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EXPLORE BOLINAO: SEA CAVE and Patar Rock Formations

Land Attractions in Bolinao
as part of the

This was part of the land tour we had during our stay at Puerto del Sol Resort which included the lighthouse and the white beach. I thought of making a separate post on each attractions as they all deserve the spotlight. This is also my chance to share my photography and I hope the pictures will speak of the place more the descriptions you can read here.

Patar Rock Formations is a living proof of how turbulent the waves of South China Sea could get during rainy season, this place is a photographers perfect spot.


I would say, perfect for pre-nups or simply taking dramatic pictures with the barkada. It was almost sunset when we got here.
Mica and Robbie busy taking photos

Climb on the rock and you get another perspective. There are more rock formations on the other side. The best time to go here is in the afternoon before sunset. That way, you can get dramatic photos as the sun sets in the South China Sea.


How to get here:

PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Take bus from Victory or 5 star stations in Cubao to Bolinao. From town, take a tricycle to Patar. Fee free to negotiate as the fare are sometimes subject to changes depending on the driver and / or the weather.

PRIVATE CAR: Drive to Cape Bolinao. Turn left before reaching the town hall or Saint James Church ( 1 km before the town hall) Follow the end of the municipal road (which is barangay Ilog Malino) then turn left to Patar. You can find the rock formations at around 2 kms from the lighthouse and 1km before the White Beach.

If you stay in one of the resorts, feel free to ask for a land tour, they will be more than happy to assist you. It was Puerto del Sol in our case who arranged the tour.


  1. This is another example of how mama nature creates her own magic by shaping an environment that no man can recreate.

    Your photos captured the mood of this natural wonder!

  2. The Nomadic Pinoy--yeah. mother nature works in mysterious ways. parang kanta lang . pero totoo. we find some of the most beautiful places in areas with such much natural upheavals.D:

  3. Rough rocks, smooth sands, turbulent waves. Patar rocks!

  4. glentot--naks. me mga kubo don sa gilid ng rock formations. nag-stay daw sila ada dyan ng 2 days before with her barkada. I thought sarap siguro camp doon. medyo scary sa gabi pag malakas alon pero fun siguro. na try mo naba?

  5. Hindi ko in-expect na may Rock Formations na ganito kalalaki at kaganda sa Bolinao :D Other side pa ata yung Rock Formation na pinuntahan nina Ada. Timing din na almost sunset na when we went there. The natural light added extra drama to the pictures. :D

  6. galing talaga. very beautiful scenes.
    gael told me about your trip here, kakainggit.
    i love the Phil!

  7. hohoho nice pictures!! i wanna spend my entire days in the philippines with you guys... we gonna take many pictures together ok?

  8. Micamyx--honga eh. sinabi nya.nakita ko yung mga cottage. at napa-imagine tulog ako na camp din don with the barkada. sarap siguro.balik kaya tayo don to camp. then sabay scuba diving.water adventure naman. hahaha

  9. Ed-- namention din ba ni Gael su yung mahiwagang oil? hahaha

  10. nature tripping! next time dito sa iloilo ha. hehehehe. o kaya sa cebu. :D

  11. fufu ---sure. I love pictures, esp group pics.D:

  12. Bino--honga eh--kelan ba yang ilo-ilo natin ha? nacurious nako masyado. katatapos lang ng blog summit sa Ilo-ilo at ingget ako major major. gusto ko na tuloy lumipad sa Ilo-ilo. now na!!!hahaha. kelan na uli yung punta natin? D:

  13. mga march siguro. nasa cebu ako ng january eh

  14. Bino--naks. dami nang naka-plan na gala ah. cge. march. balitaan kita pag me promo tickets tapos book na kagad para wala nang bawian. hahaha

  15. ok sige sige. one text away lang ako hehehee

  16. ooh yunh oh.. ganda ng mga view shoot.. pede to para sa location ng temptation island! yeabah heheh :D

    sarap pa sa mata yung mga shoot mo!

  17. Axl Powerhouse Production--pwede!! except hindi Island to. magiging temptation rocks--the patar rock formations featuring Axl. bwahaha


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