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Victoria Harbor Lunar New Year fireworks display : missed!!!

This is one of the reasons why I wanted to go to Hong Kong on lunar New Year, the New Years day fireworks display at Victoria harbor. But blame it on the enticing attractions of Macau and the flood of tourists
wanting to enter the territory, we missed it!!!!

The ferry ride from Macau to Hongkong is approximately one hour. Since we left the former Portuguese colony at 7pm, we were still in the ferry when the fireworks display started. I helplessly watched through the window and the tv monitor while the festivities unfold. We were between Kowloon and Hong Kong island with a few more minutes before docking. (insert teary-eyed emoticon here)


It was still ongoing when we got off the ship, the sound reverberating in the chilly night across the bay. But we still had to line up at immigration and take a few minutes walk from the Pier to the Clock Tower area near Tsim Sha Tsui ferry station where the uninterrupted view is. All we saw is a sea of people going the opposite direction we were taking ....and finally, the smoke generated by the fireworks sad.

central Hong Kong from the ferry across Tsim Sha Tsui

After a few minutes of contemplating on my frustration, we tried to find a money changer for some HK dollar bills then crossed the harbor via star ferry. ( Tsim Sha Tsui to Central ). The buildings were not as brightly lit as I expected them to be but the view was still stunning. This is still better if you are to appreciate the skyline rather than taking the subway especially if you are to transfer to an inter-island ferry like what we did.

Two International Finance Center

We a godmother (ninang) in Cehung Chau Island and she invited us to stay in her place. Since its not easy to find accommodation due to the Chinese New Year, we though it would be a good idea. So there, after taking a long exposure shot of Two international Finance center shown below, we waited for the next ferry on route to Cheung Chau which is 45minutes away from Central Hongkong.


First night itinerary missed. Lunar New Year fireworks display missed. But when we got to Cheung Chau, this homey feeling engulfed me and I knew things will be good the next day. Pusangkalye was in Hong Kong and he couldn't wait to explore the city!!!!!



  1. i like how you captured the HK skyline on the 2nd pic.

    at wala akong masabi sa posing mo sa last pic.


  2. I;m not a fan of cities, pero pagdating sa Macau & HK, ibang usapan yan! yeah, nice capture of the skyline bespren! :)

  3. love that skyline, wala na ba yung symphony of lights pag-punta nyo, it's one of the most popular attractions there

  4. winner ang 3rd photo! pang post card!

  5. need i say more.. would have to agree with everyone, super like yung skyline pics. ;) #ikawNA

  6. ganda ng photo dun sa central hongkong. pati ung model sa last picture hehehe

  7. chayang susunod. di bale enjoy naman macau hehe.

  8. wow. isa yan sa mga napapanood ko sa mga anime. mga lunar lunar na yan. haha

    kaso na miss mo wahhh
    meron pa naman next year.

    gaganda naman ng mga shots,.

    yung huli pang fb profile pic nakanang

  9. ganda nung pic ng building..amazing!=)

  10. some good things missed but there's always something good coming. you just really have to find it.

    saya mag lakad sa gabi diyan.

  11. Ang ganda naman diyan sa hong kong..malayong malayo dito sa pinas..hehe..

  12. sayang yung fireworks! pero ganun talaga holidays eh...

    Anyway, I like the 3rd pic of Hong Kong skyline, ganda ng pagkakuha, magazine cover worthy! SLR yan? I think ordinary digicam hindi mukukuha yan ganyang shot.


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