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ANTON DIAZ is not the big bad blogger

The other days expose really caused a stir in the blogging community. While not so many writers blogged about in particular, we know for a fact that the word has gone viral and people starting chatting each other, speculating and pointing fingers. The fire has not completely dissipated yet so it is hard to tell the damage done by this.

Being the most prominent foodie in town, Anton Diaz was easily singled out by many.
One anonymous reader left a comment in my post 
who is the BIG BAD BLOGGER? 


anonymous said.....

""Anton Diaz IS NOT Awesome as he would love to think he is. with his mediocre blog and his certainly unappealing "TV show" dreams.

I know a lot of restos and chefs who collectively despise Anton. His general ignorance of what real cuisine is (and even the obvious tastes and flavors of dishes), is what shocks most of these cooks, chefs, and restos. Of course, his blogger fans, buddies, or accomplices are jumping to his defense like the good little campers they are. Weeeee!

In my general opinion, he should just stick to average restaurants on his self-indulging little trips. He has neither the palate nor the class for such establishments. He is merely a pedestrian. And as such, his blog should not be the standard of good taste or cuisine. He is not a true food critic. Not a culinary expert. Just a normal consumer. So read his blogs with a grain of salt and with low expectations. Bloggers are treading on the thin line of what true journalism is. Without the training and experience that people in publishing have. True there are some gifted ones and some actual writers who have their own blogs, but in general, bloggers have invaded the very center of life as we know it. Flooding it with experiences that should seriously be kept private. Their "diaries" have been a source of power that unfortunately gets abused very often. I really think there should be a limit to what Blogs should really be and do.

Here's another blind item about another supposed Foodie. I know for a fact that a certain DESSERT blogger also likes to get paid. Of course, you may believe what you will. But I know... she likes to have her cake and eat it too. Don't you? Watch out, you may be next in being exposed.

So to the followers of these so-called Foodies and these eat-pray-love happy vultures called Food Bloggers. You all leave a bad taste in my mouth.""
January 24, 2011 10:01 PM

""Dearest OAP family and friends,
Thank you to all those who expressed their support for Our Awesome Planet. We felt the love and hugs of family, friends and readers who matter most to us.Our Awesome Planet is NOT connected with, compensated by, or represented by any PR firms that would resort to restaurant extortion. We abhor that practice.
We don't get advertising from restaurants or places we feature, and freebies pre- or post-blog posts to avoid conflict of interest. Otherwise, we disclose it specifically at the end of each blog post.
We are committed to promoting the best restaurants, the best home-based businesses and the most awesome places in the Philippines. We blog about happy experiences and we learned from our past mistakes not to blog about unpleasant experiences.Our Awesome Planet will continue to document the food and travel adventures of our family.
One thing is for sure -- we will have a Bigger & Better Blogosphere in Manila after this expose.Our conscience is clear and we do hope that the truth will come out soon.Live an Awesome Life.""

I hope this statement would once and for all end all the speculations. I admire Anton Diaz for his decision to respond immediately as silence might just fan the flames. It seems though that some forces are still planning to wage new bad rumors as mentioned in the latter part of the comment I quoted above. As one of my readers said in response to the comment  -----^You know what leaves a bad taste in my mouth? Yung mga anonymous commenters.

The blogging community is strong and will definitely weather this blow and see it as an opportunity to mature. Extortion---if it is true, is unacceptable and should be condemned along with people who circulate accusations while hiding in anonymity .....


  1. hindi kaya gawa-gawa lang yung expose. heheheh.

  2. baka nga gawa gawa lang. para magkaroon ng stirring commotion sa blogging community.

  3. i don't think that sir Anton would be the real culprit, a culprit does not show himself during an outbreak....

    and, just because he's a food blogger doesn't mean he's the suspect.....

    hai, i hope everyone thinks first before criticizing....

  4. i agree with this kind of issue we should think first before saying something but the issue

  5. Ay, na-quote ako! Bongga!

    While I haven't read OAP for a very long time (I must admit that I agree with others who said that the English is a bit, uhm, mediocre and the layout is confusing at best), I feel disgusted with the baseless finger-pointing. And as for Margaux Salcedo, why a blind item? It run smacks of tabloid journalism.

  6. Baka hindi si anton diaz, pero pwede ngang siya din talaga. Hindi natin alam, hindi tayo pwede speculate ng walang basehan dahil hindi po yon fair.

    Hindi na importante kung sino nasa blind item. Ang importante alam na natin na may mga ganito palang pangit nagaganap sa likod ng blogscene.

    MAIN POINT: Sana tigilan na ang mga ganitong UNETHICAL na gawain ng ilang manunulat. Hindi po maganda na NAGPAPABAYAD NG PERA para sa positive review, at sisiraan naman kung hindi papayag na kunin bilang advertiser.

    It's so cheap. Yuck.

  7. Nowadays, mahirap ng magpakilala when you have such a strong statement like that, maybe he's (or she's?) afraid to receive a lot of feedback from whoever will read her statement.

    I don't know the whole story pero we should give each other the benefit of the doubt.. due respect.. that's it.. we're all entitled for it..

    Blogging is very influential, hindi talaga mawawala ang mga haters at pleasers.. :) Basta pag may bibitawan kang salita, PANINDIGAN mo.. :)

  8. kung sino man un, gusto lang nun sumikat

  9. nakakalungkot at may mga ganitong balita.. sana matigil na kase maaapektuhan ang ibang food blogger..

  10. in all fairness to Mr. Diaz, he featured our resto without asking anything in return, before or after the feature. i don't even know the guy.

    i agree that out of delicadeza, all bloggers should disclose in their blogs all the freebies and stuff they got for free so that readers can be more objective in understanding the bloggers reviews.

    in y opinion, those who accepts freebies without disclosing it are as culpable as the BBB.


  11. move on na... beside nasabi na ni sir anton ang comment niya about it... parang naging juicy na yung bloggsphere dahil dito... its better to think good to the pipol na lang... :D

  12. Tulad dun sa sinabi nya? Parang hindi pa dun nagtatapos at my papasabugin pa sila? Pero tingn ko parang gusto lang makilala po..

  13. Naku may mga issue na naman pala sa blogworld... hehehehhe... sana maayos na ito agad...

  14. bigyan kalayaan ang isang tao..kung ano ang pananaw ay respetuhin........kaya nga may freedom of expression..

  15. Anton Diaz may or not be Big Bad Blogger but can he honestly say he has not been a recepient of some "favors" from PR agencies? say Geiser-Maclang which has allegedly engaged in this PR trick among bloggers? or could be Anton and the Geiser-Maclang are the mainn actors here? puzzle puzzle

  16. totoo yung si anton nga


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