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EN SUMMARY: pusangkalye in 2010

 I know this is already so late for a year-ender. Let me make it a recollection then of the year that was 2010 in my life, as a blogger and as a private individual. I feel the need to do so as I am a melodramatic person.

Many things happened last year. Some are the worse I had experienced but they are not worth mentioning, not here. Important thing is, lesson learned. I wanna focus on the good things instead as there are more cause for celebration. 2010 was a year of major shifts in my personal life and blogging career. Here are the 10 best things that happened to me last year......

1. The Wedding

For a moment like this, some people wait a lifetime.lalala. Seriously, I waited 10 years of constant dating and I almost lost her on the last year. I am glad I was able to nail it and finally---sa simbahan din ang tuloy. While there were hesitations before, not because I am not sure as to get institutionalized or that I am unsure of the person to marry but more on the timing. I thought I was too

Good thing I did though. Now, I can proudly say---I am happily married!!!!

my wedding: April 25, 2010

2. travels

Only had a few trips this year, but I consider myself lucky. No umay factor. I am very happy I finally set foot on Banaue, Sagada and Palawan in 2010. Also conquesred some of my fears like going inside a cave and riding the zip line. More places to explore and more things to try this year!!!!

See complete list below:

sagada cave
Sumaging Cave Sagada. (above: on the way to Bomod-Ok Falls with Korean friends)

3. photography and young photographers Philippines

immediately after the wedding, we went back to Manila to buy my first dslr then headed to Banaue -Sagada for our honeymoon. Life and blogging since then has changed. I am so happy I went dslr. Life now is more colorful. Photography also opened a lot of opportunities for me. I got to meet YOUNG PHOTOGRAPHERS PHILIPPINES, who I consider dear to me. Endless photowalks and kulitan filled my weekends. My blogging also improved a lot because of the photos.........

my NICK KHUN--nikon d3000 dslr cameara


4. meeting bloggers

I met around 100 bloggers this year and I still have so many in my list who I want to meet in 2011. It has been a very liberating experience meeting the people I admire in the blogosphere and each meeting for me is as exciting and educational at the same time. I learned a lot because of this, not just in terms of blogging but on the social aspect as well. Yes, blogging is a social thing and as I have said, interaction is very important. Meeting bloggers for me is taking the interaction to a different level.....



 Another major shift in my blogging as it allowed me to finally go full blast on meeting bloggers. It also made me build more connections. Something that I hesitated to do before. But I have always wanted to cover events and after the Thunderbird Resort sponsored tour, things started to change BIG TIME. My traffic greatly improved and I started to get recognition as a photoblogger. I am thankful to Nica of Thunderbird for picking my blog and I wanna say thank you to Azrael who I met in the tour for opening his group to me. Blogging since then has always been fun.For that I am forever grateful. It was also the time I got to meet Gael, and not to mention, to be reunited with Chyng Reyes again.

at Thunderbird Resort Rizal

5. blog transformation

Last year saw a major transformation in my blog. From personal, to photoblog (a  real photoblog) , then to events. I have covered more than 20 events last year and I am looking forward to more this 2011. Good thing I categorized my blog as a photoblog early on, that gave me more flexibility on the topics I can cover ( as long as there is a photo in the post.hehe) ---and so I now define PUSANGKALYE as a photoblog of my travels and events and everything in between. Very encompassing ayt? I am not just a personal or travel or events blogger. I am a photoblogger and I hope to be better at it this year. Perhaps land a nomination in the Philippine Blog Awards? why not? hahaha
6. moving to a new village

It was August 2009 when I officially  moved to Saint Monique Valais in Binangonan. But 2010 was what I consider the real year of staying here since its my first full year of living my new village. For now, I can finally say I found my home. In as much as find it hard to go to Manila every weekend just to attend blog events and take care of other stuff, I find it comforting to know that I now have my own place to go home to. A place I can definitely be proud of.

Saint Monique Valais

7. my motorbike

This damn motorbike that I love so much!!!!lol. It's the only thing I can afford and it took me 18months to pay. Finally finished the loan with a sweet sigh of relief. Now, my salary will no longer be deducted 4,500php a month. That's really a big deal given all the expenses here and there. Another 2010 goal accomplished.Sana car na next time.D:

my Suzuki J-PRO


One of the most memorable tours I had in years ---with strangers. I got to enjoy it so much and I realized how fun bloggers are when they travel together. With this I can definitely say I found new friends as you will just get to know the real person when you travel with him. I become a little melodramatic whenever I remember this tour as it was really a feel good experience. To TEAM WESTERN PANGASINAN, tara, travel uli!!!

photo taken in front of Saint James church of Bolinao

Marky, Gael, pusangkalye, Robbie, Ada, Darwin, Mica, Josh and sir Rey
at the Hundred Islands National Park

10. blog awards

I was not nominated in any blog award last year but I was able to attend 3 in the span of 2 weeks. December was really a busy blog awards month. The Philippine Blog Awards, Pinoy Expats Blog Awards and Saranggola Blog Awards. It was nice being part of these events, meeting blogging and picking good ideas from all the entries and winners. Congratulations to my friends who got the nominations and eventually the trophy. Sana mapasama nako sa list this year. Again. hahaha

philippine blog awards 2010
I am not a winner--just posing for the photo wall with Ada.hahaha

Thse are the 10 major events for me last year. Other than that, I would like to say I am thankful and really elated that my wife was finally promoted to Master teacher 1 after 8 years of teaching in public school. She finally got the recognition she desreves for working really hard.

2010 was definitely a good year for pusangkalye. I hope to break more grounds this year. A stable job, more travels, take my blog to another notch, more events, have a baby in the house and finally quit smoking. Wish me luck......



  1. I enjoyed reading your accomplishment my grabe blast ang 2010 mo, if I were to write my experiences in 2010 kung ikaw melodramatic ako super dramatic :)) it's nice that sa last quarter naging masaya dn sinula nung umatend ako ng mga gatherings ng bloggers :D It is really TRUE n grabe ibang level ang interactions when you get to meet them all :D

    Nice meeting you! And more events! Cheers! :D Happy NEW YEAR!!!

  2. wishing you more opportunities this 2011. and oh! btw, i changed my number. i sent an sms to you. hope you received it. english yan ha! hehehehe

  3. What can I say? From a shy boy now to a full grown man! Hahahah!

    I have always regarded you as an intelligent person and I still remember eavesdropping whenever you do your sessions back at Power One.

    Go get them! ^^x

  4. oh.. kasal,kasalo kasali hehehehe :D
    2. ikaw na mahilig magtravel.. minsan nga sama ako pero dapt treat mo hehehe.. and young photographers Philippines naks naman.. dumamadami ang connections..
    4.meeting bloggers 100 naks ikaw na sikat sa mga meet up.. but seriously tama ka u will learn a lot on that meet up :D
    5.THUNDERBIRD RESORT... ito maganda to if im not mistaken dito nagshooting ngayun ang My driver sweet lover ng TV5. transformation whaha parehas tayo from personal to photoblog.. apir..
    7.iba talaga ang may sariling bahay..
    8.naks naman anung car yan,,, :D awards .. dahil dito nameet na rin kita atlast.. :D

    have wishing you more blessing,opportunity,raket at more goal this 2011 at more shoot.. :D

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. it was nice meeting you in 2010 Anton... Kahit di pa talaga tayo nag-meet personally... Hahaha!!! Sana before 2011 ends, magkaroon na ng chance na mag-meet tayo... wahahahaha!!! Good luck po this 2011... =D God Bless always... =D

  7. Congratulations tol ngayon ko lang nalaman na this year ka lang kinasal, napakaswerte niyong dalawa sa isat isa and im pretty sure na you'll live a life time of happiness. Secondly napakaswerte mo dahil napakaganda ng napangasawa mo :)

    Nice to meet Nick - Nick Khun, your camera. sana mapakilala ko din siya kay Dina - Dina N. Ty yung cam ko naman.

    Napakasuccessful ng year na to para sa art mo. Rest assured we will keep on following your works.

    Keep it up bro.

  8. Oh yeah, major shift ang nangyari sayo ng 2010 at dahil jan eh, Congratuleshions!!! :)

    Antoniooow, thanks for the help when I was doing our PP trip. Much appreciated :)

    PS: At talagang may Shania Twain pa na pagkanta ah haha :D

  9. Ang dami. Ang dami mo talagang naachieve. Saludo ako sayo. This year ka lang pala kinasal, akala ko matagal na.

    Sobrang blessed ka ng 2010 mapa-personal o as a blogger pa. May God continually bless you this year. Happy New Year. :)

  10. di ko alam na kasal ka na pala, hehehe
    well anyway, congratulations po :)

    manlilibre na yan sa anniv oh, ahaha

    look up not down when facing the challenges okay?

    God Bless po


  11. dami din talagang nagyari. meeting 100 bloggers in a year! whoa! i dont think i can even list a hundred bloggers.

    2010 was indeed nice for you at para sa akin yung wedding nga ang isa sa pinaka masayang araw.

  12. Great year! Hope this year brings you more blessings! :)

  13. dami mong events na napuntahan. actually it's a mix of different meetups which is really great. hope to meet you din one of these days anton!

  14. awww halos maiyak naman ako :P
    congrats sa mga achievements mo Anton! :)

  15. Ngayon ko lang 'to nakita teehee :D 2010 was a good year for you and it is a sort of a slap (slap? haha whatta term) para maging bonggang blogger na :D I remember you having hesitations pa when i first met you in 2009. Just like you, na-emo din ako everytime yung Pangasinan trip ang pinag-uusapan. Thank you, many many :D


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