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EXPLORE BOLINAO- Patar Lighthouse

Land Attractions in Bolinao
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I never thought this lighthouse could fascinate me. I have seen countless pictures of it before and nothing impressed me. I thought its just a dilapidated lighthouse build long time ago. But it is enchanting in real life. Situated in the hills of Patar, this lighthouse is more than 100 years old. It's no longer possible to climb up the deck but it didn't stop us to enjoy taking photos of the edifice and the surrounding area.
EXPLORE BOLINAO- Patar Lighthouse

There is a building near it destroyed by countless storms, the last just a few months ago. Instead of serving as an eyesore, it complimented the lighthouse. This is the spot where Cai, darwin and most of us posed and pretended to be fashion models. hahaha
This a century old lighthouse but it still looks new. I thought they had a good job maintaining it. Taken into account that this part of Pangasinan is often on the path of strong typhoons. The devastated building beside it which serves as a quarters for its caretakers is proof of this.

I realized just now that I got only a few angles so I am including some shots taken by other bloggers during the tour. Here's Josh Uy's take on the place. Wih his favorite subject--Cai.


photo credits Josh Uy --

And we were lucky to have traveled with kuya Estan who isa  professional and an awarded travel blogger/ photographer.

photo credit;

The lighthouse is located in barangay Patar Bolinao Pangasinan.
It's around 5 kilometers away from Puerto del Sol, our accommodation during our stay in the town. It comes before the rock formations I featured in my earlier post, after which is the white beach area.

how to get here:
From Manila- take the bus to Bolinao Pangasin
From Bolinao town: hire a tricycle to get you to Patar lighthouse


  1. ang cute naman ng babae na may salamin sa may tower na yun.. tas yung shoot parang holga style... ganyan.. namesmerize ako... :D

  2. nice and sharp. anong settings ang ginamit mo bro?

  3. Love that photo of the girl beside the light house, pwedeng pwedeng isubmit sa travel mag :)

  4. awarded travel blogger or photographer?? wow lucky you... when is your turn?? so i could announce little fufu is travelling with awarded antonio later to the world... lol

  5. Axl Powerhouse Production--that's Cai-she is also a blogger. so, crush mo na? hahaha

  6. Rah---hmmm---manual tol eh so paiba-iba

  7. annalyn---saan don? yung kuha ko or yung kuha ni Josh? yung tight shot ba?

  8. fufu---hahaha. how I wish. but I still have a long way to go. I have just started photography and I still have a lot to learn.

  9. Ganda talagang gawin model ni Cai hehe more than willing to pose :D Ganda rin expression ng face kaya gusto ko ngang gawan ng videoke-style vid na lahat ng moods maka-capture in Black and white mode :D Love the photos! Pang-travel magazine nga. :D

  10. Micamyx--- uo--balak ko mag shoot with Cai.mowdel mowdel na to!!!!

  11. Wow. Ang ganda ulit. Haha. Nung umakyat ako sa lighthouse.. Ay. Never mind. Ayoko na isipin. Sa sobrang luma kasi ng shit na yun, parang every step mo eh guguho. WTF di ba? Haha.

  12. Ako si Yow--never ko pa nasubukan.matry nga yan minsan. hehehe

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  14. galing ng photo ops nyo dun! it's very nice kasi maaraw and the sky is very blue! :D

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