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researching for our next trip feet are already itching. can't wait to board the next plane out of the country and explore the world. The last out of the country trip was Singapore of 2008 and that experience really opened our eyes on many things. And so my wife and I are planning to travel abroad again. This is what is keeping me busy these past few days.....researching for our itinerary.


I find blogs very informative. I am part of this group in facebook called Pinoy Travel Bloggers and I really learn a lot from the blogs of other members. I don't necessarily ask directly but I quietly read their posts about Hongkong and Macau and get insights as to how to save, where to stay, what to see, transportation etc.
I find the following blogs very helpful:

macau website

I was busy chatting people these past few day including Ed of asking about his total expences in their HK-Macau trip and I was shocked about the amount. I want to make this 2nd outside the country trip more tipid this time around as I find spending 40k php in Sg way back 2008 impractical. I was new in blogging those days and I didn't know many things so i want to be wiser this time around and make blogging work for me.

Yeah, I think it's better if you do the research yourself rather than availing of those expensive guided tours outside the country. there are many blogs that can help you......

As to my research, I still have tons of information to digest, after all, this is Hongkong, a metropolitan jungle, imagine the whole Philippine economy compressed in that small territory. I am soooo excited!!!!

other sites that are helpful

special thanks to my friends 
Ro Anne --in Macau and
Lerry     -- HK for the constant chats. salamat guys.

more info here:


  1. Sabi ng Nanay ko, maganda daw sa Hongkong. Kaya lang kasi may nagtour talaga sa kanila dun kaya dinala na sila sa mura. Madami din akong nababasang blog na madaming tips sa pagtravel. Nakakainggit naman tuloy.

  2. haha. thanks for the mention anton! hehe. We didn't hire an agency for the tour. but disclaimer lang na di masyado malaki ang babayaran mo basta di ka na mag bungy jumping. hehe

    also, we went to almost all the tourist spots (Disneyland, Ocean Park) and also did some shopping which made it more expensive. hope my entries have helped you! and good luck on your trip! good luck ni wifey sa shopping! hehe

  3. sa hongkong the best ung night market. ung disneyland mas maliit sa tokyo disneyland pero ayos din. dami pang pinoy :)

  4. wow talaga.. kainggit naman..

    well, good luck sa trip and i'll be waiting for your tips ;)

  5. Good choice if you find HK as the next destination... though I have never been there, sabi nila make a trip to HK with Macau in itinerary as well kasi Macau daw is good for 1-day trip already.


  7. go at kareerin na yan!
    anu ka, hindi kaya bongga ang HK-Macau trip ko dahil boobita pa ko nun.. hehe

    Ed's is the most detailed.

  8. give your traveling abroad an immediate green light!

    we've been to HK 3x; even spent turn of a new year there but never explored macau yet. there'll be days for that i know.

    mabuti siguro nakalimutan na ng HK nationals what happened on that luneta tourist bus *nightmare yun for all pinoys abroad, even to us here in penang*

    enjoy your trips soon!

  9. Yah.. da best ang hongkong, kahit isang beses pa lang ako napupunta dun.

  10. try BKK-Phuket

    or Vietnam, cambodia

    or China :)

    Makikibalita ako, for sure dami na namang magandang PICS :)

  11. never been outside the country bout i am hoping to travel soon..haaay..inggit much!hehehe

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  13. hope you can share some more tips pagnatapos n aung trip you ingat na alng...

    im planning din kasi to go hk lalo na sa disneyland... pangako ko ung sa mama ko at pamangkin ko hanggang makaipon ako hehehe

  14. its exciting to be an OFW. Overseas Filipino Wanderer!

    God bless on your trip Antonio

  15. yun oh.. ikaw na... goodluck on ur trip :D

  16. kelan ba alis mo? baka magkasabay pa tayo? he he i'm going back to Hong Kong and Macau for the second time before the month ends. like you, i spend my nights on the internet researching he he

  17. Have fun in HK, try doing the trek at Dragon's Back if you still have time, amazing view, beautiful mountain, bus lang yun from the city


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