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UCC Vision Logbook Launch: Beacons of Change

When I say planner I am sure the first thing that would cross your mind is your favorite coffee shop. Most of my friends are  very eager to have one of those most talked about pieces of binded paper  where one could scribble  important notes and plans for the year ahead. I am an avid fan of planners myself. It really helps so I would suggest you get one for 2011.

But I am not going to talk about planners here. I want to speak of logbook instead, yes, logbook!!! Because UCC Coffee Concept Store has officially revolutionized the way we look at planners when it formally launched the  UCC Vision Logbook last Tuesday, December 7 at its Cafe Terrace in 26th St. Forbes Town Center Taguig City.

beacons of change


We were one of the first to see it  Not only that, we got the chance to meet the personalities behind this wonderful VISION LOGBOOK which could literally, literally change your life.


............and not just a Logbook but a VISION LOGBOOK. What's the difference? Entrepreneur  and visionary Hubert Young beautifully puts it ---- " it was the right time for a vision logbook that can help people bring about change. The logbook is something useful for individuals who want to see change in themselves and their social environment. It is innovative and relevant".And so he gathered together the BEACONS of CHANGE to help him create that vision logbook.

The BEACONS OF CHANGE  are some of the country's top business coaches.  These beacons are experts in their respective fields and are the authorities  when it comes to planning for change. They include Tiongson Kiong, Raju Mandhyan, Randell Tiongson and Let's Go Foundation through Prof. Jay Bernardo III.

UCC Vision logbook

The above mentioned people behind this ambitious project were all present to talk about it. All of us were all ears on the speakers. Motivational Speaker Francis Kong was the first to speak.

"People can both desire and fear change. What we need to do is to learn how to let go of our fear of change. If we want to consciously bring about change for the good, tehn that change has to be envisioned and planned" ---- Fancis Kong

Francis Kong-motivational speaker
motivational speaker Francis Kong

"Change is not hard to achieve. It's really just a matter of adapting a system that works on you. We could be looking to accomplish personal, financial, professional or social change. Keep in mind that change can be a positive force and that we need to actively take steps to make things happen" --- Randell Tiongson

Randell Tiongson-finance expert
personal finance expert Randell Tiongson
 "The rationale behind Mind Mapping is that our senses take in a lot of information, and all this input generates responses, ideas, and opinions that cannot be expressed vocally or written down as quickly as they occur.This is how I define Mind Mapping®: a colorful, two dimensional, quick representations of your ideas, knowledge, and feelings." --- Raju Mandhyan

Raju Mandhyan-mind mapping
mind mapping expert Raju Mandhyan.

The last to speak was Prof. Jay Bernardo III of LET's GO FOUNDATION. He spoke of taking advantage of what you are unhappy about around you and transform that into business oportunities. He toyed with the concept of dirty restrooms in the Philippines. He said that since most of us are not happy with the sanitation of our restrooms in the country, that could be an opportunity for business. A restroom franchise perhaps?

professor Francisco Jay M. Bernardo
Prof. Jay Bernardo III  
Listening to the short talks of these amazing people--the BEACONS of CHANGE is one of the most important 1 hour in my life. It was a mind opening day. What they said of coarse are just tidbits of what to expect from the logbook. I cant wait to have my copy!!!

Hubert Young
Mr Hubert Young ,owner of UCC Coffee Concept Shops being interviewed. 
UCC cafe beacons of change
(Left to right:)Francis Kong, Prof. Jay Bernardo III, Hubert Young, Raju Mandhyan and Randell Tiiongson are UCC’s  beacons of change,  experts in their respective fields and are all well-versed when it comes to planning for change.

The basic vision logbook includes  2011 and 2012 calendars and contains various useful modules such as a travel vision logbook, conversion tables, notes, and Francis Kong stories, tips and quotations. Could be claimed after accumulating 5,000 php in UCC Concept coffee receipts.Promotional cupons for free dishes and drinks are also inside the logbook.
UCC’s Team for the Beacons of Change Logbook - Zar Castro(GMCI), Kris Lacaba (GMCI), Thessa Pua(UCC), Charl Sapnia(GMCI), Karen Young(UCC), Hubert Young(UCC), Rica Estrada (GMCI), Sheryl Garcia(Polygraphics), Andrew Sha(GMCI).

Five percent of the proceeds of this program will be donated to Christ's Commission Fellowship, a movement with outreaches for ethics and values formation for the government, prisoners, school children, cancer and substance abuse patients and other sectors of society.

Customers may also avail of additional modules like Randell Tiongsion's 12 easy Steps to Financial Wellness, Mind Mapping by Ranju Mandhyan and the Entrepreneurs Workbook for Change by Let's Go Foundation.

For inquiries on how to avail of such privileges, visit the nearest UCC Coffee Concept Store near you.



  1. tama ba yung nabasa ko? 5000 worth of receipts? grabe ang mahal pala. Pero ok sana. Sana pwedeng mabili.

  2. now you are active in blogger events and you share the happenings to us, those you can't join and waiting what's new in the real blogging world. i am curious lang kung ganu kaganda ang logbook na yan.

  3. rah--yes--pero compared mo sa logbook. it's priceless. yung change na mabibgay su---no less than 4 of the best motivational speakers in the Philippines have their thoughts in there!!!!

  4. red---I saw it at maganda at inspiring talaga. they will be sending us our own copies daw one of these days and I cant wait to have my own copy---sayted much.hahaha

  5. galeng. you'll get one? kakainggit naman. hehe. i'll probably just buy a cheap planner at a bookstore. hehe

  6. yun oh... sabi na eh.. event photographer ka na eh hehehe :D

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