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BLOGGERS FEST : luzon bloggers show of force

Bloggers in Manila and nearby provinces converged in the EVENT CENTER of Thunderbird Resort Rizal last Saturday, April 16 for BLOGGERS FEST 2011. The gathering served as a venue for bloggers to meet&greet, share ideas and experiences with each other, and learn the essentials of blogging..........

TEAM WESTERN PANGASINAN reunited in the Bloggers Fest2011

Blogging summits abound these days and BLOGGERS FEST 2011 is there to compliment these formal gatherings. The support of approximately 200 bloggers who attended is one proof of the enthusiasm of the group to get together and prosper as a group.

Many more bloggers signified intention of joining but this was an RSVP event so not everybody was accommodated. Hopefully next year would be much bigger.

Here are the candid photos and some participants of the event.......


nomnom club
thunderbird team
the team from Thunderbird Resort with Nica in Black and Ms Ka in white

and Jig of Perlas and Luna

see complete list of participants HERE

Before the Bloggers fest, Thunderbird Resorts awarded the winning Extraordinary Video with  the much-coveted P100k cash prize and Vacation Getaway. I will be posting a separate entry on this one soon.

the winners of Thunderbird Resort's EXTRAORDINARY video making contest

Another extraordinary thing for me personally as a blogger was my talk during the event. It was my first time to be a resource speaker for a blogging event---for PHOTOBLOGGING in particular. I am glad it turned out well. The last thing I was praying for is not to mess up. Good thing I pulled it off.

I will be posting a separate entry on this one too---soon.

me delivering my talk on PHOTOBLOGGING ESSENTIALS

To my hearts delight, my photography group--THE YOUNG PHOTOGRAPHERS CLUB PHILIPPINES partnered in the event as we were in charge of the MODEL SHOOT CONTEST for bloggers where the winning blogger and partner photographer won a day tour for two at Thunderbird Resort. Details soon din.

young photographers philippines _jpeg

The BLOGGERS FEST 2011 was definitely a success!!!!!Congratulations to all those who participated the event.

Thanks Azrael and Thunderbird Resort for organizing this event and to all the sponsors for making this possible Zest Air as the event’s major sponsor and in partnership with, Nuffnang, Enjoy Philippines, Baicapture, SolidHosting.PH, Dependable Printing, Perfect Renders and Manila Bloggers Network.

See you in the next BLOGGERS FEST !!!!!!



  1. andami kong natutunan. Lalo na ang pagrename ng pics bago ipost sa blog para makuha ng web spiders. hehehe.

    Kailangan na din mag-improve ang photography skills. :D

    sayang lang di ako nakakuha ng prize sa event :p

  2. Kay daming bloggers!!! Sayang nawalan ng oras para sa networking. Andami ko pa naman gustong lapitan at kausapin. =(

    Pero enjoy pa rin naman. Hahaha.

    Team West!

  3. TO THOSE WHOSE pics appeared here but I haven't posted their url---please feel free to leave a comment and your blog address here. thanks thanks

  4. Ganda ng first pic wehehe :) Saya ng BloggersFest! Sayang lang no time masyado for networking kasi late na nagstart yung event hehe pero oks lang. Ok din talk mo 'SIR' :P

  5. Hi Anton!

    Very nice talk you conducted during the bloggers fest!

    I'm the one sitting beside Anne. URL is

    *Saved a copy of the pic for my file. Thanks ;)

  6. Great event! Sayang lang, nawawalan ako ng time sa mga ganito. Galing, galing!

  7. you can get HIGH RESOLUTION pics in my flickr account----

  8. How was the experience of being a resource speaker ton? Isnt it nervous-breaking-moment? Congrats:-).

  9. active na active sa blogging ha!

    hoping to attend one of the event one day! :)

  10. Thanks for the update! ;) Yes, more interaction next time!

  11. congrats anton!
    astig ng talk mo
    tnx for sharing your expertise about photo blogging.

    dami na pa wow sa voice mo


  12. salamat sa tips sa photo blogging..

    at sa well modulated voice ...hehehe

  13. Kasama ba sa talk mo kung bakit mas maganda ang Nikon kesa sa Canon? LOL! Congrats! Mukhang successful nga ang event. :)

  14. Uy, love the pics... not just ours. Hehehe. Thank you!! It was nice meeting you and I loved your presentation. Thinking of starting my own photo blog din, but I need to get better at taking photos muna. :)

    Yung mga kasama ko sa pic, eto yung URLs:

    Yung link ko sana, sa main blog ko na lang hihih:
    Ang arte hehehe. Kasi di ko na masyado na-update yung :P

  15. whahaha nice anton... i learn a lot on u sa segment mo apir naman diyan...
    and sabi nga di ba? practice practice .....
    more bloggers events soon hehehe..

    sayang lang di ko nakunan yung ibang winners...

    bitin nga lang ung oras sa networking.. hehehe :D

  16. yihaa congratulations! daming familiar faces at kakatuwa na talagang masaya ang bloggers fest na to.

  17. astig! nagkabad news kaya di nakaattend

  18. ang dami year ulit..

  19. WOW. Yun na lang. Parang ang saya umattend. Wala nga lang kasi ako gaano kilala at RSVP pa ito. Haha. Pero kahit wala ka siguro friend, maupo ka lang sa tabi kadami mo na matututunan. Haha. Ikaw naa! Umi-speaker pa. Haha.

  20. ikaw na ang speaker! yabang! hehe
    gandang sideline nyan fren! pambayad ng pldt! ^_^

  21. oi---chyng---menention kitra sa talk ko---at andun pa sa slide ko ang screenshot ng blog mo ha. ikaw idol ko eh.:D

  22. Thanks for all the bloggers who made the Blogger fest 2011 being one of the successful event in the history of Blogger Manila. We wish that this blogging community will grow and getting more members. Hope that you enjoyed a lot here in Thunderbird resort Rizal. Try to visit or blog ablout Thunderbird Poro Point. Thanks. Please promote as one of the top destination this summer here in our country.

  23. great thing that I had a chance to ask Mr. Anton

    Pls check my blog on the Bloggers Fest

  24. A very good speaker, and dedicated talaga sa craft niya, salamat sa mga pinayo mo dun sa bloggerfest

  25. sana mas maaga ang photo-op natin para kasama ako sa pic! hmp!.. :P ako naman ang wala ngayon.. haha


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