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Apalit Church Pampanga

I remember that me and my wife spent January 2, 2010 in Pampanga with our friend, Gemas family in Pampanga. It was the first of such visit as her mom specifically requested for it. A year after, we were back in Apalit, to visit her family, but this time for a different purpose and sadly, for a tragic reason, his dads burial. We were shocked when we found out that he had a heart attack before Christmas.

Gema's family spent Christmas in the hospital and before the end of the year, his father had a second attack and he didn't make it. A very untimely death. I guess it's really like that, death doesn't make exemptions. The most happy season of year suddenly became the saddest to remember in my friends family. I really feel sad for the loss of his dad...........

After the burial, Teresa and I decided to go back to Binangonan. But there was this church which captured my attention after seeing its bell tower from afar. Gema said it is a famous chucrh. And so Teresa and I decided to have a look and say our short prayer at the same time......

True enough, it is the famous Church of Apalit....


The Catholic community of Apalit dates back to 1590. The former Church was built from brick but was destroyed by the earthquake of 1863. The present church was constructed by Mariano Santos of Guagua under the supervision of Rev. Antonio Redondo, then O.S.A. between 1876 and 1880. It's towers were finished in 1896 by the Torbio Fanjul . He purposely made them low to minimize the effect of earthquakes.

church of apalit



I have always been fascinated with churches. I really feel that Philippine churches are beautiful. One of the main reasons why I am dying to go to Ilocos is because I want to see the magnificent old churches there. Apalit Church is nothing shy of the beautiful churches we have in this country.




The interior is also impressive. Reminded me of some of the churches we saw in Cebu during our trip last year. There were many parishioners during that time since it was Sunday. I love churches like these with paintings on the ceiling. Makes me feel that every inch of the interior is a telling story.


apalit church pampanga

I am no authority when it comes to church photography as I am not very familiar with the key points that I should not miss. In some cases in the past, I just take pictures of the facade of the church and that's it. There are some bloggers who I really admire when it comes to this genre. Estan Cabigas for Church Photography and Joel Aldor for chronicling Catholic churches in the Philippines.

I also remember being in Pampanga during the Holy Week of 2010 and back then, I was not yet convinced of the intensity of religious tradition in Pampanga. After seeing Apalit Church, I came to realize that this province is really religious and its history is rich. Apalit church is not to be missed when visiting Pampanga.

Check out the websites of my idols in Philippine Church blogging.


  1. oh wow, nice shots! wanna see this one up close too. pampanga ain't too far from us, yey!

  2. share lang. ugali ko , pag may pinupuntahan kaming lugar, una naming binibisita ang mga simbahan lalo na ung mga old churces tapos kakatok ako dun sa pintuan sabay wish.

    si wifey mo model ah. hehehe.

    again, good shots :)

  3. Thanks for the shoutout, Anton! Pero hindi ako photographer. Paki-edit lang, BAKA MAY MAG-REACT JAN! :P

  4. inaabangan ko ang picture nyo na partner shirt 87 hehehe. maganda yung church ng Angeles Pampanga, modern sa loob. baka makavisit ka.

  5. wow for the interior. adds mores solemnity to the church. hmm maybe i should engage with serious church hopping next time =)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. whahaha di ka nagyaya lapit lang sa amin yan hehehe.. i miss that church.... :D nice shoot imba ka na talaga buds heheh :D

  8. ganda ng loob...mapapakanta ka ng "amazing" ng Aerosmith hehe

  9. wow.. nice onE.. katabing-bayan lang namin ang apalit pero di pa ko napupunta dito..

  10. so yang simbahan palang yan e konte lang ang agwat ng edad sa pagpunta ni magellan. napakahistoric.

    galing talaga photographer ni bespren pusa. boboto kita sa photoblogger category

  11. ganda ng church

    hmm speaking o church, napapansin ko na panay naggagandahan ang ating simbahan.. kahit saan ako mapadakong lugar, ang gaganda ng simbahan, parang hindi church of the poor.. napansin ko lang naman hehehe

    magandang araw sayo marekoy pusa

  12. hello...napadaan galing sa UBLOG sa fb.. ganda nung church ah... at yun lang nasabi ko??

    totoo lang minsan nalilito na ako sa mga pangalan ng mga simbahan..kase ang dami ko na din (medjo) napuntahan... hmmm.. pero ang ganda nitoo Apalit... kase yung parang pabilog sa na kisame sa likod... sa may altar... hmmm..

  13. Akala ko si Glentot 'yung nakaupong batang nakaharap sa simbahan na naka stripes. LOL!

  14. thanx for the link anton. i like apalit church for its simplicity and beautiful interiors

  15. Wow!! Ke gandang simbahan... =)

  16. ang ganda naman ng simbahan na to..parang ang sarap magpakasal sa mga ganyang simbahan kahit na di ako catholic hehehe


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