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ZOOM Treetop Adventure: Circulo Verde

I am sure you heard of the famous Treetop Adventure in Subic. I did several times and I felt jealous they have one. That until I discovered that I don't have to go that far just to experience the thrills of zipline. Yes, because the company bought it here and its at Circulo Verde in Quezon City!!!

We were there last December as part of the Drixine Nasal Decongestant bloggers event and Zoom treetop let us experience the world's online motorize zipline.

TREEtop Adventure

treetopadventure_circulo verde
orange magazine tv with Boy Kuripot

Superman and The Silver Surfer – the initial offerings of the unique theme park in the metro --will give Metro Manilans a new electrifying weekend must-do. The zip-line runs on electrically controlled motor cables that give a precise, realistic and exhilarating feeling of flying. Because it is motorized, flight speed and experience is smooth and consistent throughout, unlike ziplines that rely on the pull of gravity to power the ride.

bloggers getting ready for action with Cristel of OmnicomMedia Group ( w/camera)

pusangkalye@ circulo verde
I love the view from here

For starters, they can ride standing up on a pole like the Silver Surfer and sail on the power of the wind. For those who are ready for more adrenaline, Superman is best for you. Here, riders are taken up an open elevator to access the zipline terminals 100 feet above the ground. They can then choose to fly horizontally like Superman and get high on speed as they survey the lush greenery of the property and the Marikina River.

the elevator which takes you to the thrill

pusangkalye with boy kuripot doing SUPERMAN

At first, I was side side with Jeff Sy for the first round. But since Jeman villanueva didn't dare to try it, I used his ticket for another round. I love it!!!!!


SUPERMAN zipline

Also coming soon at ZOOM are two new and exclusive attractions. First, the Parachute Ride which simulates a parachute fall where one feels weightless for less than 2 seconds after jumping off a 100 foot tower. Then he/she experiences 3-4G on the descent, simulating the opening of the parachute until he/she reaches 2 feet above the ground. At that point the cable stops the fall gently – the way Tom Cruise’s fall was stopped in Mission Impossible 1. This ride can be taken standing up or facing down.

Jeman Villanueva getting ready to be lifted up

that's me and my hush puppies going up up the air

“Despite the ultimate thrill, riders can just relax and enjoy the adventure from start to finish. The safety design of Zoom and other Treetop Adventures is much higher than the international standard of safety for similar systems, with an additional lifeline for guests to fully enjoy and feel secure as they experience the joy of flying,” assures Engineer Mario Montejo, President and CEO of Northwest Steel Technologies, Inc. who designed the zipline adventures and was also responsible for the country’s first ever Robotic Carpark located at Frontera Verde in Pasig.


ZOOM is the highlight feature of Verde Weekends, a unique offering of the Ortigas-owned green residential complex that has turned almost six hectares of its property into a theme park and weekend destination, also featuring a soccer field, a jogging park, a remote control racetrack facility, and vast greenery open to the public for leisure activities on weekends.

ZOOM is open daily from 10 am to 7pm. A tapas bar called Senor Paquito is also located at the viewing deck of Zoom Treetop Adventure@ Circulo Verde.

I will definitely be back here and bring my friends along!!!!


more info here: 
or call 9284595, 9286867 and 4332480


  1. katakot naman! sana may lakas ako ng loob matry to hehehe

  2. shit na malagkit... OmnicomMedia imbak ka ba.... ikaw na heheheh :D
    namiss ko ang ganitong experience :D

  3. takot ako sa mataas,, nalulula ako hehehe.. pag nasa fourth floor lang ng SM at dumungaw sa baba, lula na ko.. wahhh wat more pag ganito...

    pero sana matry ko din hehehe

  4. gusto ko 'to!! malapit pa sa bahay... i will definitely try this :)

  5. Grabe nakakatakot to, pero gusto ko itong masubukan :)

  6. ang saya naman neto.. pero di ko pa sure kung kaya kong sumakay.. pag-iisipan ko pa.. hahaha

  7. Like!

    Eto ang gustong gustong gusto ko. Haha.

  8. this sure is fun as i only tried the one in subic. when i first learned about this i wanted to go there immediately but i simply am too lazy when im in the metro. lol

  9. Exxxxtreeeeeme!

    Glad to know it's just within the Metro..

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. wonderful feature!
    will take my balikbayan cousin here this week :)))


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