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Friday, January 28, 2011

Paco Park Manila

Paco Park is a national historical shrine located in Paco Manila Philippines. It was originally planned as a municipal cemetery for the well-off and established aristocratic Spanish families who resided in the old Manila, or the city within the walls of Intramuros during the Spanish colonial era.It was completed shortly after the cholera outbreak of 1820, 1822 to be exact.  Nine of the niches here were donated by the city of Manila in grateful acknowledgement of the services of the Dominicans to the victims of the cholera.

PACO park


There is Mortuary chapel at the center of the park where the mausoleum of Governor General Ramon Solano Y Lladeral is. The remains of the Philippine National Hero Jose Rizal Y Mercado were interred here from December 30, 1898 to December 29, 1912. The remains of the three martyred priests Mariano Gomes, Jose Burgos and Jacinto Zamora ( GOMBURZA) were also buried here.

Chapel of St. Pancratius inside Paco Park


The burial or interment at the Paco Park ceased in 1912. The descendants of the families then transferred their ancestors to another location. It amazes me to see the circular walls of the park adorned by niches and the top of the walls made into pathways for promenades.


Paco Park today is under the responsibility of the National Park’s Development Committee (NPDC) and is famous for hosting events related to culture. Paco Park Presents, a weekly classical concert is held every Friday afternoons.

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  1. dapat mapreserve ng maayos.. ganda ah.. alaala ng nakalipas... :)

  2. never been to paco park. makapunta nga minsan. pero binondo muna ko :D

  3. i'd been to paco park once... so sad i wasn't able to see what's inside the dome/chapel because of that wedding going on before... what i like about paco is the cemetery, esp. the "osario" section for infants...


  4. ah dyan pala yun shoot sa isang scene sa movie nila john lloyd
    "miss you like crazy" ganda naman dyan! pupunta ko dyan next na uwi ^^

  5. libingan ba yang nakikita ko ser?

  6. Wow naman! parang article lang sa mag oh! naks! hehehehhehhe

  7. ganda..may natitira pa palang ganyang lumang ganyan dito sa Pilipinas lalo na sa Manila...

  8. Ang ganda naman ng architecture noon. Napakaclassic pa niya. Good thing napreserve siya. Sana makapunta ako dito ^^

  9. parang ang sarap naman maglakad-lakad jan... kung tutuusin madame talagang magagandang lugar dito sa Pinas...

  10. ganda ng place... dapat tlga alagaan ito .. san balang araw magawi din ako dito

  11. nice shots..iba talaga kapag mga historical places ang nasa picture..=)

  12. sa tagal ng nilagi ko sa manila, halos araw-araw bumababa ako sa faura ni hindi ko man lang nasilayan ang loob ng paco park, hanggang sa labas lang...sayang!!! but then im looking forward to see that national heritage of ours...siguro pag-uwi!!! di ba naging pit stop pa yan ng TARA2?...

    happy weekend, kuya!

  13. Diyan nag shooting dati sina JLC! :D

  14. gusto ko pumunta jan! panu pumunta jan? syangapala, bigay ko sau yung installer pagbalik ko ng manila..u

  15. Ang ganda pala sa Paco Park, haven't been here yet, dadaanan ko din to pagbalik ko, (nice photos too :)

  16. FROM WIKI lol,,,,,

  17. Hi~ Can I ask if there's a permit if you're going to shoot there with set-up (flash and reflector) thanks~

  18. cloverxxkorhz---yes, permit is required.And you have to pay for that. You even need to submit a letter of intent.Sakit sa bangs no?

  19. Nice one, last week we went in that park... Napaka-historical ng place n yan...

  20. Meron po bang Entrance fee jan?


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