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ADAPHOBIC: doraemon song

Hahaha. Just wanna share to you this funny video made by Ada of made as a result of what she claims boredom. Not bad. Actually very funny. I didn't see the title when I watched it so I was surprised, partly shocked, when she starting singing the DORAEMON SONG. bwahaha. nice take Ada. I love it!!!!!

Ada is probably one of the nicest person I have ever met. I donno if I have already told her this but I really like her personality. Bubbly, down to earth and no pretentions. She is the kind of person you want to be around with.  No dull moment. And no issues.

This video is another side of Ada. Way to go Ada!!!!! lol


PS: I made this post before the earthquake struck in Japan and was schedule on autopost. I didn't mean to play with the theme or take advantage of the sad situation in japan. But since it was out a few hours before I even notice it. I guess I wanna say that our my heart goes to the Japanese people. Our prayers  to all the victims.

Ada's fiancee  Josh is a US navy personnel stationed in Japan. We are glad he is well. I know they are now helping in the relief and rescue effort of the victims. Godspeed Josh and stay safe.


  1. ang kyut. alam mo nanindig balahibo ko pagkanta niya..nyaha...tribute to japan ata yan eh ^^ sana safe si doraemon hihi

  2. haha! ang cute ni Ada! talent yan ha, she sings the Doraemon song so well! tama ang diction and pronunciation! winner! =)

  3. di ko makita dahil sa opis blocked ang mga vids. sa bahay ko nalang sisilipin :D

  4. hang kyut-kyut nman! hahaha
    lalo na ung lips nya kapag ngumunguso and everything!

  5. wahha pude pudeng pude na.. hehehe
    alam mo naman ako tonio basta doraemon go ako diyan hehehe :D

  6. hahaha ang galing nya kumanta, parang sya ang duber ni doraemon sa pinas. naku si doreamon buhay pa kaya?

  7. hala! at pinost mu tlga! hahahaha
    yeah, glad that Josh is safe. I hope Ada gets well soon too! :)

  8. hahaha! ang kulit naman.. talentado ang friend mo =) minsan sa buhay ko nakabisado ko din yan. hahaha!


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