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first bloggers night out for 2011

Looks like early indications of more blog eyeballs and meeting more bloggers this year is on. As I said , I met more or less 100 bloggers in 2010 and I still have many in my list that I wanna see personally. I accidentally met 2 new bloggers last Saturday.

It was a bit different last time though. I was with my wife for the first time. She prefers not meeting bloggers with me coz she doesn't want to be "out of place" in conversations. She is not a blogger so she thinks she cannot relate to our topics. But since we planned to go to Seattle's Best coffee in Greenbelt 3, I secretly contacted some bloggers who are in the area during that day........

bloggers night out

Good thing yanah was in the area. He texted Arvin and Arvin immediately said yes. Then Bernard also said he is available. We were actually late because of Teresa's Saturday class in Mandaluyong. When we came, Bernard, Arvin, Yanah and Pajay were already waiting.

So there, Pajay ----is officially the 1st blogger i met in 2011.

PEBA and saranggola bloggers
with Pajay on the left.....


We stayed in gb3 for around 2 hours. Teresa was tensed at first but she eventually loosened up. She really enjoyed talking to Arvin and Yanah. At around 9pm, we started texting other bloggers who could possibly join us. It was such a short notice so most people were already engage in different appointments. Good thing 3 responded to our clamor for a drinking session. 

We then hopped to Madison Square Pioneer Mandaluyong for drinks. We opted the area because alcohol there is cheap.

a full packed bar in Madison Square

Time have changed big time. Manila transforms into a booze paradise every weekends and that's very prevalent in places like this one in pioneer. People of all legal age drown in beer and party all night long. Now who say there's a financial crisis? hehehe

Teresa enjoying the company of Bernard and Arvin....

Later in the night, Mark joined us. I was surprised he showed up because he said early during the day that he is still recovering from sickness so he couldn't go out. Good thing Bernard was able to convince him to go out. I would have missed meeting Mr. KL guy. He was full of energy when he came, no signs of sickness at all. At kung makalagok ng badtrip na cocktail drink, para nang walang bukas.hahaha



Mel later joined us straight from work in Makati. She said her client cancelled so she was able to be with us. I met Mel in saranggola blog Awards last December and she was very quiet back then. This time around, she got a little more talkative. Totoo talaga that alcohol loosens the tongue. Inum pa tayo Mel!!! Beer pa!!hahaha

Lei also came, he said he left his books just to join us. Lakas talaga ng hatak ni Bernard. Lei is also oe of the quiet type. He was not very quiet that night but I discovered another aspect of this seemingly timid kid, me attitude pala. kidding. Sinabi kasi nya na wala ako sa blog roll nya. Ikaw na Lei!!!! hahaha. peace

here are some
INTIMATE SHOTS of the night..........

Mhel and Bino

Mark and Lei ( mark got really red in the face right after the 1st shot)

Lei and Yanah

Bernard and Mark...the reunion

anung kaguluhan to??? D:

SPOTTED during the night


The Dramatic Parting


It's not that people starting shedding tears that's why I said the parting was dramatic. It's just that when we were in the sidewalk waiting for the cab, a group of strangers suddenly started attacking each other. Yanah and the girls got scared. Found out later na me balat pala sa pwet itong si yanah at lagi nalang may nag-aaway pag napapadaan sya. hahaha

We finished at around 4am.
So, there, started the year with another bloggers eb.  Looking forward to meeting more bloggers in person........



  1. grabeeeeeeeee ka!

    wala akong balat noh! hahaha

    saka ang tindi mo.. 4pm???? 4am lang oi.. :D

    i had fun that night.. i really enjoyed bonding with your wife.. andami kong nalaman tungkol sayo.. hahahahaha

  2. grabeeeeeeeee ka!

    wala akong balat noh! hahaha

    saka ang tindi mo.. 4pm???? 4am lang oi.. :D

    i had fun that night.. i really enjoyed bonding with your wife.. andami kong nalaman tungkol sayo.. hahahahaha

  3. Bakit lagi akong mukhang lasing sa piktyuran? Hehehe. Theresa's so nice and with sense of humor ü

  4. ayun oh.. EB na naman... hope to see you guys again soon! :)

  5. whahhah.. parang yan yung pwesto naman yung pumunta kami dian hehehe....
    more EB.. magiging hari ka na ng EB.. hehehe :D

  6. WAH! Si PAJAY! Long time no hear from him. Nagba-blog pa ba 'yan? LOL! At nasa Pinas pala siya.

    Pati pala si Flamindevil kasama. Astig!

  7. more EB thsi year...


  8. Kung ano man yung iniinom niyo.. Pahinge naman ako niyan!!

  9. Yun oh... unang banat sa 2011... EB agad! lol.... hehehehhehe

  10. galing naman po nito kuya pusangkalye... buti kau nakakapag meet tlga at bonding.. hihi inget ako haha.. sana maeet ko din kau ^_^ kaso bawal ata bata? heh

  11. Wow. Meet-up agad. Haha. Madami ka na naman nga malilista nito by the end of the year.

  12. wow naman oh ikaw na talaga ang hari ng EB kuya hehehe IMBA ka talaga hehehe =)


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