. hahaha

nido fortified scince discovery center
with Darwin (left) and Kirsten (right)

By the way, it's interesting to note that Darwin, another blogger friend works at Nido Science Discovery Center. I found out only a few days before the visit. It was a fun time exploring Discovery center and meeting him at the same time. Thanks Kirsten and Ria for the warm reception. I'm honored that you toured me around. I had a very pleasant stay.

....pusangkalye highly recommends this place. Keep discovering at Nido Science Discovery Center!!!!
SM Mall of Asia
South Side Entertainment Mall
call 556-0331 / 556-2153

more info here:

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  1. nakakamiss yung mga ganitong adventure... lalo na yung panahong sikat pa ang field trip about sa mga museum :D

  2. honestly, i hate science eh. well siguro yung ibang branches lang specially physics. Pero i might say na discovery center is outstanding. Educational and informative

  3. Nakakamiss maging elementary at high school, kasi madalas sa ganyan ang field trip...
    May entrance fee ba dyan?

  4. awesome way to learn science. i always wanted to be a scientist when i was young and i dunno what happened why i ended up being a lawyer.

  5. Wow!! planetarium! Naalala ko nung bata ako dinala ako ng nanay ko sa planetarium sa Manila, hindi ko makalimutan yung hanggang ngayon. Astig. Makapunta nga diyan.

  6. madalas ako sa MOA per never pa ako pumasok dyan, kala ko kc pang-bata lang eh... hehehe!!! thanks for sharing this... =D

  7. Axl--iba na ang panahon ngyon talaga. high tech na sila. sa mall na nag-fi-field trip. pero mall , not to shop---pero to go to fun places like the Nido Science Discovery Center. I really recommend this place to everyone.

  8. Bino-- kaya pala nung niyaya kita ayaw mo--kasi sinabihan ako na pwede pako magdala ibang bloggers eh. sayang. it's worth checking talaga, esp the planetarium.

  9. Mokong™---yep--entrance is 330 pho---if you have an advantage card---you get 30 php off---including yung mga kasamahan mo on that articular visit.

  10. lawstude--not bad though from being a scientist to lawyer. ako nga scientists tapos teacher. hahaha

  11. Rah--meron din sa Manila. is that the one in Agham road in QC? kasi nag-field trip kami nun doon. anlabo ng projector peor tuwang tuwa rin ako---this one, vivid talaga at napaka-clear ng images. you should try it

  12. Pinoy AdvenTurista---ganun din ako--dinadaan-daanan ko lang. pero worth your money sya.

  13. nung nagpunta kami dito di ko nagustuhan ung palabas sa sinehan nila.
    and speaking of science centers, gusto kong puntahan uli ung science centrum. last na punta ko dun elementary pa ko e, hehe

  14. Nagpunta na din kami jan parang 3 years o 2 years ago pa? Buhay pa pala yan? Haha. Ang cool nga nyan eh. Nandun pa din yung icacapture yung shadow? Nagtanong? haha. Ang dami mo naman pinupuntahan koya. Nakakainggit.

  15. hindi ko sasabihin n nakapunta n ko jan . hehehehe.


  16. waaaaaaaa
    ang asteeeeeeeg!
    i wanna go there.. sana ill have time to explore pagbaba ko.. kakainggit.

  17. Ako si Yow--uo.andon parin. diko nakuhanan ng pic kasi malilikot yung mga

    3 years ago---you should go there again. for sure you will discover something new....

  18. Anonymous---oi marvin. san san ka kasi nagsusuot. di tuloy kita masama

  19. Oliver--anung sinehan? sa planetarium? saan yung science centrum naman? hahaha

  20. YanaH--kelan ka ba bababa? dyosa ka kasi ng kabundukan. baba kana dito!!!hahaha

  21. wow, low lights shots. wagi ang set na to!

  22. pusa - hindi naman. hehehe. kakahiya kasi sa kasama ko kung bigla ko siyang iiwanan dun eh di din naman sya pwedeng pumasok kasi for bloggers lang un. btw, nahuli na ung isa sa mga nanloob sa house ko pero naibenta na yung mga gadgets ko. :(

  23. Chyng---yihh---pero di naman talaga masyadong low light. madali pa yan. mas mahirap yung sa fashion week

  24. Bino---naku---good news yan. at least me nahanap kesa sa hangin ka lang. me mananagot------

    about yung kasama mo---tama nga naman. bait mo talaga ng kaibigan. walang iwanan. friends na tayo talaga ha? lol

  25. the best. ito ang naglevel up na pinagsamang sineskwela at planetarium. thanks for promoting this. sana mapromote pa ng husto para madaming students ang makarating dito. :)

  26. Napakaganda naman ng lugar na yan, hindi lang sa paningin kundi sa educational value nito. Habang tinitingnan ko ang mga pics mo, iniisip ko ang mga bata sa mga liblib na lugar dito sa amin. Magkakaroon din kaya sila ng pagkakataong mabisita iyan? Ano kaya ang magiging reaksiyon nila sa unang pagtapak sa Discovery Center?

  27. i find the planetarium interesting. i didnt know they have that in there. masubukan nga tong puntahan .

  28. The Planetarium seems interesting but like everyone else I've been to MOA many times already but never experience going to the Discovery Center which has becoming popular on school educ. field trips.

  29. Rizalenio---yun. nice description. tama ka dyan. pinagsamang sineskwela at planetarium.

  30. Nortehanon---siguro talon nang talon. hahaha

  31. Ian---so next time you go to MOA---pay attention to this place. you dont know what you are missing . D:

  32. wow didnt know moa is that happening...i just love watching the sunset by the bay of manila

  33. tomo!!! friends na tayo syempre hahahaha

  34. fufu--MOA is such an amazing mall---you get everything taht you need in this place, entertainment, shopping, name it--they ahve it. the science discovery center is just one of the many fun and informative attractions. will take you there when you get here.....

  35. Bino---hahaha---so panu----gusto mo ba sama dito sa saturday---me new show sila sa planetarium. me invitation ako with 2 non bloggers. pero puno na---ask ko kung open ang rsvp sa ibang bloggers.

  36. yeah sama ko! lol. nagcomment na ko dun sa page nya. sana may available pang slot.

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  38. Bino---great. see you tomorrow then. Planetarium, here we come again!!! yihhh!!!

  39. Yun oh!!!!btw, I won the best in costume!!!!hahahaha

  40. Damicaye---congrats dude. see you bukas!!!

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