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Macau Attractions: GOLDEN TREE of PROSPERITY

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Our iconic golden Tree of Prosperity with over 2,000 branches and 98,000 leaves composed of 24-karat gold leaf and brass leaf is a symbol of auspiciousness. Designed to thrill and excite guests as they enter Wynn Macau.

tree of prosperity


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the Tree of Prosperity performance is a choreographic masterpiece of shimmering, sculptural patterns, music, video and light. This centerpiece which fills the atrium, depicting Chinese and western astrological symbols, rises from below at the finale of the performance and transforms into the vibrant colors of the four seasons.






We got here past 12 am on February 4, 20011. when I saw the place, my attention was immediately captured by the ceiling which shows the diffirent zodiac signs, I was still busy staring at it when the music suddenly played, the ceiling opened slowly while changing colors, then lights started appearing inside. The chandelier suddenly appeared and with it, the floor below opened showing the tree of prosperity below.

My wife was even shocked as she didn't expect it to open. Then the tree slowly moved upward as if growing while the chandelier moved downwards as if they are two lovers about to hug each other. Then the changing of the hues. I really didn't get the story. All I knew is that I was busy taking pictures and was amazed by the splendid display of light and sound.



I noticed people saying their wishes and throwing coins into the tree as if it was a wishing well. That instant, i thought the Chinese are more superstitious than us Filipinos. They adore the zodiac, the dragons and now this tree. I don't mind of coarse. I guess blogging has opened my eyes to be more accepting and respectful of people beliefs.

The TREE OF PROSPERITY show is another attraction you should try when in Macau.


Show hours: Lasts for 7 minutes, daily at 30 minutes interval from 10pm-2am.
Location: Wynn Hotel Macau


  1. astig nung prosperity tree, nagbabago din yung kulay dahil sa lights. nakakamangha naman dyan :D

  2. wow nakapagblog ka pa di ba nasa anawangin ka :D

  3. wow nakapagblog ka pa di ba nasa anawangin ka :D

  4. ang ganda nito bespren pusa! nakakamesmerize ang pics! wow talaga pwede ko bang gawing wallpaper ko dito sa office?

  5. damn, and ganda, kaiingit ka!! errrr!


  6. ikaw na ang nagmacau at may magandang picture picture.
    Balang araw mapupuntahan ko din yan, til then, maiingit muna ako sa pictures mo, hahaha.

  7. ganda nung effect ng light sa Tree of Prosperity, naalala ko yung light and show sound sa Chinese Garden dito sa Sydney

  8. i must's very beautiful >_< culurpul bungga!

  9. nice tree. kung pwede ko lang yan itanim dito sa bakuran namin. gagawin ko :)

  10. I've never been to Macau. probably delaying my trip there coz I know if I go there, I'll jump of the tower, which i'm not ready yet.

  11. yown! bawi tong set na to compared sa fireworks.. hehe

    I regret not having the interest in photography when I went there. engot pa kasi ako nun =)

  12. mas mapamahiin talaga ang mga chekwa.

    ewan ko kung meorn din silang belief about plailigo kasi madalang silang maligo! hahaha

  13. ang ganda sobra... feel na feel ko dito yung ambience whahaha... hingi ako copy gawin kung wallpaper... alam mo na :D

  14. ah so un pala yung scheduled post. thanks thanks thanks :D

  15. this is really not to be missed in Macau - a lot were advising not to miss this show when visiting the place.

    Nice photos of the tree you had there.


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