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THE PEAK TOWER : night shots

Located at an elevation of 396 m, 156 m below the summit of Victoria Peak, The Peak Tower is a must see place when in Hong Kong as it gives you a very good view of the skyline of Victoria Harbor and nearby Kowloon District. It's not just an observation center but a leisure and shopping complex as well.

You can reach THE PEAK the classic way via THE PEAK TRAM. This is highly recommended but not advisable if you are in Hong Kong on a limited time. The queue could get so long especially during holidays. We visited during Lunar New Year of 2011 and the flood of tourists means 2 hours of waiting time in the terminal near Saint John's Cathedral in Central Hong Kong so we opted for the bus instead.


The easier way if you want to avoid the long lines is by taking bus 15A in front of the Central Ferry Terminal. It took us only 15 minutes waiting time despite the holiday Season but the climb which usually takes 45 minutes took us 1 hour and a half. 

PEAK Hong Kong

When we got there. I was surprised at how extensive the complex is. I would advice that you go here before sunset so that you can see the Hong Kong skyline both during day and night. It was already dark when we reached the area. It was windy during our visit as it usually is and chilly because of the winter weather. I find it very romantic that way though.


This gave me the chance to practice long exposure photography. In this case, tripod is necessary or else you will end up with blurred shots. I set my camera at 3 seconds shutter speed and aperture of 16. ISO was at 800. 

I am not usually fond of long exposure shots so I would say the one's I took are so amateurish. In as much as there's still a lot to improve. I was satisfied of my photo's. Not bad for somebody who was just starting.


THE PEAK-hongkong

If you have spare cash, be sure to visit  Madame Tussauds Hong Kong. It's  open from 10am to 10pm daily. 

Sky Terrace Opening Hours : 
10am to 11pm (Mon - Fri)
8am to 11pm (Sat, Sun & Public Holiday)

Admission: HK$ 25 for Adults and HK$ 12 for kids 3-11 years old and Senior Citizens.
Bus fare: HK $ 15. Tram plus entrance fee is HHK$ 56 return and HK$ 45 single journey.

more info here:


  1. perfect skyline!
    anuver, bat di ka nagtripod ara di blurred?!

  2. buhay na buhay ang gabi jan.
    anyways, good photos pa rin!

  3. WAAAHHH ^_^ amazing kuya galing naman jan...

  4. Agree with Chyng. Perfect modern skyline!

  5. kung magsisingapore kami, babacktrack ako sa blog mo for tips in singapore. :D sana makaipon ng pera. :D

  6. yup! not bad yung shots ah. di na masama sabi ng aking friend na photographer :D

  7. i love the building shot... yung mga lights astig :D

  8. I love your night shots! all of them are nice... it perfectly capture the HK Skyline!


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