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PAPER CRANE FOR JAPAN : origami cranes for hope

Three days after the powerful earthquake which hit Northeastern Japan and the tsunami that followed as a result, it is slowly becoming clearer as to how vast the damage was to the cities and communities in the area. Immediately after the incident, the world's attention was focused on Sendai, the closest city from the epicenter of the quake. We know now that many more towns were badly affected. The death toll and economic damage is simply overwhelming that the Prime minister of Japan has called it the worse disaster for  Japan since the end of the second world war.I am closely monitoring the events in BBC and online and my heart wants to jump out every time I see footages of towns being destroyed and families trying to find their love one.

 This morning, I was blog hopping when I came across SENDORERO's blog about the PAPER CRANE FOR JAPAN movement in facebook. I always had trouble with paper folding, but out of the inspiration to express support to the people in japan, the process became a piece of cake.

PAPERcraneFOR japan

I immediately grabbed a piece of paper and followed the instructions in youtube. Thanks youtube for making things easy.There, it took me a few minutes to finish my PAPER CRANE. I never it could be this fun. But that's not the point here. This bird figure is a symbol of hope.  I am folding mine as a sign of support.



An ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by a crane, such as long life or recovery from illness or injury. I wish for a fast recovery for all the people affected by this calamity.

I believe in the resilience of the Japanese people in overcoming adversity. This earthquake is a call for more careful city planning as well as strategic relocation of their nuclear power plants. Yeah, another disaster is in the air, the threat of a nuclear meltdown of which the effect could be very severe. Hope their scientists and nuclear experts could be able to control the situation. The country has already suffered a lot.


Me folding origami cranes is in conjunction with the facebook campain to fold 100,000 paper cranes and upload them in the popular social network .

To all the Japanese people. Our prayers to all of you.

If you want to fold your own ORIGAMI CRANE,
the link below will guide you how.
here's how:


  1. hehehe. thanks kay sendo :D

    Gumawa na din ako nian. Power rangers colors

  2. wow.. galing mo din pala gumawa nayan eh...
    try ko ulit maya gumawa :D

  3. Pulidong mag fold! Perfectionist! Subukan ko nga if may talent ako. Hehe

  4. Thanks for sharing this Anton... Gawa din ako. =)


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