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1st Wedding Anniversary at THUNDERBIRD RESORT RIZAL

This is a personal, cheesy post ----so if the sight of a sweet couple makes you physically ill, I suggest you leave this page immediately.hahaha

Its just that it was our 1st WEDDING ANNIVERSARY yesterday and I feel so good I wanna talk about it. love love love. I can't believe it has been just a year. Well, we were together for 10 years before we officially tied the knot. I guess that explains why it felt like forever. And I mean forever in a good way. But if I look closely into it, the past 1 year after the wedding really was a fun and fast paced ride. We have achieved so many things in such a short time and shared many things together.

Since we just came back from a vacation and the funds are reaching alarming levels,almost got AIDS after consecutive travels--Acute Income  Deficiency Syndrome--- I decided to take my wife on a treat that I knew she will love. kahit simple lang.:D

at the Cabana resto of TBR. sun tanned due to recent beach trips.:D

Actually, she has been teasing me since the bloggers tour to take her on a date to Thunderbird Resort. She has never been inside the facility and she wanna experience it. Since I have work on a night shift, the best that I can do is to take her on a DAY TOUR to TBR.


I initially told her that she has to be ready during the day as we will go swimming. She told me later on that she has been making assumptions as to where I will be taking her. She thought it would be Club Manila East, I teased her that we will just do it in our clubhouse pool. She was still excited, she even cooked


Though it was just a day tour which allows us the use of the pool and the Cabana Restaurant ( no check-in) she was still excited. It shows in her aura, she was all smile the whole day. The day tour of 850 pesos per head entitles one for a 500peso worth of food. I paid 1,700 pesos, which means, we have 1,000 pesos consumable for food.

We went around the pool and lazied in the benches appreciating the beautiful surrounding, the calm and the fresh air,then took a few photos here and there. It was already 12noon when we came so we felt a little hungry. We ordered food in the Cabana restaurant facing the poolside. It was sunny and the restaurant was all for us.
nagpa-parlor pa yan as soon as we got back in manila on Sunday.hahaha

After the lunch date, we went back to the poolside and started taking pictures,--again. Me and my wife now share this fancy for taking photos, like travelling, its something we both enjoy doing. D
We then got tired of the photoshoot so we decided to take a dip. It was already 3:30pm and the sun was still high.Maybe its a sign of ageing but I find the water cold despite the sunny day. After swimming for more than an hour, we decided to change and continue taking photos again. Day tour is good from 8am to 5pm but we left the resort at around 5:30pm. 
Before heading home, I took Teresa to the site of ANGONO PETROGLYPS approximately 1km away from Thunderbird Resort. The guard approached us before getting close to the part where you can see the Petroglyph up close saying its open only until 5pm. We decided to tour the surrounding areas instead trying the route leading down to Angono then back. Teresa kept lamenting along the way of how she appreciates Rizal and it's natural beauty. At least in the remote hills of Binangonan.


We had to heed back to our village before 8pm. But since it was still a bit early, we went to Pantok area to buy stuff in 7/11 e.i. Tanduay Ice which she came to love after our our Puerto Galera trip. lol.We drank 1 bottle each and hummed our way back to Saint Monique Valais.

This is how we bond as husband and wife, we enjoy doing things together, even the simple things. We can stay in one spot and talk all day. I can't believe it has been a year since we got married. One of the best decisions I made in my life. I never thought married life could be such a bliss. 


In a time when nothing is more certain than change, the commitment of two people to one another has become difficult and rare.  Yet, by its scarcity, the beauty and value of this exchange have only been enhanced.  ~Robert Sexton

I can't agree more.To my wife, I love you so much.Looking forward to more anniversaries and the day when we grow old, sit on the porch and have intimate conversations like we always do.



  1. ayiiie ang sweet naman ng date ninyo.. talagang sinulit ang day time date... ang sweet at romantic doon, at mukhang planado ata lahat yun ah hehehe...

    Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words.

    i like you quote sa ganda heheh :D

  2. naks. nilalanggam monitor ko. At kahit 10 years na kayo before ikasal, andun padin ang love.

    congrats at happy anniv sa iyo and sa iyong wife.

  3. Ah.. Happiness!! Happy anniversary!!

    "One of the best decisions I made in my life. I never thought married life could be such a bliss. "

    Awwww... Such a very sweet thing to say. Sana meron pang mga lalaki na katulad mo. Hehe. Again, happy anniversary! And stay inlove. :)

    Ang gaganda ng mga pictures. Superb photography.

    I am Leah.

  4. naks naman ang ganda ng mga portrait shots mo kay wifey ah...paano mo nagawa yun galing...

    Happy 1st year anniv sa inyo parekoy!!!

  5. Special mention talaga ang Tanduay Ice, hahaha. More years of LOVE to come for both of you. You deserve each other.

  6. Wala ako masabi sa inyong dalawa, kayo na talaga ang Travel Bloggers. Hope we can travel again.

  7. Happy Anniversary!

    photoshoot kung photoshoot! :) kitang kita sa pictures how much happiness your wife feels.. it radiates from within.. :)

  8. i hate cheesy posts - lalo na when it comes from you! haha but since friends kami ni teresa, binasa ko word per word!

    every girl anticipates anniversaries. kahit pa simplest things, basta you prepare for it, winner na yan! what more ito - sa TBR pa. lovely!

    congrats sa inyo! kiss moko kay teresa! ♥

  9. wow! so sweet of you naman :P it's always inspiring to see couples so happy with each other. happy wedding anniversary sa inyo :P

  10. an sweet nman!

    Happy Anniversary! :)

  11. Congrats pre! Swerte nyah hehehe

  12. Congratulations!naiingget ako! LOL well, many more years to come!

  13. Wow. Stories like this make me believe in marriage. ^_^

    Glad to read about your simple yet romantic day together. I'm a fan of celebrations like this. Happy anniversary and I wish you both more anniversaries, more love in the coming years. :)

  14. happy anniversary..ang bilis ng panahon. parang kailan lang na ginulat mo kami sa iyong pagpapakasal...

  15. Hindi ko pa nami-meet si Teresa, pero alam ko kung gaano mo siya kamahal. Nuks naman <3

    I actually like your story. Good friends to lovers ang kwento eh hehe. 'Yan yung tipo ng mga relationships na ina-admire ko. It's nice to enjoy the most simple things basta kasama mo si labidubs hehe :D

    Sa Pangasinan nag-start love story niyo, diba? I would like to read a blog entry soon na nililibot niyo ulit ang Pangasinan. I bet mas magiging memorable yun at mas kilig na post ang kalalabasan hehe :D Happy Anniversary again! :D

  16. Wow!!!!
    Cheers to undying love and happiness!!!!

  17. Awwwwww. Ang sweet niyo naman kuya. At nagluto pa si misi ng spaghetti! Awwwwwww.

    Congratulations! :)

  18. hindi ako naiinggit. promise! hahahaha. happy anniversary :)

  19. happy anniversary sa inyong mag-asawa!!! :)

  20. Ang masasabi ko lang yan nagsusumigaw na CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  21. congrats kuya... a great post.... a sweet ng bawat lines... i enjoy reading it.. Godbless to both of you...

  22. WOW
    I'm happy for you two sir. Sobrang sweet. imagine 10 years and another one pala. That's really love. Understanding one another. Wish ko sana mas tumagal pa kayong dalawa and magstay happy lang :)

  23. Happy Anniversary. :) Humayo kayo at magparami. Haha. More years to come. Ang cool niyo ngang mag-asawa. Parang gusto ko na din ng asawa. Haha. Joke lang

  24. Yun oh! Happy anniversary sa inyo! hehehehehe

  25. Wooow. Happy Anniversary!
    You two really look good together!
    Wish you more years to come! :)

  26. AAAWwwwwwwwww... super... happy for you and your wife.. inggit much!!! :) Happy Anniversary!

  27. Happy Anniv! Sana si Sherv kasing sipag mo kumuha ng photos... Grrr!

  28. belated hapi 1st anniversary po! ^^

  29. ayiii! kinilig naman ako. Ang cheesy nga niya pero I'm sure lalo kang minahal ni Teresa. heller kahit sinong girl iwi-wish na sana ganyan din ka sweet ang boylet nila no. Naks! Keep on celebrating love love love.. Happy Anniv to both of you.

  30. I know it's late, pero lately lang ako naka-surface uli sa blogging world hehehe. Been traveling around my province.

    Congrats sa inyong dalawa, Anton. One year down, there's "forever" more to go hehehe. Good luck and I hope you'll be blessed with a happy "forever" :)

  31. Pwede bang mahiram ung AIDS na term? Meron din kami nyan ni boyfriend eh! Hahaha!

  32. wahhhh...nainggit ako....sakto mag5 years na kme ng wife ko...i think this idea of sharing writing our story would be a great gift for my wife.....congratz po...

  33. so sweet... always keep the love burning and always stay happy together :)


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