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AQUANAUT VOYAGE: reef walking at Manila Ocean Park

Good news, you don't have to go as far as Boracay to experience it. It's here in the Metro and it's at Manila Ocean Park. I know, I know, it's not like the facility just opened yesterday (it was officially launched March 2010) but I am sure many of you are still waiting to try it. This is what me and my wife set out to experience last weekend.......

AQUANAUT VOYAGE makes underwater walking experience possible. This unique diving system uses a special helmet that let's you breath freely and  interact with marine animals.


This particular section of the Oceanrium is at the 2nd floor just above the aquarium. This is where the Glass Bottom Boat Ride is also availed. We arrived at around 5pm so there's not much of a queue. We were the last customers for the day. A "couple" came before us which I found out later on that the guy made his proposal during the dive.ahhhhh. sweeet.....

Guests are asks to sign a waiver before the actual dive. After that,  we were oriented by Mr., a qualified aquanaut diving instructor. It's my first time to try such so I was a bit nervous during the orientation. I remember my student from South Korea teasing me to include scuba diving among my to do list this year. Something that i can;t even imagine myself doing.

Arnel---our diving instructor for the day

Or maybe this is the first step. I know reef walking in Bora is done in the open sea, that is something that I also wanna experience. But the fact that this dive is going to happen in a controlled environment gave me a sense of security. Unlike traditional Scuba diving, Aquanaut voyage diving affords you the luxury of experiencing the undersea world without getting your face and hair wet. No training is necessary and no tricky diving equipment. You just breath normally as you would above water. you can even wear your glasses and contact lenses during your underwater voyage.

In my case, the thing that I noticed is the effect of the change in pressure on my ears. But it's normal. The instructor will teach you how to deal with it.

special helmets where  surface air is being pumped




Guests are required to wear a wet suit and aqua shoes. This is necessary because visitors of the ocean park could see you through the aquarium below. This is also for your safety as the oceanarium is packed with big fishes.

Anyone above five feet tall with medium body built is qualified. The diving helmet is as heavy as 30 kilograms so it is not recommended for thpse with heart or lung problem, pregnant, asthma and other respiratory ailments especially those with neck trouble or surgery and those who are claustrophobic. I thought I have claustrophobic but I guess it's just mild as I was able to conquer my fears during that day.


The walk was really pleasant. Kinda difficult to move around because you feel like floating at times but it was really a good experience. What i enjoyed are the hand signal used underwater. we took a few photos here and there while enjoying the 360 degree view of the aquarium and all the fish swimming around. If you have no underwater camera like us and wants to have a souvenir of how you look like inside, just approach the front desk and they can take photos for you. Of course it comes with a charge of 350 pesos. Good thing you get a copy burned in a CD so you can have them developed at will.


Just to add, I thought having to wear the special suit would mean I will not be wet or anything. I was wrong. So if you are planning to try this one out, be sure to bring extra clothing. They provide soap, shampoo and towel so don't worry. Hot and cold shower is also available.

I thought that's the inconvenient part, especially for tired commuters. But it was just me being ignorant and unprepared. After the pleasant underwater dive and taking a shower, that was the time when I fully realized that this is an experience which involves all your sense. Gave me the fresh feeling of just having been in a swim in the beach or snorkeling. 

Yes, we have experienced reef walking but we didn't have to go far. It's in the Metro and it's at manila Ocean park!!!!


RATE is 995php per head
Tues-Sun- 12 noon onwards
for more info:


  1. halos 1 year na yung huling punta ko dyan, at hindi ko pa nasusubukan ang ganyan...balita ko nakakabingi daw?

  2. ilan minutes sa isang reef walking?

    mas ok bora kasi takot ako ahhahaa

  3. Awww... I really wanna try this. Kainggit much.

  4. ikaw na! hehehehe. takot ako sa underwater eh hehehe

  5. sa Boracay P350 lang, 30mins, meron pang pictures and video with CD. toinks! pagkakaiba lang, sympre jan may sharks. ^_^

    i know why you are holding the helemt, kasi mabigat! ansakit ng balikat ko after kasi ang hirap magbalance. madapa ka and youre dead! papasukan ng tubig ang helmet mo. haha well, its still a very nice experience (and pricey) experience for you.

  6. saya naman..dko kaya ang isang libo hehehe..nagpunta kmi sa ocean park nug isang araw..pero anu gnwa ko? hehee kmain sa mumurahing food stall hahaha

  7. Ay, nainggit naman ako, Anton! hihihihi. Do you have to be a good swimmer para dyan? O yung mga katulad kong di marunong lumangoy (pero mahilig sa water) ay keri na?

  8. 5 minutes lang di ba sa underwater? nakita ko na yan sa site ng MOP hehehe im wondering kung gaano kalalim yung aquarium - kasi 30 ft lang kaya ng underwater camera ko... nice! Tama, bakit ka pa punta ng bora or anilao kung meron ng "diving" spot" sa manila hahaha. Ang "diving spot" eh sa KARAGATAN section di ba? Di pwede sa KALALIMAN section? *grin

  9. Ang pricey naman pero experience naman kaya winner na din! Ilang mins to?

  10. i didnt know that too. i assume it's a wet suit. pero ok na rin kung provided naman pala ang towel at may shower room.

    the experience sounds great!

  11. haha natawa ako ke Azrael. honga, mejo natakot din ako sa Bora! parang ang nice naman jan bespren. d pa tlga ako nakapasok jan. haha try ko yan one of these days

  12. wow i wanna experience this one!! s it okay with kids din ba 4 and 5 y/o?

  13. the place just keeps getting better :)

  14. I never thought that MOP has this kind of activity to offer to visitors. I agree, it keep getting better. This will definitely draw more tourist to Manila.

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