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one winter night in Macau

this post is the 1st part of my

This is what I have always dreamed of ---to be in another country and actually feel that I am in a new place. That said, I wanted to experience weather that is completely different from the all-year warm temperature we have in the Philippines. So we decided to travel to Hongkong and Macau on winter, during the Lunar New year that is. Taking advantage of my holiday as South Korea also celebrates lunar new year, we boarded the place and conquered 2 new territories in 60 hours --ala amazing race. It's me and my wife's 2nd out of the country together!!!!

The journey began in Macau on the eve of Thursday, February 3,2011. This was DAY 1 of our trip. We landed at Macau International Airport at 10:30pm.


I find the airport simple yet organized. Airport officers are visible everywhere. They are very stiff. On certain occasions prohibiting passengers from taking photos inside the airport.. We felt a bit uneasy. I think they are strict on Filipinos entering the country due to the influx of people going there to find a job. We were not asked any questions in the immigration section but I got the chance to talk to another passenger who is there to look for a job. She said she was denied three times back in Manila. She made it on her first fourth try.

After immigration, I immediately went to the foreign exchange section to buy Patacas (MOP). I also noticed that the person in charge doesn't smile at all. His actions were actually a little unfriendly for me. I started becoming paranoid. Good thing I got to see a few Filipinos talking to each other. That's where we met kuya Eddie who is an employee in the airport. We asked for some directions but he admonished us to just go with him as his place is just near our accommodation.  We took the bus which is a cheaper way to go to North Island ( Main Island of Macao). 4 MOP per ride per person in contrast to 70 MOP on a taxi. That's a big saving despite 2 rides.

Macao_International Airport
Teresa, Kuya eddie and Ro Anne

We stayed in Augusters Lodge near Senado Square. When we got there, Ro Anne, a friend who has been working in Macau for 4 years has been waiting for us. We registered, left our things and took advantage of the chilly weather to walk around the city.

Ro Anne gave us maps and guide books which we didn't get to use because she ushered us around that night and the next day. She was there, going out of her way, helping us navigate the place. Everything went like a breeze because of her. I know we could have navigated it on our own but having another Filipino around in a city where people hardly speak English is really a breath of fresh air. It saved us a lot on our precious time given the fact that we had to leave the next day.

LISBOA Grand Macau

We walked through Avenida da Praia Grande where the famous Grand Lisboa is located. The trademark that started it all. Stanley Ho and his empire. If you could notice, the new Lisboa Hotel building actually looks like a Dragons tail. Ro Anne shared to us the story about it and what it signifies.


Ro Anne told us to get inside. I was hesitant at first as I have no business to do inside, nor I have any intentions of playing casino. When we got in, I was surprised at how grand the lobby is. To my surprise, I see people smoking everywhere in the lobby itself. And dslr's are utmost welcome. No need to hide or pretend you are not taking photos.You can pose all you want and flaunt your professional camera. Nobody will tell you not to take pictures unless inside the casino.


When we got inside, that's when I started to realize things. Each hotel is a universe of its own. Adorned with shops--high end shops at that, grand lobbies, casinos and attractions that distinguishes them from the others. 


We tried Wynn Hotel next. famous for its dancing fountains. Last show daily is 12midnight. Twas past 12 when we got there so we missed it. 


We got inside to see another attraction, the iconic Golden Tree of Prosperity. Amazing show. Will tell you about this attraction in detail soon.


The next stop, MGM Grand Casino with it's Grande Praca --a 1,088 square meter central plaza capturing Macau’s multi-faceted heritage. 


Architecturally stunning, the Grande Praca exemplifies its ambiance with its European-inspired facades, a dramatic skylight dome and a myriad of terraces, complete with restaurants and lounges, imbuing the center square with the look and feel of old-world Portugal. 


Passed through the business district, the science museum, Sands casino and eventually to Fisherman's Wharf near the ferry terminal where Ro Anne boarded the taxi back to her place in Taipa Island.


There's one thing I noticed along the way, in this area, there are not so many convenience stores. Most of it are in residential areas, even then, they are still rare, compared in Manila where every corner has one.  Macau is a safe place. A walkable city even at night. 

Ro Anne, Teresa and me braving the chilly night of Macau....

Teresa and I decided to stay for a few minutes and take more shots in the area. We then decided to go back to our accommodation as it was already 3am when I checked my watch and the temperature dropped to around 11 degrees. Made a few more stops along the way to get long exposures. We got to our destination at around 4am. A few hours later, we were on our feet again to cover more places of interests in Macau. 

I love winter nights in Macau!!!!!More on my next post......



  1. Nice. Macau looks like Sin City. Can't wait to be there this October.

    How did you manage to squeeze in 60 hours of travel? Looking forward to your next posts. :)

  2. what the f.. ang ganda ng shot.. esp on the casino part. tas trip ko pa yung car na yun.. grabe na to.. tas nakita nagmeet pa kayo ni roanne.. grabe, envy na talaga :D

  3. maganda talaga ang mga shots nyan ni Anton. di ka na dapat magtaka Axl hehehe

  4. wow!!! grand pics. galing ng mga shots mo, parang di sa macau! napaka-fab!

  5. ang nice naman ni Roanne, sana pagbalik ko jan itour nya din ako! (nagpaparinig)

    ang mura di ba, sight seeing galore lang, busog na busog na! ^_^

  6. love the lights ung sa grand lobby and chandeliers.. pero parang fave ko yung sa lion ba yun?! heheh

  7. WOW!

    Gutso ko din dito! hehehe

  8. Yun oh! papasyal pasyal na lang... hongyomonyomonomon... hehehehehhe

  9. WooooW! eto pa lang ung nabanggit ni Ro Anne na EB. Nice! Sana pag time na namin, matuloy din ang pangarap kong Macau EB with Roanne!

    Ang ganda po ng pics!

  10. wow! bilis magpost ah.

    a visit to the casinos when one is in a macau is a must as it is known for that.

    i like winter. laki kasi tayo sa tropical na bansa.

  11. To travel abroad or to experience life in other countries is one of my dream someday!...

    I remembered Macau, was one of the place, Boys Over Flowers took its scenes. A very lovely place indeed plus nice photos you've got there. In short, I am looking forward to your next posts about this place!

  12. jump shot jump shot!!!!

    it's great to have you guys around

    chyng: sure, hanggat nandito pa ko :)

  13. loved the outdoor winter night shots!

  14. ganda ng mga shots, nakakamiss din ang naglalakihang hotel sa Macau parang ayaw ko na umuwi dati ;)

  15. Nung nagpost ka na lilipad kayo, akala ko matagal pa abe kabod na pala. Haha. Ang saya. At salamat sa picture greeting na made in Macau pa. Haha. Like!

  16. mabuti at nariyan si Ro Anne na maasikaso talaga..

  17. Ang ganda ng Grand Lisboa... ang ding Pinoy casino dealers din siguro dyan, bawal nga lang mag-camera sa loob...

  18. Saya sa Macau noh? Gusto ko talagang bumalik

  19. ok lang naman siguro di ngumiti sa money changer, at least we know they're serious with the transaction.

    wonderful macau! i've been to HK 3x but never been to this part of Asia. hopefully soon...

  20. so excited to go back to Macau, ayoko na mag-casino ubos pera ko! he he By the way, how's the weather? i'm going to Macau next week. Thanks!!!


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