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MARIKINA PHOTOWALK: appreciating the city amidst the weekend downpour

It was an unusual rainy Saturday but our spirits were not dampened. This is what I mean by seeing the world in another perspective. Seeing Marikina through the rain made us appreciate the city in a different light. Four bloggers, with soiled shoes, cameras and big smiles on their face braving the rain to discover the beautiful city of Marikina.

It all started with a photo I saw in Pinoy Exchange which made me curious. After a few minutes of researching, I found out that it is located in Marikina. I immediately chatted Ada of who maintains permanent residence there. She said she know about it and proposed that we go see it one time. Since it was Friday and I had no appointments the next day except in the late afternoon to accompany my wife, I thought of passing by the area and see it myself. The over-excited me got in the way again. Since Ada and Marky has agreed to see each other that Saturday, Ada thought the three of us could go. Then the idea of a photowalk accross Marikina came. 

This is the place which sparked it all...........

intriguing building facade at IVC

The Industrial Valley Complex (IVC) near the river banks of Marikina. Home to intriguing facade of buildings or say walls created during the term of Bayani Fernando to conceal the relocated squatters in the area. While it is highly appreciated by many, myself included, it sparked debates among others who thought of it as discriminatory or superficial. For some, it is a sign of the governments effort to conceal the real problems of poverty in the country especially in the Metro. I find it amusing. I appreciate its beauty.

The itinerary Ada made for the four of us---- 


9:00 am – meet up in Santolan Station (LRT Line 2 – the purple line)
9:30 am – Landscape photography. Walk to IVC front Marikina, where the nice infrastructure is located.
10:30 am – Explore the Marikina River Park.
11: 00 am – Walk again to ride a jeepney going to lunch at Pan De Amerikana, Marikina.
11:40 am – Food and restaurant photography at Pan De Amerikana.
1:00 pm – Urban photography. Clock Tower of Marikina.
1:30 to 3:00 pm – Photowalk, street, and panoramic photography on the way to famous landmark of Marikina: Freedom Park, Teatro Marikina, Our Lady of Adandoned Church, Kapitan Moy, Shoe Museum.
3:30 pm – Food and restaurant photography. Café Lidia.
4:30 pm – Group hug. Group photo. Pack up. End of the day.

There. After the long walk in IVC area, we took the tricycle back to Marikina Riverbanks Mall where we took the Jeepney to San Roque to try the famous Pan Amerikana Restaurant is. The place started out as a panaderya or bakery making a name for its classic pandesal. 

pandesal_PAN de AMERIKANA
They still have the bakery until now but it eventually evolved into a place for dining as well. The food is surprisingly cheap for this kind of cozy ambiance. The place is not airconditioned but the presence of trees and lotsa plants incorporated in the space makes it cool as well as soothing to the eyes. We tried their signature menu ""everlasting"" and I really enjoyed it.    
By the way, Pan Amerikana is the first and only chess themed restaurant in the Philippines. The four of us enjoyed toying with the giant chess pieces and taking photos in that spot. More on a separate post soon.
GIANT chessboard

After lunch, we took the jeepney again to another location. We stopped at the city center, walked passed the clock tower, the Freedom park, Teatro Marikina (where Ada trained theater in during her HS days) and eventually to the church of Our lady of the Abandoned. 
Marikina_city center
OurLADY of Abandoned Church_marikina
Behind the church is an area I was surprised to see in this part of the Metro. Some old col;onial ( I suppose) houses still line up the streets. I never thought I would see a place like this in Marikina. This is another face of the city I never heard of before.

Here is where you can find Kapitan Moy, a colonial house turned into a party venue. It's proximity to the church makes it famous for wedding receptions and other functions. I heard that it caters to high end costumers. Think of the party venues inside Intramuros and you get a feel of what I mean.

After the much awaited group pic, we decided to take a break from all the walking and taking pictures and go for some mouth watering snack at Cafe Lidia along Calderon street in Kalumpang Marikina.n This place is famous for it's pizza and pasta as well as pastries. Since we were still kinda full for the heavy luch we had at Pan de Amerikana, we decided to order coffee, their signature buffalo wings which everybody really loved ( we keep saying nice nice nice in between , blueberry cheesecake which Ada said is the best cheesecake she tasted so far and 


So who says the rain should stop you from going out? As I said, it was not enough to dampen the spirits of 4 bloggers who has the passion for photography. For me, it was also my chance to bond with my Team Western Pangasinan friends Marky and Ada. I am also glad to meet another addition to the bloggers in my list this year. To Cris or Jonver as his friends call him who I got to know in the group Photobloggers Philippines, it was a pleasure to finally get to know you in person. More photowalks to come!!!!!!

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  1. Yeyy!! Even though it's raining, success parin! I'm glad you guys had fun, not sure with Marky though if he had fun kasi original date namin yun hahahha!!

  2. Nice! Gusto kong bumalik sa Pan De Amerikana and Cafe Lidia, wala lang akong kasama... Hehehe!

  3. I miss Marikina! I know almost all those places except Pan De Amerikana. I grew up in that city.

  4. wow ganda ng shoot. daan gumawa ka din ng mga mini docu thru pics :D

  5. wow naman galing ka palang Marikina... Next time try mo yung pizza sa Cafe Lidia..Sarap! Lagi kami dun eh...I still have to find Pan de Amerikana..Maybe this weekend :) Welcome to Marikina :D

  6. di na kailangang bigyan ng advice si anton. hehehe. pang professional na ang mga photos. :)

  7. par..ayus ang mga kuha mo ah...nice kahit maulan okay ang mga shots...sana makasama ako sa photowalk nyo minsan.

  8. mula nung bata ako, almost every month nasa marikina kami pero never pa namin mapasyalan ang mga napuntahan nio except dun sa simbahan. :D nice. mahanap nga yan minsan pag napunta kami dun

  9. very nice, kahit cloudy. :) sama ako next time. malapit lang ako jan nakatira.

  10. sayang d ako nakasama dito. kala ko me lakad kame, d naman natuloy. me nabasa ko my bike lane din daw jan sa Marikina. like ko ang intro, ayus! :)

  11. walking distance lang Marikina dito, ehehe

    i recognize that coffee shop, malapit as in malapit talaga sa house ng classmate ko yan, hehe

  12. Nice shot Anton. Parang ang saya sa loob ng Pan de Amerikana.. Mukhang napaka-cozy sa loob.

  13. kuya arjee magandang umaga... bka hind na muna ako makadalaw po sa blog mo po.. kasi aun.may finals po ako sa sabado at sa maonday need ko po ipasa un..kung hindi katapsan ko na.. joke! ang mangyayari lang pag d ko napasa..dagdag isang taon.. wahh! ayw ko mang yari ung.. pasama naman po sa prayers ^_^ Salamat!

  14. hala ka... bkit d2 ito napunta... sori kuya pusangkalye huhu... dalwa kasing tab...

    kuya ayun nga po! absent na muna ko sa pag bisita.! Salamat po

  15. waah, ang lapit lang di ko pa naexplore ang Marikina,galing ng itineray, my photowalk na may food tripping pa :)

  16. wow! hindi pa ako nakakapunta ng marikina, seriously. dumaan cguro, OO...


    very nice shots :D

  17. saya tignan ng photo walk ninyo. it's nice to hang out with people who share the same passion for photography. nice shots anton. very crisp! :D

  18. agree ako kay Moks..kahit maulan okey ang shot..

  19. There's something about rain that adds drama to photos. Nice shots (as always), Anton.

    Can't help but remember how Ondoy drowned Marikina though. The same rain that keeps us alive and makes photos beautiful can also devastate and kill.

  20. ayos...grabe yung cake oh ....artistahin ^^ ....gusto ko magpapicture sa dun life-size chess set

  21. Hi anton! Pan De Amerikana is located in Concepcion Dos Marikina not in San Roque hehe.

  22. Wah kainggit gusto ko din! 2009 pa first and last na punta ko dun hehe

  23. wow! Nakakatuwa naman na naexplore ninyo ang Marikina kong mahal. Hihi!

  24. Ang ganda naman namimiss ko na ang Pinas lalo na ang Marikina..

  25. hello po. . pedeng pahram ng isa sa mga photo po ninyo?

  26. what photo? okay lang as long as you dont remove the watermark ha.:D


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