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MICAMYX : postcard exchange project

Lazy lazy Friday. Well, not really. I was still yawning and stretching this morning as I open my front door when I saw this lovely piece of paper under my feet. It's a postcard from England!!!!!

You see, our friend Mica went to England to visit her family and had a good few months there. As a stamp collector in past, she came up with an idea for a what she calls Postcards From England: Postcard Exchange Project. 

This after she saw an old lady with her postcard album. Taking the inspiration, she decided to start this new undertaking which I admit is a brilliant idea.

And I just received my postcard from Mica today straight from England. yihhh!!!! 

The message goes.

hello anton,

Maligayang bati mula sa Europa!! i hope that you're happy upon recieving this simple postcard from me. I am looking forward to more lakwatsa with you and the gang. Miss you dearly! 
                                 ---love Mica.

Awts.sweeet. Thanks Mica. we also miss you so much and yeah, now that you are back in Manila. tara ma. Pinatubo moment on the 20th of this month na. hahaha
read the rest of Mica's entry here:


  1. yes naman, ako wla pa.hahah!

    sa 20th na pala ang mt. pinatubo talagang tuloy na tuloy na..

  2. Yehey! Finally natanggap mo na :D I'm glad you liked it! Gala tayo soon but not now. Medyo hindi pa ako ready because of current events here :|

  3. Ay, sarap talagang makatanggap ng postcard. I am actually part of a postcard exchange project around the world. And it is so much fun. Medyo magastos nga lang at lately medyo nag-slow down ako hehehe.

    Nice! Pupunta kayo ng Pinatubo. Sarap dun! Favorite part ko yung pagsakay sa 4x4 hehehe. Para kasing nasa Indiana Jones movie ang eksena, para kang nasa ibang bansa hehehe. Ihanda na ang mga paa sa lakaran, Anton :) Wear sturdy footwear :)

  4. gusto mo ng postcard from me? ahw haha

  5. wow i love postcards...again i am always amazed sa mga pics na kuha mo pre, same goes with Kuya Winston!...


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