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travel to sunny ilocos norte: BLUE LAGOON

by the time you see this article auto posted, I might be soaking in another warm sandy island south of Manila and since its Black Saturday ( Sabado de Gloria), you are probably heading to the beach as well together with your family........

...but before you go, let me give you a taste of our recent trip to sunny and sandy ILOCOS NORTE where we stayed in the famous Blue Lagoon of Pagudpud.

beach jump

There is a hype about Blue Lagoon as it is more exclusive compared to Saud where resorts are crowded. We came here at around 8pm after our SOUTH TOUR  of Bangui windmills, and Kapurpurwan Rock formation. We skipped Burgos lighthouse because its too far south and we didn't have time. After eating dinner at a karinderya in the town center of Pagudpud, our guide Mang Arnel took us here. It was a comfortable 30 minute ride using his tricycle.

It was already dark so I didn't notice the landscape along the way. All I remember was that it was so windy I thought there is a storm or something. Mang Arnel said its abnormal during this time of the year. Its supposed to be already calm. Blame it on the climate change. We immediately checked in our accomodation---Agua Seda. Hannas Resort was already fully booked when I checked 1 week prior to our arrival so we opted Agua Seda instead. My verdict on this accommodation later.

pusangkalye_in_BLUE LAGOON
As I said, it was too windy so we didn't even bother to open the airconditioning unit, something we cant survive without when in Manila. There's nothing much to do at night so we just rested. After having breakfast in the morning, we strolled at the beach since mang Arnel will not be coming until 11am for our NORTH TOUR of Pagudpud.


I was disappointed at first because the beach area in fromnt of Agua Seda and Hannas was kinda messy. Lotsa weeds brought by the strong waves and the beachfront seemingly irregular due to the battering of the waves. Its in this part where most people also swim. 

We decided to walk further North to avoid the crown and it is in this less crowded and developed area where one can appreciate the beauty of BLUE LAGOON.




So there, I would suggest that you walk to the Northern side to be able to appreciate the place. Its the part of Blue lagoon which is able to retain its original feel, the way I saw it in pictures years back.



Enjoy the sun and sand in this part. It was still windy that time so I thought I wouldn't want to swim. I took many pictures instead. Later on, I was preoccupied with taking jumpshots and the waves served as a good practice opportunity.( As shown in the first photo) I apparebtly got wet so we decided to take a dip later on.hahaha

Yeah, what's the beach if its only for your eyes to feast right? For you to be able to give a verdict of the place, you should be able to experience it with all your sense. I FEEL SO ALIVE moment again!!!!

PAGUDPUD_blue lagoon


The beach is good and swimming here is a good experience. Sand is fine and white. Could get crowded during summer. Accommodation here is expensive during peak season so I suggest during you stay in SAUD beach where there are also lots of beautiful resorts with less the cost. SAUD's beach front is also beautiful and the sand, equally fine. After all, BLUE LAGOON is part of the NORTH TOUR itinerarys so you can go here on a day trip instead......



  1. Good thing it's just windy, nung time na nagpunta kami, maulan na.. parang may bagyo.. :) ganda ng clouds, edited na ba pics mo? :)

  2. How much per night per person/room sa Blue Lagoon kuya Anton?

  3. I want that I FEEL ALIVE moment too. The best talaga mga photos mo, Idol.

    What I love in Ilocos is you can see the skies clearly at makakakita ka ng more than 20 falling stars. Maraming chance para makapagsambit ng mga wishes. :)

  4. ang galing naman kuya anton (hehe nakikuya na).

    one of the best place on earth talaga yang blue lagoon and i won't get tired of going there.

  5. ang ganda jan! nasa magkano ba rates nila?

  6. ang kulit ng 1st pic post mo...
    then ung ibang pic i like it pude gawan ng story ganda...

  7. Lovely photos, Anton! Na-miss ko tuloy ang Pagudpud. :)

    We went to Ilocos din last December. I super loved Pagudpud! We stayed at Saud Beach.

    We went to Blue Lagoon din as part of the tour. It was past 4pm and it was so fricking cold! Yes, the winds were really strong noh? There were a lot of people when we were there din, most of them were setting up their tents. Nakakatawa kasi ang lakas ng hangin, mga sampu ata silang nilalabanan yung winds LOL.

    Too bad we weren't able to visit Bangui windmills. Super late na kasi and we decided to rest na lang the next day. Medyo parang Amazing Race yung vacation naming yun eh hahaha.

    I linked my post about it on my name on this comment.

    *sigh* Kakamiss... :)

  8. galing ng pictures! :) dumadami tlga ang gusto ko puntahan :)

  9. i so love this beach!! sayang lang walang araw nung pumunta kami.

  10. I love the first picture! The blending shades of blue and the white sand of the beach goes well with each other plus the playful you in the oic... too bad its expensive to stay at Blue Lagoon but the surrounding place look worth it.

  11. beautiful! one of my favorite beach in the country. sad though that i didnt see it that blue as it was rainy when we went there.

    great choice for a summer getaway.

  12. one of the best beach I;ve been too. =) sad though kase d ako nakaligo, kase naman alangan mag 2 piece ako dun eh si manong driver at ako lang yung tao. haha

  13. so that's the blue lagoon pala. expensive accomodation. worth it naman siguro

  14. masarap siguro dyan pag halos solo nio yung lugar at walang ibang tao para relaks na relaks ka at walang maeextra sa pictures.

  15. lucky you, ang ganda ng weather! Blue Lagoon proudly showcased her beauty that time.

    nahiya naman ako na fully booked na ang hannah's laua agua seda ka nalang! ang yaman!!! =))

  16. Yung third picture ang pinakamaganda ang view ;)

  17. Kuya, gusto ko rin yung unang pic mo.. galing sa jump shot.. hehe there's a lot more in Ilocos na masasabi mong I FEEL ALIVE ka.. so enjoy lang :P

  18. Wow, ang galing talaga ni Sir Pusang kalye. San sa Ilocos itong Blue Lagoon sir? magkano entrance fee.


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