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back to the gym

Probably one of the best decisions I made in months---if not years. My inaction despite chronic lower and upper back pain is already taking its toll. I can't stand it anymore. I have to work out again. This means dragging myself to the gym at least 3times a week.

Whenever I hear people telling me they are envious that I work from home, I really think the down side could be even worse.I miss riding the elevator, the useless arguments with coworkers, the lunch dates with other human beings (in contrast to eating alone or with some imaginary creatures) or the jeepney chase every morning, I also developed bad habits like excessive self-preoccupation and acute laziness.


Sure, I have more time for blogging and visiting my favorite porn sites in the privacy of my room, but as time goes by I became this idle little online person who has neglected physical activities.
If there's one thing I am thankful for, despite my sedate lifestyle, I haven't developed a fat belly yet. At least not

I have been here before, but failed. It's just not easy going against yourself, after all, old habits die hard. But life teaches us lessons the hard way. No more excuses.I hope this time the lesson learned will be more lasting. There is no doubt that I have focused much on other aspects but neglected my health. It's about time I listen to my body and reconnect to it........

I hope the admins of FITNESS FIRST see this post. I have been wishing they open a branch in SM-Taytay which is the nearest mall in my area so that I have more reasons to go to the gym.hahaha


  1. "the useless arguments with coworkers"

    haha me naalala ko dito, dramatic altercation yata yun hindi lang argument haha

  2. ikaw na ang di nagkabilbil kahit nasa bahay ka lang. :p

    may fitness first naman sa robinsons metro east, malayo ka ba dun?

  3. whahha dapat tuloy-tuloy mo yan kasi pag nagstop ka tataba ka ulit.. di ba?
    hehe :D
    dapat pagnagkita na tayo macho papa kana whahah :D

  4. sarap naman ng buhay! :D

  5. bad habits are definitely hard to be broken. ano daw? nice magkaka-abs ka na!

  6. oh my! Somehow pareho tayo ng goal. Naalarma ako ng makita ko ang Annual Physical Exam ko. Overweight. Ngaun lang ako nagimbal ng ganun. Scary. hahaha! Give it your best shot. Keri yan! Go!


  8. Ang tunay na lalaki malaki ang tiyan - pero minsan hindi ako naniniwala.. haha eh di hindi tunay na lalaki mga pulis..?.. at mga sumo wrestlers?.. :P

    May perks rin kasi whe you get to have an office work.. during the time na wala akong work and tried out a business, 3 months pa lang, buryong na ako.. bored.. kaya siguro working from home is not my thing.. part time pwede but not full time.. :)

  9. Namiss ko mag-gym! Nung last year ko sa college nahook ako sa pagwork-out... Ayung mas naging macho pa legs ko sa nililigawan ko kaya basted ako. Lol!

  10. dapat kuya... wag mo ititigil kasi pag tinigil mo yan lalo na sa unang araw masakit katawan mo.. dapt sundutan mo agad ng isa pang work out hehe... ska biogesic pag tlgang smakit ang katawan :p hehe

  11. buti yan. ako talagang idadaan na lang sa pagtakbo sa labas ng bahay.

  12. old age ba kuya? chos!

    summer na talaga! ikaw na naka-topless!

  13. minsan kakatamad talaga umalis just to work out kaya minsan ok na yung me equipment ka sa bahay at dun nalng mag-gym.


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