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1st part of the

Recognizing the potential of Western Pangasinan as the next growth area for tourism, a group of travel, events and photography bloggers from Manila have decided to set out on a tour which will map out a sample route which travelers can use as a reference. The journey took place on November 20-21 across the municipalities of Alaminos and Bolinao.

The idea started with Mica since she is a native of Dagupan. Being a Pangasinense myself, I supported her in this undertaking. We are now both based in Manila but this is our way of giving back to our hometown. Aside from Josh Uy who is living in Santa Barbara, 7 other bloggers from NCR joined us.


Six of the members of the group actually started as early as Friday. They met in Dagupan where Mica waited for them. Checked some restaurants and local delicacies interluding the famous pigar-pigar of Dagupan and Calasiao puto. The 3 of us met them in Alaminos early Saturday. The 10th member, Cai, joined us later in the day as work almost got in the way.

The tour officially started in Alaminos City. Home of the HUNDRED ISLANDS.

We took the 2am bus from Cubao so we got there at around 7am. Travel usually takes 4 hours in the morning but we had a detour so 1 hour was added. When we got to Alaminos, Mica and the others were already waiting for us at ISLANDIA HOTEL where we checked in and ate breakfast before the tour of the 100 Islands.

Islandia Hotel in Alaminos-- the choice of bloggers

breakfast @ ISLANDIA Hotel Alaminos

After eating breakfast at ISLANDIA HOTEL,  we decided to meet Mr. Rey Livara , the head of the Tourism Office of Alaminos under the office of the mayor for our 100 islands tour. We thought of coordinating with the local tourism board of Alaminos City because we want this as a 2 way learning experience, for our group and for the local tourism board as well. Good thing they are very open to the idea.

Mr Rey Livara who has been in charge of the agency for 4 years now is very welcoming. He warmly entertained us and even accompanied us in the island hoping tour himself, in most cases taking photos of the group. He is completely different from what we thought of a Tourism officer. He is very funny and relaxed. You could sense that he really enjoys his job as he goes out of his way just to make people feel at home. You can easily notice that when he communicates with the people working in the island. His people have high respect for him.


I thought I have had enough of this place, having been here for 3 or 4 times. But last Saturday was different. Aside from the usual Quezon Island stop, we went to Governors Island first. You can take good photos here of the surrounding islands as this is where the highest peak is located.

From there, we walked through water to the Virgin Island nearby. I highly suggest you do the same. Just make sure you wear your sandals as some rocks are sharp.

Mr Rey Livara, head of the tourism office of Alaminos chatting with the bloggers


Virgin Island--- I highly recommend you do this. It was high tide when we got there but it is still possible to get to the other island without compromising your camera if you have any. Mr Rey Livara was kind enough to go with us and remind us of the deep portions.

100_islands tour
pusangkalye on the way to Virgin island.


SHELL Island --I have never been here before coz it's not usually part of the itinerary of the tour. But since the Island Hopping tour includes 3 islands of your choice, I would suggest you ask your boat to take you here.It will be worth it.  Not so many people go here. We were actually the only group when we got there. It's a good place for snorkeling and taking dramatic photos. This for me is the equivalent of Starfish Island in Honda Bay where I took countless photos because of the beauty of the place. If I may add, there is a lagoon in the middle of the island which adds beauty to it.

I will be sharing more photos of Shell Island in my next posts so be sure to look for the separate entry.


Kayaking and Snorkeling @ Hundred Islands.
(courtesy of the  Hundred Islands Eco-Tourism Association or HIETA)

Pusangkalye also recommends this. Your tour of the Hundred islands will not be complete without it. We kayaked from Quezon Island to the nearby Imelda Island where there is an underwater cave.We stayed inside the mouth of the cave and did snorkeling. Too bad we left our camera in Quezon Island because it really is a beautiful place. We were on the kayak so so we cant afford to bring any gadget. Kayaking is such a fun activity especially if you are surrounded by beautiful white sand islands.


We then moved to another spot where the giant clams are. Of coarse  you can appreciate them more when you snorkel. I heard that these giant clams are the result of years of hard work of UP's research institute in Bolinao.They add beauty to the seabed and gives a distinct feel. After all, you don't get to see giant clams in many places. Hundred Islands National Park is one of those few places.
kayaing_100 islands 
photo credit: Sir Rey Livara of Alaminos City Tourism Office

What better way to end the day than with good food. Good thing ISLAND TROPIC Hotel and Restaurant located in Lucap was generous enough to give us a sumptuous meal. Everybody was already tired but we were very noisy during dinner. The cool wind blowing from the sea adds to the delicious taste of the food. When here, make sure to try their Sinigang na Malaga, it's one of their signature dishes.


It was a full packed 1st day of our Western Pangasinan Tour. We went back to Islandia Hotel downtown to retire. We need all the energy we can get as we had more in store for us in Bolinao on the 2nd day. The Alaminos leg of the tour was successful. Thanks to the help of Sir Klydz of Islandia Hotel, Mr Rey Livara and Ms. Von of the Tourism office and of coarse, the management of Island Tropics Hotel.

It might not be my first to be here but the experience for me was not short of excitement. I really felt like I am in a new place with new experiences. maybe it has to do with the group as well.It's my first time to travel with these bloggers, different people of different personalities but we all complimented each other. It's so fun to be with them and roughly 24 hours since we bid goodbye from Bolinao, I already miss them. Can't wait for the next adventure with you guys!!!

all smiles after a sumptuous meal at ISLAND TROPICS HOTEL

To my readers, I hope you follow this WESTERN PANGASINAN SERIES. More to explore in this part of Luzon. As early as this first post, I can already say that Western Pangasinan will be the next big  tourism destination. Alaminos and the Hundred Islands is a place you shouldn't miss!!!


take bus from Manila ( Cubao ) --directly to Alaminos, although buses bound Anda, Agno and Bolinao also pass through Alaminos.
take the tricycle from downtown to Lucap. Once you register with the Local Tourism office, you are set for the island hoping experience.

boat rental    --starts @ 800php
picnic table   --starts @ 200php


  1. huwow eto pala ginagawa mo out of town hehe

  2. @ kumagcow---yep yep.and there's more to come!!!yihhh

  3. I'm missing all of you already! I am really happy that Sir Klydz and Sir Rey really took good care of us. I may be from Pangasinan, but it's my first time to really gallivant around Alaminos and experience the Hundred Islands trip. Ang saya tapos ang kukulit nyo pa LOL :P

  4. ang risky nun ha, dalin ang mga gadgets sa gitna ng dagat! matalisod ka dun, and your gadgets and photos are done.. hehe

    looks fun anyway =)

  5. @ Mica--ang ganda ng mga ugali natin eh. nag cocompliment kung baga. me mga baliw. me mga may topak, me mga wala alng pero pag nagsama sama , saya. no dull moments--kahit antok na at pagod.hahaha

  6. yun oh! kaya pala di ka mahagilap. hehehe. oi! nageyeball kami kanina. 16 bloggers din un. saya din :D

  7. ikaw na ang mayaman at may pang out of town. lol.

  8. Can't wait for your Bolinao post, although alam ko lalaitin mo na naman ang hometown ko!

  9. Chyng-lahat kaya kami dala dala. si khunnie nga pinasok ko sa cave sa Sagada eh. kasama sya lagi sa adventure. D:

  10. @ Bino---sinu ang may pakana? kaniana---ah---kasi dumating si Yanah? labo naman kasi weekdays, baduy.hehehe

  11. @ bulakbero---sponsored mostly nyan.

  12. @ gkentot--antayin mo---masusurprise ka. I never though ma-aapreciate ko ang Bolinao ng ganun. seriously.

  13. yun oh... sabi ko naman sayo sir tonio... eh apply ka na sa asian travel as a photographer eh...
    astig.. hehe...
    ikaw na ang gumagala.. ikaw na sikat hehee..

  14. wow! nagsama-sama na naman ang mga sikat na Travel Bloggers... Idol ko kayu lahat!!! =D

  15. wow, galeng! saw the pics on your FB account. kainggit naman. hehe. kitakits sa Visayas Blogging Summit! :D

  16. ambilis ah! sana ganyang photos lng pi-no-post d ba. patay tlga kau saken sa group ni estan! bwahaha

    i did enjoy the company. napakasaya at ang daldal mu! in fairness khet maarte ka, may mga moment na mabaet ka naman. haha many many! haha

  17. Ang saya naman. Naalala ko tuloy ang kainusentehan ko nung unang punta ko sa Hundred Isalands nung bata ako. Haha. Masarap nga magtour ng ganito lalo na kung kasama mo eh kaibigan. :) Like!

  18. Axl--ang naive pa ng mga photos ko para maqualify don.D:

  19. Kelan to kuha? nag skip read? hehehe bat maaraw? maganda rin pala ang weather kahit ganitong time of the year! ganda ng shots lakay! well, maganda talaga ang Pangasinan in general hehehe.. daan daanan ko lang tong bayan ng alaminos pag nag pupunta ako ng Bolinao eh. Looking forward din syong bolinao shots

  20. Pinoy AdvenTurista--thanks mervin-san ka naman nagsuot last weekend?

  21. Ed--di ako kasama sa Visayas blogging summit eh. si Mica. magkikita ku don

  22. Ed--di ako kasama sa Visayas blogging summit eh. si Mica. magkikita ku don

  23. thepinaysolobackpacker--eh--sayted ako masyado. alam mo na. hahaha

    nawala ang pagiging choosy ko kasi nahawa ako

    at saka. don tayo to enjoy diba? walang room ang pagka-pormal pormal. alangan naman umattitude ako. chill lang.hahaha

    oi--si estan ang nagpost nun--wl naman akong balak magpost ng daring photos no!!!hahaha

  24. Ako si Yow ---tagal na nun? go back and try the activities like kayaking ang snorkeling. mas maeenjoy mo ang hundred islands.

  25. Ollie --nung Sat yan. ang araw sa Pangasinan last weekend.. nabigla ngako pagbalik ko ng Manila ng lunes e bumaha. hahaha

  26. great guide those who want to visit the Hundred Islands... sana more tourism developments pa ang gawin asI heard few islands were only accessible until now...

  27. @Anton-I was on a 3-day Iloilo-Guimaras trip last weekend... hehehe...

  28. Pinoy AdvenTurista--huwaw!!yan ang magala!!!!D:

  29. Ian---the Local Tourism board is doing everything in its power to organize everything. ang laki ng kaibahan compared nung wala pa to. kasi dati--kanya kanya ng arkila at transaction sa bangka. overprising tuloy ang iba. nakaka-ireta. ngyn standard na. tapos maganda ang coordination nila sa NGO. kaya yun. things are getting better and they will still get better for sure

  30. namiss ko bigla yung hundred island company outing namin last april...

  31. MOKS™---so this year lang pala. nice. summer. hope you enjoyed it.

  32. Nice shotsss Anton!!
    Ang cute ko talaga sa mga shots hahahaha!! Hindi yata namin napuntahan yung Starfish Island sa Palawan hmmm.

    Once again, I would like to thank you for making this trip possible. Sa sobrang tuwa, sumabog yung sandwiches sa bus T_T

  33. Ada ---ay uo nga pala. naalala ko nga yung sandwiches---dapat kayo 2 ni Robbie magbibigay eh. naghanda ba talaga ku? lol.

    link ko su starfish island. sandali. ito na. hahaha

  34. Iba pala ang lifevest sa pangasinan ahahaha :))

  35. kuya Anton. nice blog.
    ngayon ko lang nalaman na your Pangalatok also and the rest hehe D:

  36. Hi Anton! Nice to have met you at SBC earlier!

    I have been to Anda naman because a friend owns a cottage there..super nice!

    Great post and photos!


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