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about saving for tomorrow

RANT NOTE: until now, I haven't had the chance to get a hold of the new Philippine peso bills. Where are they? I am running out of patience!!!lol
I love comparing paper notes from different countries.Like stamps and postcards, they are telling stories of a place. This is one thing I always look forward to upon landing in another airport,  going to the foreign exchange counter for local bills and coinage. It's fascinating how colorful the paper bills are, they come in different sizes too depending on the value like that in Macau--with some overlapping in my wallet because they are over sized.haha. The bills in Malaysia are cute coz they are smaller in size than that in the Philippines while I find the ones in Hongkong and Singapore kinda similar. You feel like they are too fancy you don't want to spend them.

So this is money talk then?

Hong Kong notes

On a more serious note, for all the natural disasters going on, my wife has been reminding me to save more and spend less, ( as if there's much to spend in the first place.hahaha). I don't know if I am going to blame the media or not, but riding the recent wave of events, they keep showing documentaries and shows about the possibility of a BIG EARTHQUAKE in the Philippines. 

For a gregarious person like me who loves conspiracy theories and who is a fan of MURPHY's LAW, things are getting a bit uncomfortable. I see nothing wrong with bracing for the tomorrow though. I agree, when the storm comes, you should be ready.
Time to let go of the eat, drink-be-merry-for-tomorrow-you-will-die mentality and start saving. This will be another balancing act and I have to pull it off......


  1. ang kulay ng mga pera ng ibang country, sana ilabas na din yung sa pinas. wala pa din akong ganun. ahuhhhhh

  2. ang hirap mag save lalo pag photography enthusiast, ang daming pwedeng mabiling lens at equipment :)

  3. taman.. save more kaso nga lang magastos ang hobby ng photography hehe... :D

  4. meron na ko nung 20, 50, at 100 new philippine peso bills. nakasave. hehhe

  5. kailangan talagang mag-ipon pero minsan laging may unexpected na mangyayare kapag may ipon ka.

    halimbawa, biglang masisira ang ref nio. magagasta mo tuloy ang ipon mo. hehehe... it really happens. :D

    SG notes are fancy. Mashadong makinis and palaki ng palaki ang size kapag lumalaki ang denominations.

    I haven't seen any new Phil. notes yet.

  6. wow! ang daming pera nyan. penge! LOL

    haaay, ang hirap sa magsave eh if wala ka namang isa-save. hahaha

    at napaGoogle pa ako kung ano ibig sabihin ng Murphy's Law but yeah, same tayo ng thinking. di ko nalang iniisip at dapat positive thinking na lang para di mapraning.

  7. kinakabahan akong kumita ng pera... nararamdaman ko, sa puntong nagtatrabaho na ako at kumikita na ng salapi..... parang hndi sila lahat magtatagal sa bulsa ko.

  8. di ako makapag-ipon. dahil wala naman akong maipon. lahat ubos sa kakaramput na sweldo. hahay.

    nga pala kuya, ako nakahawak na ng dalawang new 50 peso philippine bill. :D

  9. First time here on your blog!
    My wallet haven't touched any new Philippine peso bills that looks like play money. On other note, I think f worse comes to worse, money can only get you not so far.

  10. more more save para more more gala or better yet more more gifts para kay misis! hahahaha.

  11. what's interesting about HK notes is that each denom,ination has 3 different designs from 3 different issuing banks. haha.


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