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2 cebu bloggers, 2 coves, 2 lovers and capones island

first--iwas umay effect.....

When we went to Cebu 2 years ago, I didn't really got the chance to meet any bloggers as i don't know any Cebu-based blogger then. At the same time, I didn't make any effort to acquaint myself with any of them as I had no confidence in meeting other bloggers. 2 years on and things have changed a lot. I am now a bloggers eb king ( and the list of more or less 100 bloggers last 200 keeps growing.

When I found out the Edcel Suyo of and Doi Domasian of were planning to go to Zambales, I immediately noted the date and prepared for it. Good thing they were happy to travel with us. I took my wife with me. It's her first time to travel with bloggers. It was weekend of fun hopping through 2 coves---Nagsasa and Anawangin--- then Capones the next day.

left to right: ed, me my wife Teresa and Doi

anawangin_top view
on top of the hill overlooking anawangin

Doi and Ed came all the way from Cebu to Clark Airport. From there, they immediately traveled to Olongapo where they waited for us in the early morning of Saturday. Teresa and I left Victory Liner Caloocan. We missed the first trip to Sta. Cruz Zambales at 4am because 40+ couch surfers were able to reserve tickets first. We boarded the 5am bus instead. I was usrprised that we were already navigating the zigzag down to Olangapo city after two and a half hours, I immediately called Ed and Doi to be ready. They boarded our bus and we headed straight to San Antonio, the 3rd town from Olongapo City. 

jumpshot in nagsasa


We took the time to buy stuffs in the local market as we decided to camp in one of the coves. Either Nagsasa or anawangin.We opted Nagsasa Budget was 400 pesos per head. We then took the tricycle (20 pesos per head) to San Miguel where our boatman was waiting for us.

And so the fun journey begins. Doi and Ted are the type of companions you want to be around with. Ed is the ultimate reflection of youth---fun, adventurous and full of adrenaline. Teresa told me that Ed made her realize many things---positive things. Stuffs like being passionate in life. I admit I also feel the same. I envy his energy and curiosity.
golden grass on the way to the lighthouse of Capones

on top of the lighthouse of Capones

Doi on the other hand is the planner. You feel secure when you are with her. Frank but not to the point of arrogance. I feel comfortable being with her because we both are straightforward. She is a decision maker. i think she noticed that I am also one, but I came to realize that this is their trip and I didn't want to spoil it so I let them decide for the most part. I was very pleased with my decision as it really made our trip light. 

The only tension we felt was during the night. The rechargeable lamp I brought didn't work and the charcoal from the market was impossible to light. We starved before we got our food cooked. But it was really nice.After all, no food is undesirable when you are The four of us were helping each other no matter the odds. I thought it was part of the experience. A little tension was a welcome thing for me. I miss the the days when I was in elementary school and attended camping.

The Southern Beach of Capones

It was nice meeting you Doi and Ed!!!!!
this fusion technique pose is for you.D:

Me and my wife are very glad we decided to travel with these two guys. Made us meet two bloggers who are very passionate about wandering. And it's not just about blogging, on the personal level, we got to know two wonderful people. For that we say thank you. I am sure this will not be the last.


with our boatman Mang Johny  (in yellow)

I also wanna say thank you to Mang Johny  for taking care of us. His brother in-law who served as our boatman was very accommodating. He made us feel safe amidst the rough waters of Zambales. For that, I highly recommend their services should you decide to go to Anawangin , Nagsasa or Capones.Boat rental starts @ 2,000php which is good for four people. Entrance fee to Anawangin is for 100php per head if you plan to stay overnight and 50 pesos for day trip. Same goes for Nagsasa. Capones is free. 

If you are a group of four from Manila and has a budget of 1,500-2,000 php, I would suggest you try Capones-Anawangin ang Nagsasa. I was in Capones 2 years ago but I didn't go to the two coves. I say it's part of the package--try one, try all and you'll not regret it. 

I will give my verdict in my next post as to which is the best spot for me. Watch out for that.....

Mang Johny's number:
0920 222 4687


  1. ganda ng place. malayo sa sibilisasyon at over crowded place.

    At astig sa jumpshot. Pano nagagawa na saktong-sakto na para kang naka-yoga sa ere?

  2. sayang di ako nakasama... next time ulet sana

  3. ang ganda parang gusto pumunta diyan hehe... anu ba yan bakit di gumana yung rechangable na dala mo dapat lagi kang may dalang extra hehehe...

  4. @anton. nice story with fellow bloggers. We can learned lesson out of our experiences along with our journey with others. Ok bai.

  5. wow pa beach beach si bespren pusa. di ka ba gininaw? wahahah

    bungga naman ng eb na yan!!!

    pagnakaipon ako, pupunta rin ako dyan sa capnes island hoho

  6. Kung naka andyan lang ako nakisabit na rin ako dito :), matagal ko na gusto makapunta sa Nagsasa :)

  7. Ang ganda ng place. Another one for my bucket list.

    Nice story din Anton, I can really feel the appreciation and gratitude on your experience with our fellow bloggers.

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. next time sama na ko. naiinggit ako!!!! lol

  9. i like how detailed your meeting each other part and the realizations.

    sabi nga namin nila Gael and Dom, you cant really meet a blogger over a 2-hr talk with coffee. you'll meet deeper pag nakasama mo na magtravel.


  10. ang ganda ng fussion and jumpshot pic..=) and ang ganda ng place parang sarap puntahan kapag nagkapera ako ill try this pangako ko yan sa sarili ko =)

  11. Nice.. ang ganda talga sa Capones... nakapag-islang nadin ako jan 1 time.. with anawangin and clown island ata yun.

  12. wow! awesome trip. i haven't met any travel bloggers too. Sana next time, ako din! he he

  13. ang saya nyong tingnan sa pic...hmmmm parang gusto kong mgsummer vacay jan ah....

    gusto ko yung jumpshot para ka lng nag levitate hehehe...

  14. nice nice antonio, reminds me of a cove in Bohol din, parang untouched, ewan ko lang ngayon

  15. i really forgot to consider bringing candles for the night. buti pa yung katol, na-isip ko but i forgot to buy one too. lol. as for the rechargeable lamp, that didn't worry me at all since i was confident that we can just borrow a lamp from the caretakers there :-) plus points din sa improvised flashlights nyo ni ed. hehehe

    it was indeed a pleasure meeting you and Teresa. I'm glad you didn't hesitate and offered to join us on this adventure. sana maulit uli to! =)

  16. been also wanting to meet you guys soon..

    shared/same interest will really put unlikely people together.. regardless of distance.. :D

    Summer na summer na!

  17. my hometown!

    try to go to magawala island, potipot and el salvador!


  18. Mukhang magandang puntahan ito ah. Prestine, at hindi crowded. :) TImes like this, dito mo marerealise na kahit paano, importante din pala ang scouting. Sadly hanggang cab scout lang inabot ko.

    Pero dibale, madali naman matutunan ang survival sa mga ganitong lugar. Buti nalang isinapuso ko ang motto ng mga scouts, laging handa.

  19. title pa lang ayos na. astig at natuloy ang byahe niyo.

    kakatuwa may fusion shot pa as a dedication. the southern beach is my favorite beach side of capones.

  20. Nakakamiss ang Anawangin. May entrance fee na pala dun ngayon, nung nagpunta ako, libre pa siya. Haha. Di pa kasi masyadong sikat.

  21. it was a fun trip indeed! masaya kahit medyo may time na nagpipicture pa ako kahit gutom na tayong lahat. hehe. thanks again anton and teresa! sa uulitin! bentang-benta ako dito sa pagka describe mo anton, pwede gawing testimonial? ay teka wala na palang Friendster ngayon. lol.

  22. Anton!! Love the shots! Makes me shitty want to go there this week lol addict! I have to buy CPL na rin pala awt!

  23. ang cheesy nga ng title! galing ng jumpshot, pano mo yun ginawa haha.

  24. Capones Lighthouse is a must see when you visit the island! the view up there is breath taking!

  25. Super like ko mga photos esp Fusion shot!! Hasteg!!!


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