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WIKIPEDIA turns 10: Manila Bloggers won 4th place

WIKIPEDIA turned 10 yesterday, January 15 and Manila joined the global celebration through Wikipedia takes Manila, a photo scavenger hunt across the streets of Manila. With set off point in Paco Park Manila, the photo hunt started at 10am and ended at 5:30pm.

For our team, MANILA BLOGGERS, ---Jonel Uy and Azrael, it was a journey of perseverance and coordination and discovery. Under the hot sun, we went across Manila on foot, on tricycle, on jeepney, bus and train and successfully completed the challenge. And yeah-- our team won 4th palce!!!!!

WIKIPEDIA Takes Manila 2011 photo scavenger hunt participants 
at Paco Park

Josh Lim, President of Wikimedia Phils orienting the participants

team MANILA BLOGGERS-- Jonel Uy, pusangkalye and Azrael

WIKIPilipinas turns 10
participants leaving the set off point

I came to see and know areas of Manila I never dared to go to before especially the areas of Tondo. I imagined myself in an Amazing Race type of competition. It was very hot, sweat all over my face, dirty shoes, tired feet but it was journey of self discovery. It was hard I know but time moved swiftly. There were portions of the race when I felt tired but it was mostly and adrenaline ride for me and my teammates.

my teammates Jonel and Azrael with Darwin

Our decision not to go separate areas proved fatal to winning the top 3 spots but we don't have the slightest regret for it. We got to know more of each other and we enjoyed every single step side by side each other. It was comfortable to think that somebody is there to look behind your shoulders while walking through unfamiliar sidewalks. We were chanting at each other along the way, joking and taking each step as a step towards discovery.

I will take you to the places we've been to in the beautiful city of Manila in my next posts. I still got tons of photos and sore muscles to deal with so hope you enjoy this video from WIKIMEDIA Phils. for the meantime.



  1. hehheeh buti dirty shoes lang tayo
    yung isa e...nasira yung shoes..
    pero naka survive pa din using mcgyver's skills ehehe

  2. Congrats guys :) We are proud of you. :)

  3. Congratulations for winning the 4th place. Go Pinoys!

  4. congratz kuya pusa!!!


  5. Congrats manila! kakainggit ang mga photos. aabangan ko ang next post. moe pictures!

  6. Galing galing..Keep it up! As a filpino, bilib ako sa inyo!...^^

  7. Nice,sayang hindi ako nakapunta dito..

  8. congratulations! very proud of my friend! hehehehe

  9. wow galing naman nito! ;D congrats sa inyo!!! :D

  10. meron pala nito hehe. congratulations :)

  11. congratulations... more power po

  12. wow! wow! i like the shirt! penge po ng wikepedia shirt. he he

  13. Naks.. Ayus ah? Congrats.. Bigtime ka na talaga. Imbayted sa gento? haha

  14. wow..makikita ko ba ang photos mo sa wikipedia? hehe..congrats ah...makakasali kaya ako ng mga ganyan...^^ pero galing shots ah..pang wiki na yan!


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