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some candid photos from Party Pilipinas

I got tons of pictures to sort out for the Philippine Fashion Week so I will keep you suspended on that topic first. For now, I would like to tell you of another event, our sudden visit to GMA 7, yeah, the network company.

Sudden because I never thought it would happen. At least not soon. But social networking is really amazing. When a famous blogger posted in his wall " who is free on Sunday?", I immediately replied. Already had a hunch. I have always been curious about the talents in these Sunday Musical Variety Shows which are very popular in the Philippines, Party Pilipinas formerly SOP is one of them.

I wanna share with you some candid photos I took during the show. Still lucky to have taken a few as we had an unpleasant time trying to take our dslr's in. Hope you enjoy!!!


We had trouble with the guards since cameras and dslr's are prohibited inside the studio.We had more trouble in our case because ours are dslr's. We understand that professional gadgets such as these need official permission before you can you use them. Every dslr users accept that.

But it was our understanding that we came as bloggers and so we thought we were invited so as to write about the experience. A little documentation will help. In my case, I am a photo blogger,it doesn't make sense if I don't have photos to show ayt? But policies are policies, we later decided to give up and just surrender our cameras in exchange for entrance in the studio.Maybe its just a matter of "the guards doing their job and me being bitter because I am directly affected" kind of situation.


I guess what we were upset about was the lack of system about it. We didn't know know who to talk to officially  as we are ready to sign any waiver or agreement with the management. I hope they look closer on this one.

One piece of advice: If you have plans of bringing a dslr, be sure to communicate it to the proper authorities before coming. We also ha d a lapse of judgment there. Lesson learned.



Few minutes before the start of the show though, Ms Elai the audience coordinator of Party Pilipinas for Director Mark approached me and said she already talked to her superior regarding the matter and that it's okay to bring 1 dslr inside. I felt sorry for John  coz I had to choose my camera over his. I owe it to Ms Elai, and to July too who tried so hard to make things work. He almost got into trouble because of us. But all's well that ends well.

Thank you so much Ms Elai. Now I have some photos to share to all Party Pilipinas fanatics out there.


To be honest, we really enjoyed the show. To see you favorite singers in tv is one thing but its another to see them perform before your eyes. For me, its a confirmation of the respect and admiration I have for them. I had the tendency to favor ASAP for Party Pilipinas and I thought canceling Party Pilipinas altogether and tagging it as a more inferior show is really childish and irresponsible. After the experience, I have become more open minded. This show can blow your mind. It is very good alternative to what the other show can offer and it's really worth checking. What I like about it at the same time is the weekly change in theme. That's refreshing. I have never doubted the talent of Filipinos and watching Party Pilipinas cemented that belief. You guys rock!!!!

Some of my common observations are as follows.

I love the stage, I think it's well designed.
The studio is fully equipped to really boost your party mood.
The audience is really full of energy.
Mark Herras , he can really dance.
There are many young stars, next generation of talents, and many of them are promising.
Mark and Rachelle --nice to know that they are doing well in this show.
Aljur really has a body which is the envy of men and the fantasy of
Regine, Ogie, Kyla, and Jaya really deserve their status.
Kyla--I find her adorable.
Jaya is very funny in person and she has the ability to connect with her audience- even off cam.
Heart Evangelist is in her prime again. She is really beautiful.

bloggers from left-- Bino, John and Rj

Those are just some of the things I noticed as a first timer. Thanks John ( kumagcow) for letting me use your 300mm lens. Thanks Richard for inviting us. The opportunity in itself is something we are grateful for. Kudos to the team for making Party Pilipinas a Musical variety show that millions of Filipinos look forward to every Sunday!!! Hope to be back for more.

More power guys!!!!


find Party Pilipinas in FACEBOOK
you might also get the chance to watch your favorite stars LIVE!!!!!


  1. Ang sarap manood talaga ng live..kaso parang ang daming artista dyan ang hindi ko kilala... ASAP kasi ang wifey ko par eh...

  2. Wow! Kakahiya na nga kay Mc, naka ilang invites na siya, medyo busy lang talaga esp on Sundays, family day hehe.. :)

  3. napanood ko itong episode na ito, may nakikita din ako sa camera na may nahahagip na my dslr sa audience akalain mo yun grupo nyo pala yun... for sure napaka superb ng mga performance nila...

    Peace out!

  4. hassle sa umpisa, isang slr lang ang pinayagan! being a kapamilya, medyo bias talaga ako kaso di rin maikakaila na magagaling talaga ung mga veterans. ang dami ko'ng di kilalang artists. Yung cap ni hinagis ni april boy regino, binigay ko sa tatay ko. Hehehehehe

  5. Party Pilipinas prove that not only FAMOUS artists deserve to perform. Go Party Pilipinas!

  6. ano ba ang problema nila ang ang insecure nila sa DSLR na camera? Duh as if naman ibebenta natin ang pictures ng artista nila, i just don't get it. Shame on this stupid policy.

    Nice pics by the way. :) anong gamit mong lens?

  7. Aba level up na talaga showbiz ka na ngayon!

  8. ang ganda ng mga kuha. ikaw na. ikaw na tlaga hehe!

    si mark bautista lumipat na pla? woahhh hehe

  9. Wow! sige kayo na ang may access sa lahat... hehehehhehe

  10. nyek bawal ang camera at dslr! anubayan! buti pa sa asap pwede!!! :) di na kelangan magpaalam pa. nakakapag comment ako ng ganito kasi ilang beses na ko nakapanood sa asap na may dala akong camera at walang issue sa kanila. anyway, policy nila yun eh. since guests kayo, tama, sundin nalang. :)

  11. mokong--- ako rin nga eh. di ako familiar sa marami sa kanila. kasi maka ASAP talaga ako---kami ng wife ko--pati family ko,,,,and most people around me. pero ngyn--I am more open minded about it.

  12. Tsiremo --next time sabay sabay tayong manuod ni Bernard. yihhh!!!

  13. zeb---kami yun--sana di naman kami mukhang engot lang sa tv? lalo nako. hahaha

  14. gulayness bigla ako nainggit. hahaha

  15. Bino---@least napasaya mo si Tatay. haha. yaan mo na yung dslr. nasabi ko

  16. Rah--baka aksi magshoot nalang lahat. kasi ako shoot nang shoot---diko na napapansin---baka dina manuod ang live audience. puro shoot atupagin. hahaha

  17. glentot ---di namna ako ang nasa stage no!!anu kaba. hahaha

  18. Traveliztera--togol no koyo. sabay sila ni rachelle Ann Go.

  19. Xprosaic--luwas ka uli. sama ka namain. hahaha

  20. princess_dyanie --oi--e di isama mo naman kami pala sa asap minsan!!!ultimate dream ko yun eh!!!

    @ khilabotz---arte mo kasi much!!!!

  21. uyy kilala ko yun isa a si kumagcow!hahaha

    kainggit naman kayo nakapunta na kayo jan!

    thanks for the photos

  22. Mac Callister--yep. lagi aming magkasama ni john. nameet u naba sya? uo nga e,. buti nalng may blogger na kakilala sa loob.

  23. hi. if your amazed with direk mark's episode. try direk rico also. its more fun to watch direk rico's live episodes. Stage and lights were mile better. Thanks

  24. at hindi ko nakikita ang pictures, sa bahay ko na lang titignan, hehe.
    so fashion > showbiz > whats next? hehhe

  25. Waa inggit naman ako :]
    Sa TV ko lang napanood tong PP last sunday eh :]
    btw GREAT photos

  26. yun oh.. its time to party... party pilipinas hehehe.... napanood ko to ung sun kaso more on ASAP Xv ako hehe...
    ganda ng mga shoot ha... superb.. galing clap clap... kuhang kuhang ang mga magagandang capture moments nila :D

  27. Yebeng! Pumaparty Pilipinas na. Haha. Gusto ko manood ng live... sa ASAP. Haha. Pero I admit mas promising at mas may ibubuga ang PP kesa sa SOP dati. Konting ganda pa ng prod numbers nila, lalampasuhin din nila ang ASAP. Sayang... Kung nasa kanila ang G-Force. Haha.

  28. Elo Anton! Nice shots ah... 'Luv et!!! sana nakasama ako, kaso may sked me that day eh... Thanks thanks po... =D

  29. Anonymous said...---sige thanks. try namin si direk rico minsan at nang

  30. Oliver--level up. yeah...where life will take me next. yun . don ako. cheers!!!

  31. Renz---salamat Renz--hirap kumuha ng moving shots.

  32. Axl ---pareho tayo. maka-asap ako kaso okay na sakin ang PP. di gaya ng dati na ayaw ko talaga.

  33. Ako si Yow ---uo. G Force palang kasi talagang kabog na for ASAP. pero yeah---they provide healthy competition. yun ang maganda.

  34. rico de buco--next time .

    @ Pinoy AdvenTurista --ikaw na kasi ang di matahimik sa Manila. hahaha

  35. whoa! sarap gumamit ng 300mm na lens. parang mapapabili ako niyan.

    siguro hindi naklaro ng nag invite pero buti naman at kahit papaano napayagan ang isa. sana sa mga susunod maaayos na nila ang policy sa mga media at bloggers.

  36. dongho--uo nhga e. we will be back for more next time, don naman sa isa pang director....sarap nga ng 300mm, pang-teleboso.

  37. and yung naginvite sa iyo. I think he's negotiating with Direk rico and the rest of his staff now, re: with the incident last sunday.

    by the way your blogsite and kumagcow's were in the zone now. Trending in pinoy exchange forums, PP fan pages and new opinionaided group by direk rico. Hope we hear again from you. Thanks and God Bless.

  38. party pilipinas: oh darling, you dont have to blog and advertise us. we dont need your help. haha

    taray! Ü

  39. wow nice pictures! really wanna get some tips from you to snap better at night

  40. Anonymous--hope hindi disasater ang dating.peace out man

  41. Chyng--loko ka--baka marinig ka ng mga fans. lol

  42. fufu--low light photography. can help you with a few tricks. I

  43. wow puma-party pilipinas! :D kyla is <3 forever and la diva :D

    -Mekinudols of Go Tara Lets!

  44. hello.. 1st time to visit here.. nice blog.. and nice photos u got here..

    i hope u can visit my blogs too.. see u!

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