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THE BUBBLE SHOW at City of Dreams Macau: Dragon's Treasure

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After visiting A-ma cultural village in the Southwestern part of Taipa Island, we went back to Cotai Strip. Destination, Hard Rock Hotel Macau and City of Dreams. Goal, to watch the much talked about Bubble Show.

This is the same place where one can watch the world famous HOUSE OF DANCING WATER!!!!

The HOUSE OF DANCING WATER--city of dreams

THE BUBBLE SHOW__TICKET IS FREE--- first come first serve basis.

THE BUBBLE SHOW is a 10 minute extravaganza featuring explosive visuals and incredible sound which could make your imagination go wild. This is a totally unique experience. It's like Mall of Asia's  IMAX theater, planetarium and San Miguel by the bay Dancing Fountain rolled into one. Even so, that would still fall short, maybe we can include the fireworks display every saturday night by the bay. lol
The Bubble theatre is the world's largest special effects projection dome and cost nearly USD 40 million to create.

We watched  Dragon's Treasure. For ten minutes, we were transported to another world as the four Dragon Kings explore the mysterious powers of the Dragon Pearl across magical kingdoms.

The new edition of the Dragon's Treasure show celebrates the Year of the Rabbit believed to make your luck soar ever higher.




The multi-media experience combines high-definition video, a sweeping musical score and over 29,000 theatrical LED lights.

The 360 degree multi-media experience was honored with the 2009 THEA Award for Outstanding 

my wife posing on the billboard of THE HOUSE OF DANCING WATER

I highly recommended that you try this when in Macau. The best part is that it's free. Just make sure you queue early so that you can reserve your tickets. Like what we did, we got our tickets before going to A-ma cultural village. Good thing we were able to catch the afternoon show before heeding to Macau Tower.

More Macau attractions soon.

UPDATE: I just watched rated K a while ago and I saw the feature on THE HOUSE of DANCING WATER which could also be watched in the same place where the bubble show is located. Makes me wanna go back to Macau soon and watch it!!!!D:



  1. sana may ganyang show din dito sa Pinas para di na ko pupunta ng macau hehehehe

  2. wah..! balang araw sana makapanood din ako niyan at makapunta sa ibang bansa! ^_^ GALING! pero bago ang lahat gusto ko gumaling mag take ng mga picutres sa camera! tulad mo kuya hehe

  3. ang ganda parang ito yung napapanood ko sa isang cable channel na palabas.. astig.. :D sana may ganyan sa pinas o kahit sa resort world lang :D

  4. colorful photos. But i like the red rabbits in the last photos. LOL.

  5. huwaw parang nasa outerspace at parang sa heaven waw talaga!!!!!

  6. this was the show that we missed. sabi nga raw nila na this was the best FREE show in macau. at least may babalikan ako. hehe :D

  7. Drooling over here :]
    Nakakaalis pagod ang pictures. sana ako na lang ang camera mo para ako mismo makakita niyan. haha kidding aside. idol talaga!

  8. Wow totoo ba yan? ang ganda parang gawa lng sa computer. nice!

  9. Ang saya naman, free ang show na to - pila lang ang puhunan.

  10. havent really watched a light show yet and galing ng mga kuha ah.

    two thumbs up.

  11. hi, anton.

    am suppose to visit macau(+HK) again this coming march 12 for my ultimate dream -- bungee jump but will probably put it off and throw my money into waste (have my RT tickets already). when i was already about to book for my hotel something prompted me to visit the hacket site again and double check the rates of their adventures. my God! the price of bungee jump shoot up from 250 to 383 US dollar. P11K is ok but P18K for a few seconds jump off? no way.. at least for now.

    anyway, i didn't have the chance to watch free shows like this and the fountain and lights shows that are graciously provided by many hotels there. it's good you and ur wife experienced all these.

  12. honggondo.. parang nasa ibang planeta lng.. :P

  13. Nice. Will definitely include this in my Hongkong trip this year.

    Ang ganda pala talaga sa Macau. Ang daming pwedeng gawin.

    Based on the pictures and on your posts, I know you and your wife had a blast!

  14. naalala ko sabe ni Ed, must see daw itech. ang ganda din ng mga kuha frndshp! :)


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