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BREAKING DAWN: sunrise at Nagsasa Cove Zambales

Nagsasa Cove was where we camped during our Anawangin-Nagsasa -Capones trip 2 weeks ago. Although it takes longer to get here, we preferred the stillness of the place. Since it's around 45 minutes from Anawangin Cove, many people prefer not to take chances and choose the proximity and comfort of Anawangin. we wanted to feel the isolation.

True enough, Nagsasa Cove was able to live to our expectations. I think Anawangin Cove is more photogenic and pleasing to the eyes but I find Nagsasa more majestic and homey.

I was able to wake up the next day early enough to see the sun rise and slowly light the mountains and surrounding area. The following photos show the breaking of dawn in Nagsasa Cove.



The mountains of Nagsasa Cove are somewhat monotonous in color as they are not adorned with trees. With that, I am referring to a particular time of the day. But the grassy surface makes it glow yellowish in the early morning and during sunset and brownish during the day. That makes the mountains of Nagsasa Beautiful. In this case, monotonous means variable.


We were not able to explore other angles aside from that of the beach area as we decided not to climb. As what our companions from Cebu, Doi and Ed said, we might have appreciated the area more if we only did. Even so, Nagsasa Cove is still a thing of beauty. As the sun rises in the east, I saw this striking cloud formation adding drama to the mountains .......


Nagsasa Cove is still the best spot to camp when staying in the area overnight. The expanse of this cove and it's mouth's relative distance to the beach area means calmer water making it perfect for swimming day in or day out. The tall mountains surrounding it gives you a certain reassurance of its reclusive peace. I felt secure when we were here.

One more thing, since only a few dare to go this far, less people would mean less competition in space,water supply and in the queue for the use of the shower room which for me is very important. I will be discussing more about the positive and negative sides of both Anawangin and Nagsasa next time so that you can easily decide which is best for you for an overnight stay. For now, I hope you can feast your eyes on the sheer beauty of this place.......

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  1. madami na ako kilalang nagsasabi na ang ganda dyan sa zambales-anawangin. Ansarap siguro mag relax at mag chillax lang dyan sa dalampasigan. Magmuni-muni at mag self-meditate

  2. I prefer Nagsasa too over Anawangin. Dami kasing tao dun e. I like your 5th and 6th shot. Malborong-Malboro. Galing! Namiss ko tuloy prang gusto ko bumalik. hihhi! =)

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  4. i love the view for the nature tripping tas yung mga mountain astig sarap sa mata.. then yung sunset ang ganda.... may naalala ko sa mga pics na to yung TVC ng malboro ba yun whahah :D

  5. hanung bird bird un? wahahahaha

    anyway talagang maaga kang gumising para kumuha ng photos ah. :D

  6. Ganda ng view.. who'd thought na sa Pilipinas yan?.. at ilang hours lang from Manila.. Sheeesh, I can't wait to go there!

    Galing ng shots!

  7. Nice landscapes, Im a sucker for cloud pics ganda ng composition mo. :) A little strong on the contrast editing though, I think? :)

  8. Oh, I want to go there. Urgh. Mama, nang-iinggit si Kuya Anton. *sniffs sniffs* Loooooool.

    Grabe na ang inimprove mo Kuya when it comes to photography. All the photos here are breathtaking. Two thumbs up!

    @Kuya Jeff: AKOOOOOOOO! XD

  9. sobrang photogenic talaga ng Nagsasa para kang nasa dream kasi river, sea,lake, mountains lahat nagme-meet sa isang lugar!!! ganda ng photos grabe!

  10. ang ganda ng sunrise!
    napakasweet nya tignan :]
    I really appreciate your photography

  11. damn ang ganda!

    just like the ones i see in the movies,,, but this time, its for real
    sama mo ako dyan, ehehe


  12. panalo talaga ang nagsasa... sana na try nyo din mag trek going to the mini falls... =D

  13. inggit ako! hindi pa ako nakakapunta dyan! magkano nagasto mo kuya? hihi

  14. basta ang maagang gumising maganda ang makikita sa umaga ehe.. nice tlga mga kuha mo kuya ^_^

  15. when you first posted the 5th and 6th photos in facebook , i immediately clicked "like". zambales holds some of the most stunning mountains in the country.

  16. love your pictures of Nagsasa, this is also my choice for beach camping just because there are fewer visitors, both Anawangin and Nagsasa have their own charm though :)

  17. yung mga naglalakad sa pic na my dalang tripod parang sina Allan (Lantaw) at Erick yun ah. handun din ata sila that time.

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  19. Spectacular pics! The first one is amazing. Parang ndi sa Pinas! : )

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  22. I have always wanted to go to Nagsasa. Just recently, my boyfriend went there..without me :(

    anyway, I'll make sure to go there in this lifetime...

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