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Amazing Race Asia Season 4 FINALE today at AXN


yehey!!!! team PILIPINAS won!!! I said so!!!!
I got the chance to meet the team last month and I really believe they can bag this one. Go Richards!!!Go Team Philippines!!!!

I have always been a fan of the Amazing Race franchise. I thought it's such an ambitious project, I mean teams racing around the world?--- that''s expensive production!! The people behind it are really genius for pulling it out. And just like any other reality tv show, the amazing race will definitely keep you glued to your seats.

These reality tv shows will make you see yourself in them, you emotionally relate to the characters, how they react to different challenges, how they deal with each other and how they overcome the obstacle. I have asked myself so many times, if I will be part of this show, will I last? The answer has always been no. I think me and my partner will be the first to be eliminated. It's simply overwhelming. you really need to be a well traveled, well organized, well rounded person to win the Amazing race. Having said that, I give my utmost commendation to our delegation to this years Amazing Race Asia which is the 4th run of the franchise.Richard Hardin and Richard Herrera --the Richards as they are called.

Richard Hardin and Richard Herrera during the Q & A portion

After finishing the Legaspi leg of the race, the  team are back in Manila. We were lucky to invited at the National Sports Grill last night for the  bloggers event and viewing party. Finally got to meet Richard Hardin and Richard Herrera. You guys rock!!!!

I was supposed to be working at home, it's Thursday night remember? I am supposed to be talking to my Korean students ayt? But when I found out of the rare opportunity to meet them in person, I immediately canceled my evening classes. It took me 2 hours to travel from Binangonan to Greenbelt 3 in Makati.

Aside from the bloggers event, it's also a viewing party. They were already watching the Legaspi Episode when I came.The event showed the rerun of Episode 5 pit stop in Legazpi City and Misibis Bay Resort
and its telecast of Episode 6 as the pit start.

It was night of food, drinks and a lot of cheers for our delegates in the Amazing race Asia Season 4. I say, i am proud of our team for finishing first in that leg and very happy for the decision of the producers to take season 4 to Legaspi , the scenic Mt. Mayon and Bisibis bay.  Richard Hardin and Richard Herrera are really into the task and they have a big chance of winning.



had the chance to spot a couple of celebrities as well......

The Amazing Race Asia-season4
Sen from pinoy dream academy season 2 with Mrs Joson and Chinky


the Pinoy dream academy stars-- Lizel on the center.

 Bugoy Drilon came later in the night...

 The Amazing Race Asia

Many bloggers were present during the night. Got the chance for a group. yihhh!!!

photo courtesy of Magic Liwanag photography....

 yehey!!!! team PILIPINAS won!!! I said so!!!!

Leg 5 took the team from Sri Lank to the Philippines and leg 6 from the Philippines to New Zealand. The Richards (team Filipinas) won the leg for the the 2nd time.With it is a vacation package and a dinner for two at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, worth US$5100. All cheers to the Richards!!! I think we really have a big chance of winning this season of the Amazing race Asia!!!!!!

Our thanks to the City of Legazpi and Misibis Bay Resort  for making the event possible. It was a resounding success!!!!!

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  1. nabasa ko na tong entry mo na to. lol.

    pero... ang gusto ko sana manala talaga e yung mga chix ng pinas. kaso natanggal sila :(

    richards na din yung gusto ko manala ngayon.

  2. teka-telka nabasa ko na to ha hehe...
    sana manalo sila... :D

  3. sayang di ko mapapanood dito. tsk tsk

  4. yung main story coz today is the day. we will win this one!!!

  5. Axl Powerhouse Production--ngyong gabi na AXL.nuod ka ha!!!

  6. The Riches didn't win the Philippine leg. Ethan and Khairie did.

  7. hahaha... active na active sa events ah. di ko nasunod tong season.

  8. di ko mapapanuod yung finale because of work. :(

    kahit repost to ngayon ko lang siya nabasa.

    suki ka ng blogger events ah. astig!!

  9. Anonymous--who cares. it's them who are the champ now. peace bro.D:

  10. dong ho--slight Dom. diko rin nasubaybayan lahat pero astig talaga.

  11. gillboard--buti nalang nirepost ko---at buti nalang me dipa nakabasa.hahaha

  12. kelan kaya ako magkakaroon ng lakas at resistensya katulad nung sa mga Richards? hehehe

  13. Nortehanon--naku ako rin. gusto ko rin ng kasing strong bones nila. hahaha


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