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who is the BIG BAD BLOGGER?

Just when I am about to start a series on food blogging came this controversy about a BIG BAD BLOGGER circulating online and in mobile tweets. The story goes .....

""The Firm that approached Georgia told her that if she was willing, they would make sure that her restaurant got positive reviews on the Net. Still, Georgia declined, believing that she would succeed on her own merits. A few days later, Big Bad Blogger ate at her restaurant. He smiled, ate like a regular blogger, took pictures with his ginormous SLR, and paid for his meal. He wrote a raving review about the restaurant. She thought it was a sincere review.

However, a few days after THAT, The Firm called Georgia again. “Have you seen Big Bad Blogger’s post?” they asked. Of course she had. “He works with us. We have an arrangement with him. We can make sure that more bloggers write about your restaurant the same way if you hire us.”
How much? Georgia asked. The price demanded: P120,000 a month for a year. “What?!” Georgia thought. “These guys are crazy.” And again she gently declined. They lowered the offer to P80,000. (That’s P80,000 per month x 12 months or P960,000; almost a million bucks.) Georgia still declined.


Cut to a year later when Georgia opened another restaurant. Big Bad Blogger visits. Again, he smiled, ate like a regular blogger, took pictures with his ginormous SLR, and paid for his meal. This time, though, he wrote a scathing review. A few days after that, The Firm called Georgia again. “Have you seen Big Bad Blogger’s post?” they asked. Of course she had. “He works with us. We can make sure he retracts his comments and clarifies that your restaurant is not bad but really good after all.” For the same price. ""

in the blog of
some of her readers mentioned that they have somebody in mind.
one even gave away clues---

big blogger with bad english
and ugly blog design

I know a lot of  food bloggers but I am not sure if any of them directly works with PR groups. Sure, I get invited in EVENTS---organized blog events or direct invitations from PR companies and or friends who work with those PR groups so I kinda relate to this.


* without name(s) mentioned, it kinda unfair. stories could be blown out of proportion .what if this is just meant to discredit the blogging community? It's unfair for this restaurant owner to accuse something as grave as this without saying who this person is. My point, it should have been either expose all the way  or shrug it off nalang. 
* the PR company might just be using the name of the BIG BAD BLOGGER for it's gain without the person aware of it.
* if it is true, extortion is extortion and theres no justification to it.
*  this is also an eye opener for events bloggers like me as it reminds us to regularly check our motives and ask ourselves if we are still true to the things we believe in.
* some raised issues about freebies for bloggers affecting their reviews of certain establishments. ---yes, it has an effect ---but as readers of your favorite blogs, you should be wise enough to call if the post is a sell.
* ...or is this print media/ traditional media attacking social media and the blogging community because they feel threatened?


here's from MARKET MANILA
Ms. Naemi Boado twitted "conspiracy theory. Telcos are behing this BBB controversy so that bloggers would stop talking about broadband cap."

complete article here:


  1. this is bad for the bloggin community.

  2. kawawa din yung suspect. iilan lang naman yung BIG BLOGGER so madali hulaan.. tapos hindi pala totoo.

    well, both are unnamed. so nothing to gain for the resto and the BBB.

  3. kakabasa ko palang yan sa fb. nakakacurious.


    hanggat walang name, parang smear campaign lang.

  4. whaha its unfair.. di dapat ganun yun.. pambihira naman!!

  5. Big Bad Blogger = Anton Diaz of OAP

  6. Kapalmuks na ba ang labanan sa blogging?! jowk... isa lang kelangan diyan... HIYA at DELICADEZA! hehehehehhe

  7. walang ganunan dapat... masama ang ganun..

  8. ambilis ah! kaka post ko plng.
    kawawa si BB kase malay ba naten kung alam nya yang ginagawa ni The Firm. tsk tsk.

  9. I hope that the people involved gets a chance to clear their names first. Sana wag nang palalain ng ibang bloggers and issue.

  10. i was about to pass judgement on this big bad blogger news in inquirer... :)

  11. kakabasa ko lang din nito.. bad bad nga.. nawawalan ng credibility ang blogs...

  12. Nawawala kasi respeto ko at di ako naniniwala pag bayaran yung blogger or pag tumatanggap ng freebies at gifts. Kakahiya yung ganun parang patay gutom naman! sana may integrity at credibility ang mga bloggers. Pero anyway nakikita naman yan sa number at quality of readers/commenters if sinusundan ka o hindi.

  13. Eh umiisyu. Sana may magsalita na para maliwanag yung issue.

  14. Hmmm this is not good... i am not a blogger but i love following/reading blogs because i got lots of ideas. hope lumabas na yung totoo kasi wawa nmn and its unfair para dun sa tinutukoy na Big Bad Blogger, being accused sa bagay na hindi nmn ginagawa haist

  15. aww..di ko alam kung anong dapat kong sabihin..

  16. Anton Diaz IS NOT Awesome as he would love to think he is. with his mediocre blog and his certainly unappealing "TV show" dreams.

    I know a lot of restos and chefs who collectively despise Anton. His general ignorance of what real cuisine is (and even the obvious tastes and flavors of dishes), is what shocks most of these cooks, chefs, and restos. Of course, his blogger fans, buddies, or accomplices are jumping to his defense like the good little campers they are. Weeeee!

    In my general opinion, he should just stick to average restaurants on his self-indulging little trips. He has neither the palate nor the class for such establishments. He is merely a pedestrian. And as such, his blog should not be the standard of good taste or cuisine. He is not a true food critic. Not a culinary expert. Just a normal consumer. So read his blogs with a grain of salt and with low expectations. Bloggers are treading on the thin line of what true journalism is. Without the training and experience that people in publishing have. True there are some gifted ones and some actual writers who have their own blogs, but in general, bloggers have invaded the very center of life as we know it. Flooding it with experiences that should seriously be kept private. Their "diaries" have been a source of power that unfortunately gets abused very often. I really think there should be a limit to what Blogs should really be and do.

    Here's another blind item about another supposed Foodie. I know for a fact that a certain DESSERT blogger also likes to get paid. Of course, you may believe what you will. But I know... she likes to have her cake and eat it too. Don't you? Watch out, you may be next in being exposed.

    So to the followers of these so-called Foodies and these eat-pray-love happy vultures called Food Bloggers. You all leave a bad taste in my mouth.

  17. too bad for the blogging community as most probable investors would take it so badly (possibly even exaggerated).

    i hope that it will be cleared soon.

  18. ^You know what leaves a bad taste in my mouth? Yung mga anonymous commenters.

  19. silverlining0801.mulitply.comJanuary 25, 2011 at 8:41 AM

    hi, anton. shie here.

    i can't be a food blogger because i have a sensitive tongue. i am certain that i'll be cruel in my judgment.

    i grew up eating and breathing italian food since my mom is an italian citizen.

    for more than 20 years i still discover a lot of things about this cuisine --thanks to my mom.

    anyway, what i find annoying is when i read blogs criticizing italian cuisine. and these bloggers, obviously, did not grow up eating italian and have not even traveled to italy. Jesus Christ! just because they eat spaghetti and pizza they can already claim they know italian.

    many are looking for sweet sauce and saucy pasta. others complain about the herbs used. they sound idiot to me, really.

  20. errr... i dunno what to say.....,

  21. naku, nadungisan na naman ang pangalan ng blogging community nito. sana lang, di ito totoo.

  22. This is really bad for the blogging community most especially for food bloggers.

    Anyways, I do hope that the writer of the article in Inquirer would name who is this Big Bad Blogger!

  23. hindi lang food blogging.


    nakakaawa naman mga taong nagbabasa ng blog kung pr sila ng pr hindi naman pala totoo mga pinagsasabi nila sa blog nila.


  24. kakalungkot ang nangyayari, di naisip ni BBB na it will affect even his/her business in the future, unless he/she is intentionally doing it to destroy food blogging competition - INGGIT!

    Ako I love to be a food expert pero I don't have that skill yet and sa ngayon kasi meron vetsin ang dila ko, lahat ng kainin ko ay masarap hehehe!

  25. It is so unfortunate that in the Philippines, you believe or rely so much in blog from food bloggers. In California, if the food is good,we patronize it no matter how unpopular that place is. It could be a food truck or a big restaurant. We could give our reviews based on how we like the food or service but a food blogger can not influence our choice. Based on what I am reading now re:Big Bad Blogger's so called extortion style (if true)to the restaurant owner,this is so unfortunate. Philippines can never enjoy the beauty of free enterprise.That's why I love Los Angeles, entrepreneurs can bring out the best in them and be recognized by us, the consumers according to our
    taste and not by some "foodie bloggers"......


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