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THINGS TO SEE IN MACAU: day attractions for 1st timers

this is part of my

THINGS TO SEE IN MACAU: day attractions for 1st timers

We decided to start early Friday as we have to leave for Hong Kong in the afternoon, preferably 3 or 4pm so as to catch the new years day fireworks display in Victoria Harbor.


here are the DAY attractions we visited during our short stay in Macau:

1. Senado Square 

--only a few minutes away from our accommodation so we went there first.....the center of the former Portugese colony now declared as a UNESCO World heritage site given the fact that here lies historical buildings like Leal Senado, the General Post office and St. Dominic Church among others. Walking through the streets leading the Ruins of st. Paul is like going back in memory lane.



2. Ruins of Saint Paul (Ruínas de São Paulo)

This 16th century complex includes what was originally St. Paul college It definitely is one of Macau's most famous landmarks and another UNESCO Wolrd Heritage Site.

RUINS of Saint Paul

Ro Anne then joined us after Ruins of Saint Paul. We took bus number 10 to Venetian Macau where she works.

3. The Venetian Macao

The Venetian is a 40-story, $2.4 billion anchor for the 7 hotels on the Cotai Strip in Macau. owned by Las Vegas Sands modeled after the original one in the US. 

I was an avid fan of the Koreanovela Boys Over Flowers so I have been dying to see the famed San Luca Canal where they shot a few scenes from the mini-series. Gondola ride is at around 800 pesos per head so we didn't bother boarding one. Taking photos here and there and pretending to be in Venice Italy was enough for us. 


It was already lunch time when we finished looking around so we decided to eat in the food court of Venetian. Ro Anne treated us despite my protest. We then checked on the city of Dreams where the famous dancing water show is. We lined to get tickets for the 2:30pm show and went on to another spot before returning, that being another historic site, the temple of A-ma.

4. A-Ma Temple

Built in 1488 and situated on the southwest tip of the Macau Peninsula is one of the most famous  Taoist temples in Macau. It is popularly believed that the name of Macau is derived from the name of this temple.
We got here by boarding a bus from the city of dreams and then a free shuttle from the foot of the hills to the temple above which takes around 15-20 minutes. A maoist temple in a Grand scale. Another must see in Macau.

a-ma temple macau
a-ma temple

5. City of Dreams

This is where the famous BUBBLE SHOW is. I thought the Golden Tree of Wynn Hotel was amazing, but this one is definitely a jaw drop. It's like watching IMAXand planetarium show and laser water show in Manila rolled into one. Amazing entertainment. A must see. Best of all, the ticket is free!!!!


We then took the shuttle from City of dreams to MGM Grand Casino , and from there took the taxi to Macau Tower. Our last stop before heading for Hongkong. One can go straight to macau Tower via taxi to Macau tower but we search for a Starbucks coffee branch first. Starbucks branches in Macau is scarce. sigh


6. Macao Tower

Also known as Macau Sky Tower. It's 388 meters high. It has an observation deck where you can have a sense of how expansive downtown Macau is. Entrance is now at 120 MOP or around 650 pesos. There is a shopping mall below and a convention center as well. This is where the famous Macau bunjee jump is whichI have no courage to try. Not yet. hahaha 

MACAO tower

I will be dealing with most of these sites/ attractions specifically in the days to come as I have tons of photos to share with you. Please look for it in my Macau attractions series. 

also include:

7. GOLDEN TREE Show @ Wynn Hotel and I also suggest Fishermans Wharf.


Macau they say is enough for a day of sightseeing but I guess you need more than that if you are to really see all the historic places. They have lots of old churches and fortresses. We missed the Fisherman's wharf, which is just near the Pier but we saw more than what I have in my itinerary. Thanks for Ro Anne for helping us around and extending her good company. Macau indeed became a very memorable place for us because of all these places we visited and because of her presence.....

We left for the Ferry terminal at 5:30 pm but we were not able to board until 7pm as there are so many people who want to cross Hong Kong. by this time, I was already getting nervous, the New years Day fireworks display in Victoria Harbor is at 8pm. huhuhu 

more Macau sightseeing attractions here


  1. Ang ganda pala ng A-Ma Temple, sayang di ko yan napuntahan dati..

  2. a show like no other indeed.. it was like WHOAAA.. a big WHOAAA!!! :P


  3. beautiful... :D

    cge na ikaw na nasa macau! isama mo minsan kahit sa bagahe lang ako, wahaha


  4. Wow naman! hongyomonyomon pa tourtour na lang... hehehhehehe

  5. Hindi kami nakapunta sa loob ng Wynn hotel. Kelangan ko bumalik hahaha

  6. ganda ng lugar at pati si roanne :D

    gusto ko yung arch ng mga chinese temple. ang ganda ng design.

  7. ganda ng golden tree! hindi ko in-expect na developed na pala ang macau. hehehe

  8. ang sarap sumama sayo bespren! parang ang dame mu nalibot, galeng ng itinerary ha! :)

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  10. Was thinking you would do the bungee jump from the tower :)

  11. Would love to go also on this place. Macau. I've just have tshirt from macau, but have not yet been there. A good place also to be with the family outside our Pinas.

  12. huwaw napapanganga ako sa pektyurs..lalo na sa bubbbbbllleeee shoowwww....nakakaengganyo pumunta ng macau!!!dahil na rin sa mga kuha mo! at talagang itatry ko ang bungee jumping! haha...^^ ayos enjoy much

  13. You got almost all the best of Macau... congrats on your first travel of the year!

  14. it's been four years since my Hong Kong and Macau trip, and this week i am heading there. thanks for this blog i know my way around again.

  15. THANK YOU!!!!!! awesome pictures!

  16. Wow! I was so glad that I stumbled upon your blog. I and my mom will be going to Macau and Hong Kong Feb, and like you, we'll only have 2 days. Haha. at least I know it's possible. :) btw, how was it staying in Augusters lodge? The pics don't look appealing. Hehe.. But I can't find any other cheap rooms.


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