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PHOTOGRAPHY 101 in MACAU : long exposure

As an aspiring photographer,the well lit buildings and streets of Macau makes it a photography haven. I guess it's really like that,  in terms of learning a new skill, everything is more difficult in a third world country. May it be driving, cooking, blogging and yeah, even photography. It's not much on the lack of beautiful subjects.It's just that when night comes, the darkness is your greatest enemy. It doesn't take that much effort when you are shooting in Macau. Everything glows at night. That means dramatic images.

It was a perfect time for me to practice long exposure shots. Aperture at 16 or so and shutter speed of 3 seconds or more. Here are the results.

Taipa bridge

Macao @ night
babylon casino_MACAU

Some tips when taking long exposures.

1. turn off  the flash.
2. Set ISO to 100.
3. try to use a small aperture to avoid overexposing any stationary lights.Experiment on the aperture. Higher aperture means sharper photos.
4. try to avoid optical zoom as it causes the digital camera to become 
especially sensitive to movement.
5. enjoy the view. :D

fishermans wharf entrance

If you are to do long exposure shots, 6. tripod is necessary. A remote trigger is also helpful as it means not touching the camera itself thereby minimizing blur. It would also be a good idea to shoot during dusk as it gives a little drama into the sky as opposed to the pitch black effect at night.

LOCATION: Macau China
Date: Feb. 3, 2011


more amazing long exposure shots here:


  1. huwaw! nice shots! galeng naman. can't wait to see Macau ^_^

  2. Another tip: If you dont have a remote trigger you can use the camera's timer :)

  3. Except for the last photo where I see some motion blur from people walking around, napaka-still pala ng night sa Macau, ano?

    At yung babae sa upuan, siguro tagal niya sa ganyang position, otherwise kung gumalaw siya, magkakaroon din ng motion blur.

    Do you have shots of the streets using long exposure? Interesting din to see them lalo na yung streaks of lights from the cars ;)

    Ako naman, daytime ang hilig kong kunan sa long exposure. Medyo mahirap kasi masyadong maliwanag. Kailangang i-control ang light.

  4. wow.. ganda ng shot.. thanks for the info about long exposure, i wanna try that shot :D

  5. ang ganda. Sarap matutunan ang tips kaso parang nacoconfuse ako sa terms like shutter speed, ISO and other stuff.

  6. you forgot the most important tip in long exposures, use a tripod :D

  7. Night photography is really a challenge and one that I'm still trying to learn.

  8. hong goling! heheheh. hong gondo! hong yomon!!! :D

  9. i like the 1st shot, lagi talagang benta sakin ang water reflection!

    and agree with #5. enjoy the view. traveling isnt always taking home photos, but memories and new things learned. AMEN! char!

  10. Thanks for sharing this one ton. Night Photography is now my favorite subject in learning about photography. It gives more understanding about the long exposure, aperture and the shutter speed of 3 secs and setting your ISO to 100. One time, I use the ISO 80. It also got a good shot. But I need tripod to avoid blurring effect.:-).

  11. kuya pusangkalye? anu mas maganda? pag umaga jan o gabi? ^_^ mas maganda pag gabi noh?

  12. galing naman, thanks for the tips, love experimenting also on long exposure :)

  13. hays. naalala ko na naman ang fail shots last saturday s pyro. haha thnx for sharing anton. really helpful, hirap tlga ako sa night shots.

  14. so informative... tamad pa rin ako magtimpla ng settings ko. hahaha!

  15. Night shots are real challenge, I have so many failed night shots using a digicam...

  16. magaling kang kumuha ng larawan....good luck sa mga susunod pang pag shot.

  17. may araw man o wala, maganda yung photos mo. nakaka-inspire! galing! kakagaling ko lang ng Macau! na-miss ko tuloy!

  18. ang galing galing mo talaga!! nakakamangha mga shots mo hahayst!!

  19. Amazing shots, thanks for the tips =) would also like to visiy Macau someday....


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