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mangrove forest : sabang puerto prinsesa

Anda, my hometown is also a fishing community.That means I am no stranger to mangroves.But I have never seen a mangrove forest before. I never thought mangroves could actually grow this big---like full size trees.

Good thing when we traveled to Puerto Princesa last September, specifically Sabang where the Underground river is, we decided to take a glimpse of the mangrove forest. Many tourists skip this part as it is separate from the main underground river tour. We almost did the same thing because of exhaustion but I thought, since we are already here, why not make the most of our stay and cover as many areas as possible. The boat paddling through the mangrove forest is really a learning and fun experience.


the sad faces are just for the photo.D:

A separate fee of 200php per person is all you need. Don't worry so much about the cost coz I guess it's worth it. 80% of that amount will go to the volunteers who maintain the area, and the boat paddlers of coarse. Two of them will assist you, one in front and one behind to make sure that it is a safe and smooth 45minute ride back and forth. Along the way, you get lecture from both of them. Expect lots and lots of humor so don't worry about boredom. The boat paddlers even sing songs about the environment during the final stage of the tour. Really entertaining.



Be careful though as you will be teased by the paddlers along the way. In some instances, snakes and lizards hang on the branches of the mangroves, they would intentionally take you under the twigs to see them up close. Much to my alarm of coarse. I have reptiles. Good thing we brought with us an umbrella that day. Served as my blanket of protection.



On our way back, I was surprised to see a beautiful view. (picture below)
I think this is still the extension of Sabang Beach as the mangrove forest is just a few meters away from Daluyon Beach Resort which is on the Northern tip.


Just a suggestion though, I think it would be better if there are some interactive activities that people can do in the mangrove forest, that way---people will feel more involved.


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  1. wow..
    i never thought mangroves could be that hmmm i dont knw what adjective to use.
    pero parang ang peaceful ng scene.

    hmmmm ill make sure ill be able to bring a jar full of lizards sa dec 4 hahahahaha

  2. career na ang photography ah! astig! :D

  3. ano ba tagalog ng mangrove? bakawan ba? di pa ko nakakakita nyan sa personal :)

  4. Weeee! nakaexperience ako ng mangrove forest sa Bantayan Island... hehehehhehehe

  5. i like visiting mangroves despite the higher chance of getting sand mites.

    nice activity.

  6. more activities? it will only give more pressure to the forest... will generate many kind of pollutions... still make it untouched is the best =p or no??

  7. for some unknown reason, the roots of the mangroves creep me out. parang gagalaw. creeeeepy!!!!

  8. wala bang tamilok tasting as part of the trip? hehehe.

  9. one of my friends/colleagues who happens to be my housemate too is from palawan and he never fail to boast of how gorgeous mother nature is in that part of luzon.
    sana someday my family and i get to experience those mangroves, lush greens and the beaches of the last frontier.

    i like the last photo; i have a thing for boats.

  10. yun oh... kakamiss ang PP.. grabe.... soon punta ko dian.. sponsor on my cousin yeabah :D

  11. others tend to take these mangroves for granted...a natural gift of nature, free! Ganda ng pics! :))


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